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Beating A Cold...Coco...Back To The Writing Table

So have you got your Christmas shopping done yet?



Well...over Thanksgiving I nursed a cold that a lot of folks seem to have right now and I still have a few remnants leftover.  The good news is that I'm starting to feel like I'm finally getting my feet under me and hoping I have not give it to my wife.  We're going through Kleenex like the Auburn offense went through Alabama in in the Iron Bowl this weekend.  Yes...I saw a lot of football while nursing this cold.



I did get out and see the first animated movie I've seen in a long while with my wife, daughter and her soon to be husband Casey.  We saw "Coco" which took in over 70 million dollars for Pixar.  The movie was good...and we saw what they call a "short" before the feature of "Frozen".  It was such a long "short" that we all wondered if we had walked into the wrong movie.  It was 21 minutes long!  Who knew?  The best part of the movie?  The theater we were at had seats that reclined with a foot-rest!  I see me going back to this theater with a robe and slippers in the future.



Walking out of the theater a Mom, Dad, young son and even younger daughter were passing by us.  The little girl all of 2 or three maybe was screaming, "this is the most boring day ever!!!!"   She'd just seen "Coco" and I'm sure they bought her candy and coke and popcorn.  The look the parents gave each other was sort of like, "who's idea was it to have kids...yours or mine."  Made me laugh.  Been there.



My thanks to our friends up in Cincinnati who hosted my daughter and her fiance's wedding shower...Rusty and Denise Huff and their daughters Gina and Ashley.  Life long friends from when we lived in the same neighborhood when I was on air at WUBE radio up there.  I was unable to go because of this cold...but by all accounts everyone had a great time at the shower and over the Turkey Day holiday.  It's good to have such good friends.











It's all about the Christmas shopping now ain't it?  Cyber Monday will bring in over 6.6 BILLION bucks today.  Black Friday took in over 5 BILLION with almost half of that going to Amazon.  They say that made the Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos worth over $100 BILLION.  Wow.


Me...as always...last second trying to figure out what my wife would love from the Dollar General Store leftover bin.  God help me.



And how bout this.  There were a RECORD amount of background checks over Black Friday for folks lining up to buy guns.  Santa should announce his arrival before just coming down the chimney this year.  Folks are packing Santa.



You can tell it's Christmas though by turning on your radio and hearing Burl Ives and Jose Feliciano.  It's the only time of year for that.  I've written a few Christmas tunes...several of them are comedy Christmas songs.  But my all time favorite is this song that Linda Davis recorded that we wrote together in the middle of a summer day years ago with Bobby Tomberlin..."Snowed In Christmas".  If you've not heard it...click on the link and get in the holiday spirit on the early side.  And thank you Linda for recording this, singing it on the Opry one night, and including in the Christmas show she did with her talented musica family for a couple of years at the Opryland Hotel.  I still love it every time I hear it.






Nashville continues to explode with growth just like our waistlines here in Tennessee.  The Opryland Hotel is in the middle of building a HUGE water attraction that will let you float from inside the hotel to outside the hotel.  They've also announced a new project that will include housing and retail very near where the hotel is.  Add to that that Music City as doubled it's 5 star hotel capacity in the past few years and you start to understand why one hotel builder is on record as saying he believes Nashville will be one of the most coveted destinations in the country in the next 5-10 years. 


I buying stock in bricks that they will surely use to build a wall to keep people out. 


Not only are we busting at the seams with folks...most of those folks apparently need to hit the gym...me included.  We were just named the 3rd fattest state in the country!  Pretty sure that's the reason there is no "Miss Cracker Barrel" contest going on.  Nobody needs to see that swimsuit competition.



I did read that adding a little cinnnamon to your diet can help starve off fat.  Thanks goodness.  For a minute I though maybe I should add more exercise to my daily routine.  This will be much easier.



So this guy in Kansas converted an old missile silo into a place you can rent on Airbnb.  Down the tube you go.  That brings up memories of going to college in Warrensburg, Missouri at Central Missouri State.  Back in that day...there were a bunch of those silos scattered near by...as was Whiteman Air Force base where my band at the time played a lot...NCO club.  I never thought about a nuclear silo being a place I'd want to sleep...but there ya go. 



"Women Get Toe Reductions To Fit In High Heels".  I must be the dumbest rock on the planet.  You can't simply get a bigger shoe?  What am I missing?  Sort of like getting a breast reduction to fit into a bra.  There are truly some things about women that I will never ever figure out.  And I'm probably better off because of it.



Back at the songwriting table with Wil Nance and Lauren Mascitti.  Lauren is the "Pun" Queen" of the world...and I'm bracing myself for one today before we start writing.  She delivers the pun then laughs at her own joke.  It's contagious.  And who doesn't need a laugh?


Have a great Monday!



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