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Griswold Song...Put The Lid Down...Listening Room Show Tonight

Last day of November...seriously.




With only a small amount of work to do writing wise...Wednesday was a day of catch up...which I need to do more of it seems all the time. And it is funny sometimes how what's going on in my life relates directly to the kind of songs I write.  For instance...


My wife and I strung some lights on the Christmas tree yesterday and we'll wait for my daughter Heather to get home from wherever she's flying to with her American Airlines job right now.  The syndication company I write country song parodies for are in full blow "Christmas" mode right now so yesterday I suggested we use the current Luke Bryan hit "Light Em' Up" for a Griswold kind of Christmas disaster song.  And then last night almost by accident I caught the end of the National Lampoon Christmas movie with Chevy Chase playing Clark Griswold.  Somehow stuff ties together some days.




I also spent some time learning a Christmas song I wrote with new Hall of Famer Jim McBride a couple years ago titled "Blue Light Christmas" which is very Griswold in nature too.  In the song...someone is always getting arrested from this family every Christmas.  And then it's "ho ho ho from the po po pokey".  With any luck...I'll be able to play this Christmas ditty tonight for a 6 pm show with "Hits & Grins" at the all new Listening Room in downtown Nashville.  We'll see.



Yep...they are selling those Trump on a toilet seat twittering items for that hard to buy person on your political gift list.  Look for it under the "tweet and pee" section of your favorite odd ball store online.  Who doesn't need one of those?


Wonder what kind of things Abraham Lincoln would have tweeted back in the day?  "Today they named a bedroom after me here at the White House". #mypillow




More and more robots.  I'd debating whether I'd use one of those little robot vaccum cleaners or not.  If I could put a glass-cup holder on top...I might be able to have it bring me coffee and beer whenever I want.  I dunno.


But it is fairly alarming to read that some folks in the technical "know" department are saying that by 2030 73 MILLION jobs will be lost to automation.  Wow.  Makes me sort of glad I'm at a point that I'm not looking to work anymore.  Work comes to me for some reason...but I'm not banging on doors or sprucing up my resume.


I would say if you're looking for a job there are going to be a lot of openings for those in company HR department...or for those who can teach sexual harassment classes at the workplace.  Offices are going to be buttoning down and a whole new culture is likely to develop.  Dylan writes one song and it's been right countless times and it applies here too.  "The Times Are A Changing".



Apparently the computers for American Airlines forgot to schedule a lot of pilots for the Christmas holiday season when a LOT of flying is being done.  And now they have to scramble to try and refill those.  One news report suggested the gaffe could cause them to lose or cancel 15,000 flights because of the mistake.  A spokesperson for American admitted on camera that there could be some flights lost but no nearly 15,000.  We'll see.  Computers are great when they work.  Meanwhile if you were teed up to fly American during the Christmas rush...you might wanna go ahead and get an oil change on your car.



More reports saying it's going to be a really bad flu season.  Is that true or are they trying to scare us enough to go get a flu shot?  I'm debating myself...always have in the past but like you I hear reports of folks who got sick BECAUSE they got the flu shot.  I think more folks would get one if it was more convenient.  Like...why can't they teach the kids working the drive thru at  McDonald's to say "want fries or a flu sho wih that"?  Roll up your sleeve...grab your bag of McNuggets...and a McFlu shot all at the same time. 



Apparently there's another Super Moon on the way...this one Sunday.  It should be 14-30% brighter than the regular moon we look up at. I might have to make time to go out and howl at it a couple of times.







So...a guy in Traverse City, Michigan comes home and goes the bathroom.  He notices the lid on the toilet is closed.  He doesn't remember putting it down (real guy) so he calls police.  They find a guy passed out in his garage...on drugs.  So maybe being on drugs is the key to getting more of us guys to remember to put the lid down. 



It's all about the show with "Hits & Grins" tonight.  It's our first time in the NEW Listening Room and I hear nothing but good things.  It's always fun to play music with Victoria Venier and Steve Dean...fun.  If you're near...please come grab some of the fun with us.


Have a great Thursday!



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