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Consult Day...Tommy The Great...Goo Goo

Dec 1 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hump Day…and the first day of December. Cloudy here today but the high is 65 then sunny and 70 tomorrow. No complaints.


Meanwhile, still no snow in Denver breaking a record. First time they’ve not seen snow by the first of December EVER. Where’d the snow go?



I had a songwriting consultant with a client in Atlanta who in his real life teaches pre-med kids helping them pass the big test. In his spare time he likes to write songs and wants to get better at that, so that’s why we spent a little time together online yesterday looking over a couple of his ideas. He’s well versed in prose and Shakespeare so he’s smarter than I am for sure!  But I think there were things I were able to share with him and questions that I answered that I hope will help him in the future when he’s rhyming lyrics to melody.  Really enjoyed the hour together yesterday.



I did finish the marathon documentary “Get Back” last night concluding with the Beatles rooftop concert that was fun to watch again. Especially listening to some of the folks on the streets being interviewed about what they thought of the Fab 4 playing songs off what would be their new album “Let It Be”. Most liked it, but there were some who hated it and thought it disturbed the peace. So much so that cops went to the top of the roof trying to shut it down. Watching that go down was really interesting.


Hats off to Peter King who had 60 hours of footage that he carved into the 8 hours you’ll see on Disney + if you watch.


Watching the interaction between the four of the Beatles and watching and listening to iconic songs being written on the spot were my favorite parts of the show. Not for everyone I’m sure, but I not only was glued to the couch watching it, but I became a bigger fan for sure.



The Moderna CEO sharing that he didn’t know if the vaccine would work against the new Omicron variant sent the market tumbling again. Down over 650 points on that news.


Greece is going hardcore demanding that all their citizens 60 and over get their first dose of vaccine. If they don’t, the seniors get fined over $100 per month. 62% of Greece is vaccinated.


Yet another expert said yesterday that the vaccines we have won’t be effective against the new variant. That means we’ll probably see another booster shot coming on top of the three that some have already had.



The folks at Deloitte says to expect the chip shortage we’re living through to last into early 2023. That means the new vehicle I ordered nearly 3 months ago may not arrive until who knows when. Such a weird site seeing big empty car lots these days.



The publication Music Radar just named its top acoustic guitar players in the world…top 10.  No surprise to me that Tommy Emmanuelle is #1. I was so blessed to have Tommy play on the song I wrote with Kristy Cox and Jerry Salley, “Finger Pickin’ Good” that won the Golden Guitar Award last year in Australia for best bluegrass recording.


My friends Lang Scott and Linda Davis rounded up a few friends several years ago, got a tour bus, and we went to Bowling Green, Kentucky to hear Tommy play. It was the first time for me. And it was truly unforgettable. What Tommy can do with a guitar is just mind blowing and I could not encourage you more to go see him if he’s ever near you. AND…he’s just the nicest person on top of all of his immense talent.


I’ll share one funny moment with Tommy that happened one morning when I was on air at WSM. I was a guest host filling in for Bill Cody that morning, and Tommy had been booked to make a guest appearance. Good fortune for me. My guitar was in the studio that day as I had a writing appointment right after the radio show wrapped up at 10 AM.


So there’s Tommy sitting and picking across the broadcast table from me just blowing me away with what he was doing. When he finishes, I say “live” on air, “Tommy, I have a complaint”.  Tommy looks over at me and says in his Aussie way, “What’s that mate”?


I reply, “That’s my guitar sitting right over there, and it will or can’t play what you play”!  I’m thinking he’ll laugh at that. But instead he looks at me earnestly and says on the air, “Well, it will when I play it Bill”.



Lots to see here. Folks hit the Opry, Lower Broadway, the Hall of Fame. They try the hot chicken. They check out the Parthenon. And now they make schedule a trip to see the new Goo Goo place.  They spent 2 million bucks to make the store that makes those chocolate candy clusters a place one must visit. Candy, shakes…it’s like Willy Wonka went mad in Nashville.


And now I can’t get that old Goo Goo jingle out of my head that artists sang on the Grand Ole Opry for years when it was one of the major sponsors. “Go Get A Goo Goo…It’s Good”.



How about a convention that honors the Golden Girls TV series?  It’s coming to Chicago in 2022. They’re calling it Golden Con. Some of the stars will be there, there will be panels and I can only imagine that some fans will come dressed as their favorite Golden Girl.


Here’s one funny line from that show amongst the hundreds that aired.


Rose once said, “I know I look square, but I’m like my father’s tractor. I take a while to warm up, but once I get going, I can turn topsoil till the cows come home”.



I kind of think most parents will nod their heads in agreement with this statement one parent issued. “Parenting is missing your kids when they’re asleep and missing your sanity when they’re awake”.



I’m off to my publishing company this morning to write with Gerald Smith. And I’ll finally get to give Gerald a copy of the Jeannie Kendall -Carl Acuff Jr. album "You Got Me". The title track is one Gerald and I wrote with former American Idol star Janelle Arthur. Thank you Jeannie for recording our song!


Have a great Wednesday!





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