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A Great Benefit...Snapping Pictures...Branson Missouri Shows

Nov 28 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

A chilly Hump Day in Music City.  38 for the high today….BUT…then 54, 66 and 69 come Saturday.  I like the trend.



Tuesday was a day of working ahead and catching up a bit.  But…I did turn in a parody song for NY about the Mars landing and the pictures we are seeing from that probe.  Anyone else think Mars looks a bit like Arizona without cactus?



I played at a songwriter benefit last night at 3rd and Lindsley to help raise dollars for those affected by hurricane Michael down in Port St. Joe and Mexico Beach that we visit once a year in October for the Blast On The Bay writer’s festivals.  Not this past year obviously.


Man we had a great turnout…and a lot of folks we know as writers came up from Florida to be with us and that too was great.  Every songwriter last night was tied to that festival…and we each did one song…that’s how many writers we had on stage last night.  My thanks to Will Rambeaux for his hard work organizing this fundraiser last night and inviting me.  I heard that one of the venues that we play at down there is already re-opened…a good sign for the future.  And I hope that the dollars we raised last night will help speed that recovery process for our friends down there. 



I’ve mentioned before my daughter Heather has gotten serious about photography.  I know she’s my daughter but some her work truly puts me in awe.  Last night she rode with me downtown and I dropped her off at our beautiful symphony theater called the Schermerhorn where famed photographer Annie Leibovitz was holding court and talking about her work…a lot of it with celebrities.


Before we left last night Heather asked us to watch a documentary film about Harry Benson who was the Beatles favorite photographer that was really great.  Harry filmed all kinds of celebs but also framed the history of our country with his lense and keene eye.  And he’s funny…and engaging.  It’s worth checking out this movie “Shoot First” that we watched on Netflix.  Amazing story and pictures.



I added three more shows to may calendar last night…well actually 9 shows over three weekends…when my friend Billy Yates texted me and said to pick some dates for his Songwriters In The Round series in Branson, Missouri that I did for the first time this past year.  Awesome.  So…I’ll be in Branson the weekends of May 31, September 6 and December 6 next year.  This is a great songwriter show in a theater on the main drag in Branson.  This year I shared the stage with Billy and Hee Haw star Lulu Roman.  I’ll let you know who I’ll be with on the future shows as I get that information.  Always good to pay in my home state for sure.



Now an electric pick up truck has rolled out that’s getting rave reviews…one that can off-road and run with the best of em according to the folks who build the Rivian.  I dunno.  As Americans we are pretty predictable.  Car companies like GM are retooling again as small car sales and electric cars and the like are down as we are once again buying trucks and SUV’s.  The price of gas goes down to 2 bucks a gallon…and all of a sudden the Prius is gone and here comes the F150. We actually still own an old Prius that has about 200,000 miles on it that we keep in the driveway.  When the price of gas is down I can drive a Hummer if I want to.  When it rises again (and you know it will) I can drive silently and save some gas dough.



Man…we have deer everywhere right now.  A herd of em’ close by and out our windows a lot of days.  Now this.  Someone spotted a 12 point white albino buck deer in Tennessee yesterday.  I’m guessing he sorta looked like a mime with antlers.



Nothing big on tap today…a little writing as always…and then I may actually turn my attention to Christmas which would mean shopping.  I’m thinking that Amazon Prime thing is a good way to go.


Have a great Wednesday.


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