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Remember Pearl Harbor Day...Special Silent Night...Tribute To A Friend

Dec 7 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Happy Monday! Right at the freezing mark this morning as it’s 32 degrees in Nashville with the highs only in the 40’s today. But tomorrow we leap back into the 60-degree range.


November went down as the warmest ever November. Add that to January, May and September all recording record high months and you realize the earth is starting to get a little toasty.



I have to say I was amazed this morning when I went through my morning rituals of reading a LOT of online content.  Newspapers magazines, articles etc. When I finished for whatever reason I looked at today’s date and thought, wait…isn’t December 7 Pearl Harbor Day?  It is. And there was not much mention of that in anything I read. If there was…it was buried on the back pages somewhere.  It was 79 years ago but still you’d think there reminders online. A day that will live in infamy? Maybe not so much today.


Covid, and the forever ongoing political back and forth dominated the headlines. It would not have hurt my feelings to have seen the lead headline be a reminder it being Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.


If you ever make a trip to Hawaii, for goodness sake don’t miss touring the USS Arizona out in the harbor. Still moving to this day. God bless those that serve and those who gave all.



Mine started on Friday morning with a great co-write two of my absolute favorite folks Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry. Sydni is due to deliver somewhere near this Christmas day so we got to see the baby moving around in Mom’s tummy as we wrote our idea into a song Friday. Sydni got to a screening to see Carrie Underwood’s Christmas special that’s out on HBO Max this Thursday. Sydni connected as Carrie is her boss. Sydni sings high background vocals and plays fiddle with Carrie on the road and she’s pretty danged good at it.  And I could listen to her and or Jimmy sing all day and love hearing Jimmy’s stories about his career with the Statler Brothers and so many other folks through the years.


When we finished our song Friday, Sydni went downstairs to get something to eat for her and baby and I remained upstairs where Jimmy gave me a little private concert. He sang this powerful song he helped write “I Talk to God”. Amazing. And then he picked up an old guitar in his collection and played “Silent Night” on it that’s up on my Facebook Page right now. Blessed…just blessed to be around such talented folks like these two.


Watch this video of Jimmy singing this wonderful song. The girl you see seated with a fiddle and singing is Sydni.



Bill Gaither posted a wonderful tribute to his friend, mine and many others…Aaron Wilburn who lost his life to Covid-19 over Thanksgiving weekend. Aaron was out with The Gaithers many many times and was known for his wit and humor. But he was also a tremendous songwriter, especially in the gospel field. Getting to write with Aaron a few times was a pleasure…sheer pleasure…and an honor. It’s just hard to believe he’s gone. Get to know more about this talented kind man in Bill’s video.



Covid numbers of course have surged since Thanksgiving and every day there’s a new record number. Another record over Thanksgiving?  Cannabis sales. Uh huh. Something to help calm down the fears…I suppose.


They just released a list for most popular dog names for 2020. You might could guess that some folks have named their dogs “Coronavirus”. Can’t make stuff up like that folks. “Rona”. And there are dogs that answer to “Mando” from the Mandalorian series on Disney + that I’m hooked on, and yep…even some “Tiger King” dogs.


The University of Michigan released a survey that says over 2/3rd of those 50 an over will get the vaccine.(I'm working on trying to find a way to release a 45 rpm record again somehow so I can record two songs on it. "I'm Rolling Up My Sleeve" with the flipside being, "I Ain't Rollin' Up My Sleeve". Something to appeal to everyone.



David Landers who played “Squiggy” on the Laverne and Shirley show passed at the age of 76 after years of battling MS. Man, Lenny & Squiggy did make me laugh back in the day. One of the great entry lines ever on that show when Squiggy would enter a room and say “Hello” …or “Hello Laverne” or “Hello girls”.  Michael McKean and David Lander came up with those two characters while they were in acting classes together in Pittsburgh and then the rest of us got to know them on the Lavern & Shirley show. So when I hear the name “Squiggy” I silently laugh. Not a bad way to be remembered.



There’s a new sweatshirt out that they might like. On the front of the shirt it reads, “I’m Not Arguing, I’m Just Explaining Why I’m Right”. Know anyone like that on your list.


Some of that kind of thinking shows up in the new single-video by Jenny Tolman that I’m a writer on with her and Dave Brainard "If Could Invent A T-Shirt". Our line in the second verse of this song about the times we live in goes:


They say truth is born out of disagreement

And there’s certainly some things we disagree with

And you certainly have the right to be wrong


Try getting all that on a T-Shirt!



Well, we have Tiny Houses, Modular Houses, Pre-Constructed Houses…why not a house that you unfold and assemble in 3 minutes?  They’ve got one.  Might be great during tornado or hurricane season as you could just fold it back up in 3 minutes and take it with you when you’re running from the storm.



I’m more of a cake guy than a pie guy. Always have been. And I just like em’ kind of plain like I do most food. So for me a sheet cake (chocolate) with white icing is still my favorite. But, for those who like layered cakes and want a cool new way to slice that cake and then eat it in a wine glass and not on a plate?  Check out this wine glass cake cutting tape.


Cool…but I’m old fashioned. Small plate…fork…I’m good.



How about the guy who gets so mad at his wife that he leaves the house in Italy and goes for a walk…a really long walk. 280 miles of long walking. He walked so long he broke Italy’s shut down laws and was given a fine for violating the Corona curfew.  Pretty sure that qualifies as a bad day.



About 150 General Motors dealers have decided to part ways with Cadillac rather than spend a bunch of money to upgrade and sell the new electric cars on the way. The dealers had a couple of choices.  Upgrade their dealership at a cost of about $200,000 for charging stations and the right tool or take a buy out that ranged from $350,000 up to a million. So Cadillac, like Tesla is all in on the future of electric vehicles. With longer and longer ranges before a charge being part of the equation? General Motors could be right.



Here’s an actual “tweet” from a wife somewhere that was posted this weekend. “If you’re wife says her clothes aren’t fitting her because they shrunk in the dryer, you agree with her. Immediately. (As always…humor is born out of a large dose of truth)



I’m headed out to Wil Nance’s little writing cabin not too far from my house. Wil just extended his deal with Curb Publishing here in Nashville which is surely no surprise to me. So maybe if we’re really lucky, he’ll have another idea like the monster hit he wrote for Brad PaisleyShe’s Everything to Me”.


Have a great Monday!



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