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HIts & Grins Christmas...Gulf Shores Date...Nutella Christmas

Dec 4 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Brrrr.  40 for a high today in Nashville and apparently it’s pretty much cold everywhere except for Miami today.



Our “Hits & Grins” trio got together at Victoria Venier’s farm north of Nashville.  Our trio with Victoria, Steve Dean and myself are represented by Live Arts & Attractions and they requested that all of the acts they represent make a little Merry Christmas video that they can use on their website.  If you want to see what we did…go to our “Hits & Grins” Facebook page and watch.  And…while you’re there if you would…hit the ole “like-follow” button and follow our page to keep up with what’s going on.


It was fun catching up on each other’s busy lives and working ahead some as we’re trying to add dates to our 2019 calendar.  Our next scheduled run is in March when we play two shows in Arkansas…but we hope to have new dates to add soon. 



I did add another show on my calendar with my friend Brent Burns.  We will be doing a show at the Sunset Cork Room in Gulf Shores on Saturday night January 19.  This is one of my favorite rooms to play at in Gulf Shores.  Great food…wine.  It’s a $20 cover charge that night in cash.  Do make a reservation as this is a small intimate room sure to sell out.  Complete info can be found on my calendar here on the website. 


This will be a fun trip back to one of my favorite places as we’ll have that show together and then Sunday afternoon the two of us will be in New Orleans at the Tropical Isle right on Bourbon Street for a Parrot Head event called Pardis Gras.  I’ve only been to New Orleans once…and that was to cover the Green Bay Packers-New England Superbowl that the Packers won.  Besides the great food and music…I’m hoping to have time to visit the World War II Museum that I’ve heard so much about in the Crescent City.  We’ll see. 



I saw where Carol Burnette will be doing a show early next year at the Ryman Auditorium…still one of the best venues in the country to see or hear anything.  In fact…if you’ve never toured the Ryman while on a Nashville trip…do so and soak up some of the great country music history in that place.  And ask for my longtime friend Dave Lenahan to be your tour guide.  Dave and I did radio back in Cincinnati and we’ve written together a couple of times.  And now he’s a part time tour guide for the Ryman.  Pretty cool.


But back to Carol.  It’s been awhile since she played here and apparently even back then she was taking questions from the audience like she did on her TV show.  Someone ask her what she still wanted to do in her life and she responded without hesitation….””George Clooney”.



Who knew so many ladies are riding Harleys?  In 2009 1 in 10 women did that.  Today?  1 in 5 women ride a bike. I don’t know if their guys sit on the sissy seat and hang on or not.  I’ll have to check.



Apparently China will be sending up a spacecraft to explore the dark side of the moon that nobody’s been on.  Why?  We don’t know.  I think the old phrase, “because” might be in play here.  Those should be some interesting pictures.



Wallet Hub just listed their safest and non safe cities to live in.  If  you are curious....



In reverse order 5-1 Warwick, RI, Virginia Beach, VA, Plano, TX, South Burlington VT and Columbia, Maryland.



In reverse order 5-1  Little Rock ARK, Baton Rouge LA, San Bernadino, CA, Fort Lauderdale, FL and I hate seeing this…St. Louis is the least safe city in the country for all the reasons we know about.



Apparently there is a Nutella Christmas Tree. You don’t put gifts under this one…you eat it.  And it sounds good.  And for all you DIY’ers…here’s a VIDEO that shows how you can make one for the holidays. 


Me?  I’m too busy trying to figure out how to fix a string of lights on my tree to mess with that.



Eddie Murphy just became a father for the 10th time.  Wow.  Congrats.  Eddie might start spending more time making movies in the future…maybe.



Driver Caught Speeding Because He Didn’t Want His McDonald’s To Get Cold.  Yes…he got a McTicket. 



All Post Offices are closed along with federal buildings to honor the passing of George Bush.  As they should.  So it will be a bit quiet…and I plan on taking advantage of that and try to think about a gift for my wife for Christmas.  Always a challenge.  Wonder if she’s like a Nutella Christmas tree?


And then tonight I'm going to hang with my daughter and root for the Belmont basketball team against their arch rival Lipscomb in what the call the "Battle Of The Boulevard". Dad-Daugher-Sports...works for me.


Have a great Tuesday!







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