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Boars...Basketball and Snow Spitting

Dec 5 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

I woke up looking a deer nestled on the front lawn this morning.  I think they were wearing sweaters.  High temp in Music City today is only 38 degrees. 



I’m pretty sure this was a first.  I had to get some air put in the tires for my car and the young lady at the tire company I pulled into told me she had just gotten the biggest boar ever.  She’d gone on a boar hunt a couple of hours away from Nashville and in her own words had more meat than she could ever eat.  And…she proudly showed me the pictures on her phone.


First…I didn’t know you ate boar…second…I didn’t know you hunted them…and third…maybe the most unusual thing a stranger has ever shown me.


So…(pun warning) I did not have anything big on my calendar yesterday so I had a “boaring” Tuesday. 



However, last night was pretty darned exciting as my Belmont grad daughter Heather met me for the Belmont Basketball game to take on their arch rival Lipscomb.  The Curb Center was full…and yes Vince Gill was there as he is almost every game with a full beard he’s sporting during the Christmas season.  The game was back and forth the entire night and with our guys ahead by 2 points with 0.8 seconds on the clock remaining…Lipscomb inbounded the ball underneath their basket and tossed up a three pointer to win the game in it looked like it was going in but rimmed out at the last possible second!  Belmont wins and my daughter and I high fived.  The basketball was great…getting to spend that time with my daughter?  Even greater.


Going out of the building last night I spotted Lua Crofts who was with her husband.  Lua is Dash Croft's daughter of Seals & Crofts and she and my friend Brady Seals are Seals & Crofts 2 and are doing shows together.  More on that in a second.


We hugged…I introduced her to my daughter…she introduced her hubby to us who is a  Belmont grad.  This was their FIRST basketball game and their hearts were pounding like ours were. Really great seeing them.


Lua and Brady will be doing a show with me later this month at the Jim Parker Songwriter Series in Huntsville, AL  Friday night December 21 at the beautiful Von Braun Playhouse.  They’ll be singing “Diamond Girl” and other Seals and Crofts tunes, I’ll be doing some of my funny tunes, and our host Jim Parker will surely be doing his “Chicken Truck” hit that several folks have recorded including John Anderson.  Complete info is available for this concert on my website calendar.



I mistakenly blogged that federal buildings and the post office would be closed yesterday.  Wrong.  It’s today in honor of President Bush who got an emotional salute from one Bob Dole at his visitation in DC yesterday.  Helped out of a wheel chair the man stood and saluted Mr. Bush.  The ultimate show of respect that was extremely moving to watch.


The Oak Ridge Boys who were great friends with the former President will be at his funeral in Texas to sing Amazing Grace in four part harmony.  That too will provide even more goosebumps you can bet.



I saw an article this morning that listed the best “manly quotes” of all time according the writers of the article.  I didn’t read it.  I get all my real manly advice from watching Homer Simpson.  It was Homer who said, “You don’t like your job, you don’t strike.  You go in every day and do it really half-assed. That’s the American way”. 



A guy got stranded in the forest over in Sevierville, TN…for three days.  Desperate…he started a wildfire.  They found him then firefighters fought hard to keep a 20 acre fire from spreading.  And this is in an area where folks know about devastating fires.  The man was in bad shape for sure but will be fine.  What would any of us have done in a similar situation? 


I’m sure there will be reminders to take a GPS, flares or at least give some friends and loved ones a heads up on where you’re going and when you’re supposed to be back.  And hiking with a buddy ain’t a bad idea either.



The man may be setting fire to his stock portfolio after the market crashed over 800 points yesterday.  They’re saying it was a President Trump “tweet” that caused it.  Might be safer if the President spent time on Instagram instead…maybe. 



Look for the Krispy Kreme special.  One dollar for a dozen!  Next week December 12 is the day to get your sugar high.  How can you NOT do that?  Life is good.


And…you might as well order some fries to go with that.  Get this…a Harvard Professor is saying just eat six fries in your order.  That’s healthy he say. 


I’ve decided if I ever wanna go back to college to earn my masters…I’m going to Harvard.



Big robotic cleaners will be taking janitorial jobs away.  Robots that can go aisle to aisle with no human attached and do the job.  And…they will be able to collect data as they go.  How many cans of beets need to be re-stocked?  The computer can handle that and probably go get them and put them on the shelves.


From one who stocked shelves as a kid in a grocery store I have no problem with the robot taking that job.  I won’t miss cutting open boxes with a razor and then hand stamping each can before restocking the shelf.  I still have purple ink on my hands from those old hand stamp days.



Kevin Hart will host the next Oscars show.  Might make it worth tuning in.  Especially if  “The Rock” shows up with him. 



Amtrak Makes A 450 Dollar Handbag Out Of Old Leather Train Seats.  True.  When you consider the amount of people that sat on that leather and who they might have been on a New York transit train…it’s amazing display of salesmanship that they can wring 450 bucks out of someone for that bad boy.



I’ve got a little writing to do for New York this morning and then not much.  Except for the fact that right now I can see snow spitting!  And there’s some on the deck.  Wonder if that robot that cleans aisles can remove snow too?


Have a great Wednesday!




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