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More Branson...A Big Ape...Last Show Today

Dec 3 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday morning in Branson and the sun is starting to rise over a gigantic ape just outside my hotel room.



So Gerald Smith and I got here Saturday night and directly across the road from our hotel room you can’t miss the GIGANTIC ape that clings to the side of the wax museum here on the main drag.  But somehow, Gerald didn’t see it until yesterday and proclaimed, “my gosh what a big ape”!  How you miss that big a gorilla?  I dunno.  But it made me laugh the rest of the day.


Our second show at the Billy Yates Choices Theater yesterday afternoon was great fun.  Sid Pierce runs the sound just like he did for Roy Clark for over 40 years.  If nothing else, you can’t blame a bad show on sound issues.  He’s a pleasure to work with.


Once again we told the stories about the songs we’ve written and the audience seemed to love it.  Always a good thing.  Yesterday Billy passed out some big news that a MAJOR movie is coming next Fall that will cover the life and times of George and Nancy Jones.  And a HUGE star is playing the possum, and another huge star is playing the wife that saved George Jones.  I reveal those names soon.  But the really good news is that Billy is going to be the voice singing the Jones hits in the movie and a couple or three Billy wrote for George including “Rocking Chair” and “Choices”.  And he may produce the entire soundtrack.  Really happy for my friend and they could not have made a better choice for that.



Billy plays three songwriter shows Sunday Monday Tuesday…the shows I’m doing with him.  And then he plays in a show Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night called "Nashville Nights" with a great full band.  Gerald and I slipped in and enjoyed that show that featured Heath Wright who was the lead singer for Ricochet at one time. Those guys had a big hit called “Daddy’s Money”Michelle Poe is also in the cast playing bass guitar and currently plays out on the road with Hank Jr.  The entire band was really awesome and I would highly recommend this show if you come to Branson for a few days and nights.  



I think there are over 20 pillows on the two beds in my room.  20!  The one bed now holds all those extra pillows and it looks like a soft mountain rising up on the mattress.  At home?  My wife has stacked our own bed much the same way.  Takes me an extra five minutes to get in bed because of the time it takes to remove the “decorative” fluff to get down to the two regular ole pillows I put my head on. 


One of the guest songwriters down here told Billy he thought he was staying in a “Bed Bath and Way Beyond”. 


My theory is if you put more than one decorative pillow on a bed they will multiply faster than rabbits.  Don’t do it.



Apparently women are now buying more “tech” stuff than new clothes.  Women now account for more than 50% of the buying at Apple and Best Buy up 35% since 2014.  And retail sales of clothes is dipping down to as much as 5% at some stores like Macy’s.


It may be because so many women have run out of closet space for shoes and dresses and EXTRA pillows that have to be stored.  Sigh.



And apparently they bought a LOT of electronics yesterday on Cyber Monday.  Over 9 BILLION was spent online for that tech holiday this year.  The new K-Mart and Sears stores are made by Apple and Mac.  Ho Ho Ho.



MSN just released their top “small towns” in each state in the Union.  I’m a Missouri kid but I have no idea where Kimmswick…population 152 is.  And in Tennnessee where I now live?  It’s Gatlinburg with a lot more folks and tourists that I’m very familiar with.  Gatlinburg has more fudge stores that Kimmswick has people.


If you’re curious about THE small town in your home state?  Here’s the entire LIST.



According to one travel writer, New Mexico is the best place in the US for a winter road trip.  New Mexico is beautiful and not a lot of folks make it their vacation place of choice.  I will warn you though, if you decide to try and learn to snow ski on Sandia Peak in Albuquerque?  A. Don’t go when there’s ice on the slopes.  B.  Fall before you hit a picket fence lined with snow skis.  Don’t ask me how I know.



One last show at 2 pm and then we’ll pack for the 8 hour drive back home to Nashville tomorrow morning.  We’ll be leaving the big gorilla and the extra pillows behind.


Have a great Tuesday!







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