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Please Come To Boston...Weird Animals...Baseball

Nov 29 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And the temps are starting to go the right direction this morning much like the stock market. Up!


Meanwhile…gas prices are going down.  Filled up for 2.15 a gallon this morning.  Double checked my receipt to make sure it was correct.



Nothing big yesterday.  I wrote a funny radio jingle parody for a morning team out in Colorado but had the rest of the day to catch up and get to a treadmill at a gym.  Funny how new phrases pop up all the time that are applied to lots of things.


This morning I saw a cartoon where a little pig was standing on the scales after Thanksgiving screaming at it…”Fake News”!!!



I did get a nice musical gift by e-mail from Ayla Brown and Rob Bellamy.  The two of them recorded 6 songs out in Portland recently and three of them were songs we’ve written together.  They sound great…and they’ll be back in studio soon recording a few more songs including another one of ours.


But the big news I got from this great couple is that Ayla landed a job as a co-host of a big country radio station in Boston!  She and Rob will be moving back to the east side of the US where both of them are from and will readjust their lives a bit. Ayla has not done radio but they knew of her…auditioned her…and she got the gig.  No surprise to me.  Congrats!  She and they are going to do great with that opportunity and I think it will only increase their chances of getting their MUSIC out to more folks.


She’s just getting back to Nashville today after long trip to see her Mom and Dad down in New Zealand where her Father is the US Ambassador there.  We’ll get together before the two of them leave town and celebrate the great news.


I truly love when good things happen to good folks like it has for these two.



We’ve had a run of weird animal news lately.  Yesterday I mentioned that a guy spotted an albino buck deer here in Tennessee.  This morning there are reports of 2-foot squirrels running amok in North Carolina.  And then there’s that GIGANTIC cow down in Australia that stands 6 feet tall.  Have you seen that thing?  Take one look and you’ll agree with me that Chik Fila must surely be thinking about hiring this mammoth bovine to hold up an “Eat Mor Chikin” sign.



Did you know that in the country of Mongolia they have reindeer herders?  They do.  My bet is they are really really busy this time of year. 



If you eat the green stuff…good news.  Apparently they will start putting labels on bags that let you see where the green stuff came from.  Then you can choose a bag that’s not from an E-Coli area.  I’m avoiding all the bags labeled Three Mile Island Lettuce.



Folks separate for all kinds of reasons.  Some of them are pretty strange.  One guy divorced his wife because “she was the devil” according the papers filed.  Didn’t he notice the horns when he started dating belzSHEbub?


And one woman actually divorced her husband because he was “cleaning too much”.  Seriously?  I’m betting that guy was not un-married for very long.



I’m still working on my list of ballparks to click off my baseball bucket list.  I’ve got six more to see before I can say I’ve seen them all.  Both NY stadiums, Minnesota, Detroit, the new Frisco Park and Seattle.  But now…I may have another to add to the list, as Oakland wants to build a gorgeous new ballpark right on the water.  And the artist RENDERINGS look awesome.


How many days til baseball?  Too many for me. 



That “Star Is Born” movie remake?  Doing pretty darned well.  It’s now taken in over 350 million bucks worldwide.  Wow.  For me…best two movies I’ve seen so far this year is that one and the other music movie “Bohemian Rhapsody”.  They are making so much money that it will be no surprise to see more of those coming.  “Rocket Man” is on the way and that’s the Elton John movie. 


I’m waiting for the William Hung story myself.



Off to write with another great couple this morning.  Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard.  Jenny’s current VIDEO SINGLE is now being played on CMT and doing well…so good for her.  Should be a fun day rhyming together.


Have a great Thursday!







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