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Alabama Thanksgiving...Cyber Monday...12 Pains of Christmas

Nov 29 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Back home in Music City after a stuffing over Thanksgiving. 44 is the high today in Music City.



We had the greatest time in Alabama with our family. The cabin we stayed in off Lake Tholocco waw peaceful with great views of the lake. We saw deer, turkey and even a dang armadillo out where the cabin was placed. Besides the big meal we had time to sit and play games with our daughter Heather and her husband Casey and his mom and Annissa and stepdad Alan.


We walked the streets of nearby Enterprise one day that was decorated for Christmas and did a little shopping. Even did on of those Escape Rooms for the first time and did manage to finally get. If the group had depended on me getting us out?  We’d still be there.


And we got even more in the Christmas spirit Saturday when we visited a Christmas Farm complete with roaring fires, donkeys, goats, tractors, hot chocolate and even a hayride through some Christmas lights. I don’t think we could have had a better Thanksgiving weekend.  How was yours?



That would be today. They give us Black Friday, followed by Cyber Monday to drop some dollars on Christmas shopping. Folks will be wearing out Amazon Prime today I’m guessing. I think I’ll buy myself these beer mittens. Who couldn’t use mittens that attach to a cold beer can and keep your hands warm?!


One person wrote, “What comes after Cyber Monday?” That would be Buyer’s Remorse Tuesday and Hiding from Your Creditors Wednesday.



Maybe don’t think about trying to buy as new vehicle. It has no chance of arriving by Christmas. I should know. I ordered a new car in late September. They told me it would be in late October, then late November, and two days ago I got, “maybe the end of December”. Uh huh. I’m starting to think I might be able to get another 230,000 miles on what I’ve been driving.



Certainly appears to be a scarier world again with a new virus sending medical folks, researchers, scientists into conferences to talk about the new variant now called Omicron that is already shutting down travel into several countries again. Travelers were unexpectedly stranded and couldn’t get home. Moderna is already talking about having a new vaccine for Omicron by early 2022. So now what? 4 jabs to be fully vaccinated?


Already the variant has been reported in Canada so it’s coming. Geez. Fauci already has said the new variant may override any vaccine’s one has taken so far.


And while that’s going on, Florida is again reporting the lowest daily cases with few restrictions.


Perfect timing. Webster’s Dictionary has named “Vaccine” as the word of 2021.



I did catch most of the first episode of the “Get Back” documentary on Disney +. I didn’t really know that what I would see would be the Beatles, from raw footage, practicing. Pretty amazing stuff as you get to see the interchange and ideas flow from the Fab 4. So far, Paul is the most outspoken in these practice sessions. And they allow one to see the bickering of different opinions. In the early episode I watched there was a pretty good pull and tug conversations, different ideas, between Paul and George. I can’t imagine any Beatles lover, or music lover for that matter who won’t want to watch this. I’m hooked.  



That would be things like an article talking about the history of sawing women in half. I was disappointed that the article never gave me the name of the first woman who said, “yea…that sounds like fun”!


Rumor is after the first woman was sawed on; she would tell people she met that she felt like she was only half the woman she used to be.



Actor Matthew McConaughey came to his senses and decided not to run for Governor in Texas. I have no idea why anyone would want to be a politician as opposed to being an actor. Or now that I think about it, is there a difference?



Reba McEntire is jumping heels first into the celebrity owned bar thing and will put up Reba’s Place in Atoka, Oklahoma (near her where she grew up) in partnership with that town and the Choctaw Nation. Wonder how “Fancy” the menu will be?



Woman Shows Her Pet Turkey Her Thanksgiving Turkey Being Cooked in Her Oven. Yikes. Wonder what her pet turkey thought watching the other turkey get stuffed?



I left the calendar open to catch up on stuff today after being gone for Thanksgiving. We have a tree up with no lights on it yet, so that may happen today here at the Whyte House.


One person acknowledged that when it’s time to put up Christmas lights he refers to it as “swear day”. Been there. And this funny song "12 Pains of Christmas" from Bob Rivers is a funny story of how frustrating it can be to string Christmas lights. Good luck with yours.


Have a great Monday!

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