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A 60 degree high or better here in Music City today at the end of November.  I'm hoping it stays warm enough all winter that "long johns" will not be part of my wardrobe one time. 



It was back to the songwriting table for the first time in awhile with two good friends...Wil Nance and Lauren Mascitti.  Lauren has been in studio lately and recorded a song that the three of us co-wrote earlier this year....and we got to listen to it full volume at Wil's house yesterday which was a treat.  Lauren's boyfriend is Shawn Camp...extremely talented and he's producing these songs on Lauren as they prepare to start getting her in front of the record labels.  Wil's wife Holly came in after we had finished writing and Wil played it for her.  After hearing the song...and almost crying Holly...who is a song plugger for a couple of labels asked..."do you have a record deal"?  Not yet...but she's working on it. 


It's truly a pleasure to hear gifted folks like young Lauren sing...and can she ever.  The song has some shades of Crystal Gayle in it...and it made for an interesting conversation with Lauren revealing they were trying to be careful not to draw too many comparisons...even though Crystal is one of her all time favorite singers.  We decided that those younger demographics like Lauren?  Most of her peer group are not familiar with Crystal.  So...a voice like Lauren's might sound "fresh" to an entirely new generation.  We'll see.  All I know is she sang the heck out of her song and it was a pleasure to hear it.



And...Lauren also told us a very funny story about being around Willie Nelson as her boyfriend Shawn is good friends with him.  In fact...Shawn played on the last Willie album "Django and Jimmie" that I'll be in search of later today.  Apparently Lauren had a chance to share some weed with Willie...but sweetly declined. That's worthy of a song all to itself someday.  I'm sure a lot of folks who have spent time with Willie have stories to tell.  One of my favorite songs came from Toby Keith who co-wrote and sang "I'll Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again".  Some of the funniest stories...are true stories. 



Funeral services fo Mel Tillis were held yesterday at a Baptist Church here that was filled with celebrities and fans and mourners.  My friend Bobby Tomberlin actually sang part of Detroit City that Mel wrote and the entire church sang "I wanna go home".  It wasn't written as a gospel song by any means...but in that context...it took on that kind of tone.  The program actually said, "In Loving M M Memory" of Mel Tillis...referring of course to Mel's famous stutter that he used for comedic effect.   What a great talent. R R Rest in peace Mel.





I had to write a cyber Monday shopping song for my folks in New York yesterday.  Seasoned online bargain hunters by now know it's more than just Monday.  The Cyber-Bargains will go all week on Amazon and other places.  I did see there's a shortage of Christmas trees this year so don't look for a bargain there.  Prices have shot up 5-10% if you want a real one.  We'll be putting up our fake tree later tonight in front of a not real fireplace...gas.  A fake gold star will top the tree.  So it's not just fake news sweeping the country...fake Christmas is rearing it's little Elf head too.



Someone just invented a whiskey glass with a clip on the side to hold a cigar.  There ya go.  A real man gift.  Nothing says "manly" Christmas like sipping and puffing. I don't do either...but I may get one to put in the house just so folks think I have gobs of hair on my chest.








A woman in Australia is dying.  She wants badly to see the ocean one more time.  A few paramedics put their heads together and manage to get her to the waters edge all propped up in a bed with her life support system.  She later said it gave her "peace of mind".  Good for those folks.  Th ocean is hypnotic for me too...peaceful.  Hard to feel bad when the only sound you hear is that of the wave lapping up to the shore line and maybe a seagull or two squawking in flight.   May we all be so lucky as her to feel peace at that time.






Shouldn't Dairy Queen and Budweiser get together and create a "Dilly Dilly Bar"?



This just in.  They figure those folks who got into that Pokemon-Go craze last year caused 7.3 billion dollars in damages while playing the game with their heads down looking at their phones trying to capture whatever the heck they were trying to capture.  Auto wrecks accounted for a lot of that.  Poke wrecks.  That must be an interesting claim to turn into the insurance company.  If you keep your head up your apps folks...these things can happen.  Play Monopoly.  It's safer.



According to dictionary.com...the word of the year is "complicit".  Yep.  Someone seems to be complicit in some crime every day in the papers.  Complicit it is.  I may have voted for "dilly dilly" but I think they count that as two words...not sure.



Well...you can't eat cows because they are sacred.  Apparently coins are not.  Doctors just removed 263 coins from one Indian man.  Hopefully the coins had enough value to pay for his surgery.



There's this couple in Arkansas who love Olive Garden.  I mean they REALLY love Olive Garden.  So much so that they will name their first born daughter "Olivia Garton".  Can't make this stuff up folks.  I'm not throwing bricks here because truth be known...had my wife and I had twins I would have wanted to name them Mac and Cheese.



Off to write wite with the "Georgia Quacker" Gerald Smith today...always fun.  And a musical reminder.  This Thursday night I'll be playing the new Listening Room just off lower Broadway with my "Hits & Grins" trio.  Show time is 6 pm.  Come by if you can.






Have a great Tuesday!


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