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Hits & Grins...Jim Nabors...and The Weekend

Tad cooler this first day of December with the high of just 50 today.



Quite the change in one day for temperature readings.  Yesterday it was in the mid-60's or so...warm enough to go for a walk and get my ducks in a row as you can see here.  The ducks apparently were holding some sort of convention...and they were oblivious to me walking laps around them.  Tough life being a danged duck.






That was all about our "Hits & Grins" show that took place at the all new Listening Room Cafe.  Now located on 4th Avenue...it took me way too long to find it deals.  My GPS kept telling me "you've arrived" and I could not see the building to save me.  A normal 30 minute drive turned into almost an hour last night as I finally realized lapping the city it was right in front of me.  The new building still has an old "International Harvester" sign on the top...and I could not see "Listening Room" on the side of the building.  That meant I walked in 5 minutes before show-time.  Sigh.


But... a quick sound check for guitar and vocal and we were up and running.  And it turned out to be a great show in a great new Listening Room.  Tourists...lots of tourists.  Indiana and Ohio were in the house...states where I've worked radio...and so were a lot of other states.  And those folks were into the show BIG time last night.  Really a great responsive crowd for sure.  Thanks to all who came...and for those of you who bought our CD's....hope you enjoy them on your ride back home.







I've decided our living room looks terrific when the tree is up.  I'm in favor of leaving it up year round...my wife?  Not so much.  But it do look pretty and now we're in the middle of all things Christmas.  Christmas parties are here...and I'm trying to figure out how many we're going to.  I'm not a big party guy o tell ya the truth so I'm pretty selective about going.  I do know that we'll make our WSM radio station gathering this year because it's just so much fun to hear so many deep radio voices go "ho ho ho".  It resonates in the room...trust me. 





Gomer Pyle (aka Jim Nabors) passed.  What a nice man.  Being on the radio allows one to meet a lot of celebrities.  And I did interview and meet Mr. Nabors once.  I stood right next to him one time at a pre-Indy 500 celebration they call Carburetion Day.  I was working for WFMS in Indianapolis at the time and was sent out to emcee or something at the Brickyard and found myself on stage with a bunch of dignitaries and celebs like Jim Nabors who I stood next too.  My memory is how down to earth non pretentious the man was.  Easy to talk to.  Jim was at the Indy every year to sing the iconic state song for the Hoosier state..."Back Home Again In Indiana".  And man could he sing it.  From the "golleee" voices we hear from Gomer...to his resonate booming baritone when he sang.  It was a moment every year at that track that Hoosiers cherished.  RIP Mr. Nabors.



Well...for those who have stayed in the stock market and mutual funds the answer would be "more money".  The Dow broke a record and is well over 24,000 right now.  Go figure.  Makes me wish I was more adventurous.  I should have put less money into buying Beanie Babies...and more in the stock market.  FYI..if you need a beanie baby...I'm your guy.



Now...this works for me.  As someone who as been on a table with an acupuncture woman who poke my body with needles..."laser acupuncture" MIGHT convince me to go back on the table with Dr. I Hurt U.  I'll probably whimper and cry and beg for mercy a whole lot less too.  I guess you can tell it was no a great experience for yours truly...and understatement.  To this day I can see a box of toothpicks without flinching.



Deer hunting accidents.  And his one is tragic.  A young hunter in upstate New York mistakes a woman for a deer...shoots and kills her.  Really really sad.  Growing up in Missouri...deer hunting was a big deal.  When I live in Wisconsin...I think they shut some schools down on opening day for gun season.  I know they used to encourage hunters to wear blaze orange in the woods.  Maybe during season all of us should be wearing blaze orange.  Be careful out there.



I'm off to write with my friend Ayla Brown and her boyfriend Rob Bellamy.  He's a former hockey player...she was a basketball player in college. I can tel Rob has not played hockey for awhile now because he has no teeth missing...and Ayla has no hamstring problems that I know of.  Both of them are talented singer-songwriters and both of them showed up for our "Hits & Grins" show last night which was awesome.  So...we'll get together and write this morning and then I'm going to return their favor and go out and hear them play a 2 hour set later this evening in Nashville.  That will be enjoyable.



Did I mention Christmas parties are going on?  Got one to go to...and...I'll be glued to see which 4 college football teams are going to land in the BCS playoffs.  Go Badgers.


Have a great weekend.

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