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Cheesecake...Black Friday...Escape

Nov 26 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Happy Leftover Friday. It does occur to me that Thanksgiving is the only day one takes a selfie with a turkey and then posts it online.


I like the one’s from those who deep fried. And those are easy to spot because the deep fryer usually has singed hair.



We had a truly wonderful Thanksgiving with our daughter Heather, her husband Casey, Casey’s Mom Anissa, and her husband Alan who made the drive up from Miami to join all of us. Alan oversees border patrol for our water system and works with illegals, drugs etc., and has for a long while. Casey is in the Army. So, we didn’t have to worry about anyone stealing our turkey yesterday. We were well protected.


Turkey and all the trimmings and Heather made an incredible pumpkin-spice cheesecake from scratch that tasted as great as it looked. Some football, some fun video games and we all tried to make sure we didn’t nap after the big meal.  Just a blessed Turkey Day here in Fort Rucker, Alabama.


Last night when we returned to the little cabin we’re staying in we were greeted by an armadillo checking us out. I had no idea Alabama had armadillos. And now we’ve got a couple of days just to chill here in the warmer weather before returning home.



It is Black Friday. The world is on sale seemingly. Pretty sure nobody in our group will be rushing through a Wal Mart door this morning trying to snag an electric toothbrush OR…the “Dancing Cactus” Wal Mart had to remove from shelves because the prickly thing was singing about cocaine in Polish. Proof you can’t trust a Saguaro on a shelf folks.



Although, if you live in Arkansas, you might have been able to have that singing cactus delivered to your home by a drone which they have now unleashed for some customers in Wal Mart’s home state. It looks like we’ll get used to hearing the buzz of a drone hovering outside our doorsteps soon dropping whatever you need. Wonder how many of those will come under attack by the family dogs?



Certainly concerning news this morning out of Africa as they are alerting the world of another variant that is spreading among children there. And it may be the worst variant yet. Good grief. Not a good thing when some health officials call it “horrific”.


The Dow futures this morning plummeted over 800 points on that news. Could be Black Friday for shopping and the stock market today.


And already countries are throwing up travel bans again and locking their borders on this news. Here we go again.


Meanwhile, fully vaccinated rock n roller Bryan Adams has caught Covid a SECOND time.



In Tennessee a couple of days ago a truck spilled $400,000 worth of Jack Daniels out on our highway. Brace yourself. I’m guessing the truck JACKnifed.


I warned ya.



The Collins Dictionary released its word of the year. Yea I know. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of the Collin’s Dictionary either.


Anyway, their word for 2021 is NFT. That translates to non-fundable token.  I still don’t have a clue.  It beat out “Double-Vacc”. I’m a little surprised that the word “Brandon” didn’t make the list as much as I’ve heard it.



Some relationship expert suggests your relationship may be kaput if you’re both cheating with the same person. Hard to argue that. Surely there will be a Bravo Reality TV series starring those folks soon.



That’s how they’re billing the “Pillow Fight Championship” that will take place January 29 in Florida. Who would watch folks pummel each other with bed pillows?  Apparently enough of us that it will be made available to watch on Pay Per View. For real. And yes, folks have been knocked out cold in a pillow fight.


I’m just hoping they don’t ask the My Pillow dude to step into the ring to yell, “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble”!


Wonder what the Vegas odds are that he’ll sponsor the event?



“Tourist Attacked by Crocodile After Taking a Selfie with the 12 Foot Reptile”. Every time I read a story like that it helps me understand why people laugh so much when I sing my song “Get Over Your Selfie”.



Well, I think we’re going to do one of those Escape Room deals down here in Alabama. If you don’t hear from me soon, you’ll know I could not figure out how to get out.


Looking forward to some time with our little gathering here today and tomorrow before returning home to Nashville Sunday morning.


Have a great weekend!







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