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Home Again...Burnouts...Music Presents

Dec 5 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Woke up in my own bed this morning…always a really good thing after being out on the road.



Gerald Smith and myself made the 8-hour trek back home from Branson, Missouri after having a really good time doing three songwriter shows at the “Billy Yates Songwriter In The Round” series at the Choices Concert Hall.


I’ve mentioned it before but Gerald can quack like a duck.  And he REALLY sounds like a duck.  So good at it he was the “Georgia Quacker” for many years on Hee Haw.  So on our trip home sometimes I’d hear him singing, sometime I’d hear him quacking.  It made for a pretty short trip back.


Again, my thanks to Billy Yates for having me for the fourth time for his great series in Branson.



My wife had the Christmas tree up, decorated, and all lit up when I returned reminding me it’s that time of year for sure when I have to think about shopping.  I don’t want to be that guy my comedian friend Roger Naylor talks about who waits until the night before and then slips into a 7-11 to buy Slim Jims for everyone. 


Note.  Don’t put Slim Jims on your tree as tinsel if you have a dog or cat.  Don’t ask me how I know.



Last night Kyle Busch and two other NASCAR drivers hit Lower Broadway here in Nashville next to all the honky tonks and did burnouts in front of a big crowd…followed by fireworks over the Cumberland River.  As a morning sports announcer put it this morning, “could we get any more redneck here”?


There’s a push here to get a NASCAR race back and it looks like it will happen.  Dale Jr. says he’ll come out of retirement and race here if that happens.  Pretty sure it will from all the publicity last night got after the smoke cleared.



I have received a couple of early musical Christmas presents.  One, my friend I write with a lot and have blogged about numerous times Jenny Tolman was just named one of the “Next Big Things” by Music Row Magazine.  Not a bit of a surprise to me.  A lot of folks are starting to discover her.  I’m proud to be a co-writer with her and her producer-boyfriend Dave Brainard on her little digital Christmas song she released for the holidays “Cowboy For Christmas” and I’m looking forward to her second album that we’re writing for right now.  With any luck I’ll have a couple of contributions on that when the time comes.


And congrats to my long time friend Lynn Marie and her husband Eddie Roddick.  Their polka album “Home” just received “Polka Album of the Year” from the Polka Hall of Fame in Cleveland.  And yes, Lynn is an inductee.  She asked me to help write a song for that album which I did titled “Celebrate” and they just did a great job on it.  Happy to be on the Polka Album of the Year!



Now they tell us.  Those Starbucks fancy holiday drinks are loaded with an “obscene” amount of sugar according to one article.  How much is obscene?  You don’t wanna know.  I have lots of bad eating and drinking habits.  But adding sugar to my java is not one of them.  I just don’t wanna be obscene so I take it black.


Meanwhile in New Zealand in some place you can order your coffee in an edible cup.  Nothing left when you’re done chewing and sipping.  Now if we can get edible plates and forks and knives and spoons we can all sell our dishwashers.



Who knew?  I’ve been to the Gatlinburg Aquarium.  I had no idea that the eel in their tank could power their Christmas tree lights.  He does.  His name is Miguel.  They’ve hooked some kind of thing up to the tank that captures his shocks (electric) and uses it to power the lights.  If “Grandma Got Run Over By A REINDEER”…there’s gotta be a Christmas song coming about Miguel The Christmas Eel.  Right?



Willie Nelson has quit smoking pot…he says.  He admits he’s abused his lungs through the years smoking and he’s quitting.  I’m not sure that was his problem on the CMA Awards when he had trouble breathing while singing with Kacey Musgraves or not.  And according to some “pot” may not affect your lungs.  I dunno. 


My friend Wil Nance and I wrote a love song titled “We Go Together Like Weed and Willie” last year.  There goes our hit!



The new Star Wars Hotel is on track to open in 2021.  I don’t know if R2-D2 will bring coffee to your room in the morning or if Ewoks will be the pillows on your bed…but…it does look cool if you’re a Star Wars fan.  Check out this ARTICLE and take a look around the galaxy if you’d like. 



“Couple Use Potato Gun To Launch Drugs Into Jail”.  And now of course they hope someone will launch those into their jail cells.



Back to the writing table.  This morning I’ll rhyme with my Kentucky friend Dennis K Duff who loves real country, bluegrass and gospel music.  We’ll see which road we go down in a few hours.


Have a great Thursday!

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