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Writing The Gospel...Happy Birthday...Major League Nashville?

Dec 9 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Right smack dab in the middle of the week…Wednesday…and warmer here today in Nashville.



My writing appointment was with Lee Black who’s the high tenor singer for the Southern Gospel Quartet “Legacy 5” who are very popular in that genre.  Like most bands, singers, those in music there 2020 has been mostly barren with lots of cancellations including FOUR different gospel music cruises. I had not realized what a staplethat was for the gospel industry but it makes sense for sure.  Yesterday was maybe the 4th time we’ve written together and I get to know Lee better with every write and conversation.  He’s from Fairhope, Alabama originally…and that’s a gorgeous community on the water near Gulf Shores, Alabama where I frequently go for shows or just to look at the ocean.  Lee’s been here a lot of years now and has written many gospel hits for others and I hope we wrote one of those yesterday.  I had a title, and a verse and chorus that he loved so we added the rest of it together and it turned out great.  It’s always a pleasure to write with folks that nice and so talented.



A stunning statistic yesterday. The US has surpassed 15 MILLION cases of Corona now with 1 in 22 of us testing positive. And Christmas and New Year’s holidays and parties lie straight ahead. A family in Rhode Island had 22 over for Turkey Day. All 22 tested positive later. And on it goes


One of the questions being asked by many, including me is, “will we still have to wear a mask if we get the vaccination”?  The answer from those supposed in the know seems to be that initially “yes” because they want to make sure it’s working…but eventually no. That would be nice


American Airlines is now selling home testing kits for $125 a pop so you can self- test at home before coming to the airport to board a flight.


And get this.  Plastic surgeons say business is up, partly because clients don’t like the way they look on Zoom meetings. I should have bought stock in silicone back in March.



Some folks are being creative during Covid times on the dating scene. Here’s a couple of pick-up lines that were used on the dating website Tinder.


“Let’s be like the Coronavirus and catch each other”


And…” Can I mask you out”?


I have no idea if either of those worked but it gets my applause for creativity.



Happy Happy to my longtime friend, co-writer and “Hits & Grins” partner Steve Dean who is celebrating today.  Man we’ve logged a lot of miles together and written a ton of songs…and laughed…a lot.  It’s a pleasure every time I get to play shows with Steve and hear him sing his list of #1 songs he’s written including this smash “Watching You” for Rodney Atkins.  I’ve learned a lot about his home state of Arkansas and how they call the “Hogs” at his Razorback football games, I’ve learned to write songs several time with our veterans because of Steve, and I know a whole lot more about the Beatles than I ever did as Steve is still their number one fan and a walking encyclopedia of info about the Fab 4. Have a great birthday pal.



Howard Stern just signed a new 5-year deal with Sirius. They’re not revealing how much it is but his last contract was 500 million over years. Rumor is it could be $125 million a year on the new one. All that dough to go into a studio and just have “boy” fun on the air.  Good work if you can get it.



Over half of all those making $100,000 or more per year fear they will never retire. That’s a lot of money to walk away from even if you are at retirement age. My guess is that some would keep working for the money alone but I would also guess that the majority might do that because they love their jobs. It’s not really work to them. That’s the best-case scenario for any of us I think and it’s certainly the reason I’ve never fully retired. I’m having too much fun playing music and writing songs. I can’t imagine not doing that and I’ve come to realize it’s more fun than just sitting and watching the ocean roll into the sand…as I do love to do. I wish I was making a hundred grand a year WHILE I’m doing this…but regardless…I am truly one of those blessed to still be having so much fun at this point in my life.



I want to share a Christmas song I helped write since it’s Christmas season. Prompted by a call from my friends Linda Davis and her husband Lang Scott who are on the way to Indiana to do a Christmas show with Reba’s sister Susie McEntire who’s also a performer-singer. Apparently, Linda worked up our song “Snowed in Christmas” that we wrote at my house many years ago with our good friend Bobby Tomberlin. Linda recorded it on her family Christmas album, and then it was put on an album that helped make money for a charity along with Christmas songs from a lot of other artists. And of course, we wrote the Christmas song in the summertime. We think it’s “classic” in sound…take a listen to “Snowed In Christmas” and see what you think.



Do you know what the #1 grossing Christmas movie is of all time?  Pretty sure I would not have guessed that it’s “Home Alone” raking in over 635 million dollars so far. How about you? That movie makes me laugh though every time I see the burglars get whacked by the kid.



Nashville is aggressively pursuing Major League Baseball. Former Oakland A’s great Dave Stewart is part of the team of baseball guys trying to field a team that will be called the Nashville Stars…if we can convince the MLB to expand.


A lot of celebrity help is also onboard. Darrius Rucker is the latest investor and advisor to go along now with Luke Combs, Larry Gatlin, Eric Church, Justin Timberlake, Kix Brooks and former Titan great Eddie George to name a few. Please!  Anyone who knows me knows what a baseball nut I am so I can’t imagine anything more that I’d want added to Nashville than a Major League baseball team. And maybe a Skyline Chili franchise.



“Man Pays For Bizarre Cookie Monster Mural On A Building He Doesn’t Own”.  True. In Peoria, Illinois. I’m not sure what makes a person wake up one morning and say, “ya know what I’m gonna do today?  Where’s my paintbrush”?



I’ll be working on a Christmas tune idea that my friend Rick Lang sent me from out in New Hampshire.  Rick is stacking up songs for a special Christmas album project so we’re going to see if we can finish up his idea and add it to the stack.


And then I’m waiting for the cable guy to show up sometime between now and next year to fix a cable issue we’re having with one of our TV’s.  Kind of hoping it’s today.


Have a great Wednesday!



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