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Memphis Tune...What Life Is All About and Randy Travis Wax

It's raining outside my window this morning...and the weather dude is saying a cold snap is coming for most of the country.  I'm already ready for Opening Day baseball.



I had my head down in my computer a good part of Monday as I had stuff to write for New York and I worked on finishing up a custom project for a client who needs a love song for his wife as a Christmas gift this year.  Hard to do.  A love song for a wife is a very personal thing...and being a third party writing that?  Not the easiest task I've had for sure.  I'm in "tweak" mode right now and trying to adjust a couple of lines that might suit them and the song better.  Here's hoping the "tweaks" will do the job.  It's been an interesting creative challenge.


I also spent some time booking recording studios as I've got a couple things that need to be recorded...including the project I mentioned.  That's always fun...trying to pick the right studio...singer...and musicians that will make the songs really "pop". 



And I got one of those musical treats in my inbox that I get every now and then.  Victoria Venier who is one third of our "Hits & Grins" trio is also a duo partner with the very talented Tabitha Fair who's been all over the world doing background vocal with the likes of Sting and other superstars.  They recorded a song that I'm a co-writer on with Victoria and the third member of our "Hits & Grins" trio Steve Dean called "In Memphis" that we wrote in the car one trip to Little Rock.  We were stuck on bridge in Memphis...I-40 traffic sitting still looking at the world's largest Bass Pro outside the right window and downtown Memphis out the drivers side window.  Victoria gets so bored she says, "lets write something"!  Steve grabs a mandolin and it's on like Donkey Kong. 


And yea...we wrote about "Memphis".  None of us had any idea how great this song was going to be.  But...we sang it "live" that very night in Little Rock for the very first time and it got a huge response.  Bout then I thought to myself..."we might be on to something here. 


Anyway...the version TNT just recorded for their first album includes a full horn section and the song truly rocks.  So thanks goes to Victoria and Tabitha...thanks for the early Christmas gift.



One cartoon strip I do check out a bit is "Pearls Before Swine".  In todays strip one of the characters is explaining life to another.  The first character states that at YOUTH you have time but no money.  The 2nd character replies, "nuts"!  Then the first one goes to ADULTHOOD.  Same deal he says.  You have time but no money.  Again, "Nuts" is the reply.  Finally OLD AGE and the first character proclaims, "you have time, have money and you have two bad knees".  To which the second character angrily replies "how is this helpful"?  Answer?  "I just wanted to explain to you how life has you by the oompa loompas".  And there is life in a "nut"shell in a comic strip.


And now everytime I watch Willie Wonka...I'll be won't be thinking of oompa loompas quite the same way. 



Electric cars are getting better.  Nissan...who produces cars just south of town is rolling out a brand new Leaf electric car.  This one will go 150 miles on one charge.  And the design looks pretty cool too.  Soon as they add a sonar panel on top to charge it automatically when the suns out...I'm in.





If you watched the Facebook movie...which was riveting at least to me...you're familiar with the Winklevoss brothers who got a big payout from Mark Zuckerberg as they claim he stole their idea for Facebook.  So they got that big check...and today we find out they are the first bitcoin BILLIONAIRES.  They apparently are good at reading what's hot or will be hot.  I have got to pull some of my money out of the baseball bobblehead market and transfer it to whatever they are buying.  Sigh.



Now you can get a Smart Watch that will monitor your heart rhythm.  Thank God it won't measure my dance rhythm because I have none...as my wife would point out to you.


She dances like a pro.  During our long marriage I've found out that I dance and ice skate the very same way.  I stand still...and she dances or skates near me.  Pretty sure I would bust some bones if I ever really tried to bust a move.  But...I do look hot standing still.  At least that's the lie she whispers to me.  And I'm okay with her lying.



My wife also knows I suck completely as a handyman.  I'm good at opening peanut butter jars and reaching for things on high shelves for her...killing spiders and not much else.   This tip did at least draw my attention.  If you believe what you read...then you can clean copper with ketchup.  Uh huh.  I don't eat ketchup or clean copper...but I thought you should know. 


I was given one cool tip that works.  If you play music off your phone and want to increase the volume?  Stick it in a ceramic cup.  Sort of like singing in a bathroom...it enhances the sound.  Try it.



If you have to go to fancy party ladies...don't know what to wear that would allow you make a big entrance?  Actress singer Zendaya may have the answer for you.   Yep...that's a horse head bra gown she's wearing.  Something every woman's closet needs right?  Gallop to your nearest designer store and grab one before they get away.












Off to write with two buddies today Paul Bogart who just got to sing for Randy Travis at our Wax Museum at Opry Mills.  I ask Paul which one he sang to...the real Randy or the wax Randy that is now one of the figures at our Madame Tussaud attraction here.  Paul said, "both".  Quite an honor that my buddy got to sing a Randy Travis song to Randy and his wife as he was on hand for the unveiling of his wax figure.



Our mutual friend Gerald Smith will also join the two of us on Music Row today as we dig into something good and country.  Should be fun.


Have a great Monday! 


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