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You got all your Christmas shopping done this weekend right?  Me neither.



I got out and caught a songwriter set from these two co-writer friends of mine Friday night...Ayla Brown and Rob Bellamy.  The two of them were very fun to see and hear...and they included a tune the three of us co-wrote recently so that was a nice bonus for going to cheer them on for sure.  Ayla played college basketball at Boston College...Rob played hockey for Maine and then minor league hockey for several years but I did not know until this weekend that Rob's sister is on the Team USA Women's hockey team headed for South Korea.  And to top off that good news...Rob and Ayla will head there to sing at the Olympics come February.  Good for them.  I've instructed them to go across the border and try to talk some sense into Kim Jong Dumb.  We'll see.






I also took in a college basketball gym with my daughter Heather and her soon to be husband Casey.  We saw Heather's alma mater Belmont beat Green Bay in a fun game that Vince Gill was at cheering for the home team.  He rarely misses a game and as a graduate himself...he's a huge supporter.  My old friend Kevin Ingram was doing the radio play by play and I had a chance to sneak down to the announcer’s table during a time out and briefly catch up with him.  Happy for his success...and I'm sure there's a lot more to come down the pike for him. 






Continuing the weekend sports theme here...yes...I caught the college football matchups this weekend.  With Alabama back in it along with Clemson, Georgia and Oklahoma...I have nobody to root for big time when the playoffs begin.  I could have rooted for Wisconsin or Ohio State...but nope...they sort of cancelled each other out.  So...I'll just buy extra chips to keep by the couch and root for good games this year. 


The complete bowl schedule is now out with the first bowl games televised December 16.  And there will be five of them on that Saturday.  I still think the worse two teams playing each other should be in the Purina Dog Bowl...but I just can't seem to sell the NCAA on that idea.



I'm adding another date to my 2018 calendar as I'll return to Jacksonville, Florida to teach a songwriting class and then play a show that same evening.  The date is Saturday June 23rd.  Check my calendar for dates and info on how to sign up for the class and get tickets for the show.  Looking forward to being back in that beautiful city. 



I also spent some time writing a love song about another guy's wife.  I mentioned last week that someone had reached out to me about doing so and he hired me to write this as a present for his wife of 30 years. I had him send me a bunch of personal info about her and the two of them and hopefully it will be something he and she both love.  In the note he talked about neither of them having much when they started...poor.  But together they've built a very successful company...raised some great kids and the are still in love an each other's best friend.


It's been fun writing this and reading his and her story did make me smile and think back to my raising in Missouri.  I never thought about not having a lot growing up...pretty sure my two brothers and sisters felt the same.  Seems like we had more than everything we needed.  But I do remember thinking it was odd that we never ate in the school cafeteria...not once for me.  We packed a lunch.  There were a few Spam sandwiches in the bottom of my paper sack that I remember leaving a stain on the bottom that may have inspired this song about SPAM that I wrote and recorded.


I didn't figure out til later that we didn't eat in the cafeteria with most of the other kids because my Mom and Dad couldn't afford to pay that fee for five kids.  I get it now.  And I get how hard they worked to give us what we needed and instilled a work ethic in all of us that allowed us to work for what we wanted.  Wouldn't change it.



That would be Carol Burnette.  My wife and I took in all of her 50th Anniversary celebration last night on CBS that had a ton of stars.  Watching those classic ensemble routines made us laugh out loud on the couch all over again.  Tim Conway's dentist routine is still hysterical and he was part of the most talented ensemble ever on TV.  Their sense of comedic timing and the "looseness" of the show...helped endear that cast to viewers forever.  If you're interested in learning how comedy sketches work?  Use this show for your blueprint.



The Nashville Christmas parade was this past weekend.  Warm weather...no problems.  But all I can remember is being in the Christmas parades every year when I was in Milwaukee.  Like in Wisconsin.  Like in...where it can get really COLD.  At night!  Sitting in a convertible for crying out loud.  Who's idea was that?  And folks bundled up and stood on sidewalks to wave at folks they barely knew for the most part.  I'm waving as hard as I can...not so much to acknowledge those watching...but to keep it moving so it wouldn't lock up and FREEZE on me! 


I do remember though walking over to the State Fair Bar in West Allis on one particular really cold parade day to keep warm before I had to climb into a convertible.  I witnessed Santa and three Wise Men drinking shots in that blue collar bar.  True.  And there was a camel tied up to a lamp post just outside.  It was like being thrown into a David Lynch movie...and it still makes me smile to this day. 



Looks like the price of stamps may go up again.  49 cents right now.  If you wonder why you don't get as many Christmas cards in the mail...



Kate Winslet actually auditioned with Matthew McConaughey for Titanic...not Leonardo DiCaprio who of course got the part.  Would have been cool to hear Jack say to Rose one time..."alright, alright, alright".



Folks in Wisconsin should love the fact that someone is offering up wine and beer glasses made of CHEESE.  Should make a really GOUDA gift for those in the Badger State.



Apparently there will be wide spread opportunity to skype your Doctor appointment.  Like a Face Time visit with someone wearing a stethoscope around their neck.  I guess that's cool.  And it should get interesting when the doctor says "show me where it hurts".  PG13 at least I would think.



This guy apparently went to great lengths to make sure Doctor's don't ever resuscitate him if he's in that position.  He actually has a tattoo on his belly that reads, "Do Not Resuscitate". 


I'm getting one on my belly for the Docs that say..."But I Did Sleep In A Holiday Inn Last Night". 





So...in Florida a possum breaks into a liquor store...and then gets drunk.  True.  At least according to the story.  But the real question is of course...what's the possum really drunk or just playing drunk?



A bunch of writing to take care of today and planning for some studio time.  It's the last day of sun and 60's for awhile...so hopefully I'll find a little time to get out and enjoy that too.


Have a great Monday!











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