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Home From Texas...Turkey Time...Movies

Nov 26 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Home again sitting at my desk looking at the Fall colors of the trees that overhang a little inlet off Old Hickory Lake. 



Steve Dean and I made the flight home from Dallas after our "Hits & Grins" show in Saint Jo, Texas Saturday night while our “Hits & Grins” trio partner Victoria Venier got up early Saturday morning and started driving home pulling her horse behind her that she rode out here in Texas for a week.  So we beat her home for sure.


I will say Southwest did a great job…friendly…on time and ya can’t ask for much more than that these days when you have fly.  And now it’s time to gear up for some off time this week all the way through Thanksgiving weekend.  And I’m certainly looking forward to it.



I got word yesterday that I’ll be doing a Trop Rock Show in February at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama at a songwriter-dinner show that my long time friend Jim Parker is in control of.  It’s a great theater to play in and I’ve done it several times BUT…it will be the first time that my friend Brent Burns has played.  Jim, Brent and myself will be joined by another Trop Rock artist Darrell Clanton whom I have not met but I’m looking forward to sharing that great stage on Feb 7 singing beach songs and more.  All the details will be up on my calendar soon.  Great food…great show…if you’re near Huntsville grab you a ticket and join us.  And wear your beach shirts and flip-flops!



Couple days away now…and they’re saying there are a LOT of turkeys in New England.  In fact a record amount of gobblers are in that region. Folks need to get out and but some camo and rocks and scratch them in the woods until the Toms come along.


Although I have to admit I have on such memory of sitting in the woods with my Dad for hours being quiet waiting for a turkey that never showed.  I never quite got the thrill of that experience.  Do they have turkey hunting in a video game?


Gonna be a lot of snow and bad weather over Turkey Day too they’re saying with winds so high in NYC that they may not be able to float that turkey balloon during the Macy Day Thanksgiving Parade this year.  We’ll see.



Blake Shelton is having a Cheeto Turkey with Gwen Stefani this year…according to Gwen.  And to be accurate…it’s a flaming hot Cheeto turkey.  For real.  The recipe is HERE if you’re curious.  My turkey of course will be stuffed with mac and cheese again.



Wow…I’m amazed.  “Stacker” just listed the worst 100 movies of the last decade.  I see quite a few movies and was sure that I must have seen one of these.  Zero…not one.  That never happens.  I must be getting better at reading reviews and watching the Trailers before deciding.


On the other hand…”The 100 Most Critically Acclaimed Movies of the Last Decade”? 


I counted 10 that I have seen. “Social Network” and “Zero Dark Thirty” being two of my favorites of those 10.


I always remind myself these movies are the critics favorites with a lot of “artsy” independent movies listed…not the big box office champs. And I’m pretty sure that Smoky & The Bandit” and “Animal House” never made a favorite list either in the past…so there’s that.



The hero dog…honored by the White House and the President yesterday for his role in chasing down the bad guy Baghdadi a few weeks ago with our troops in a flawless night time operation.  Our son in law Casey is just back home who serves in the Army…and is on a chopper.  He showed us a picture of him and Conan and one other dog sitting right beside him on a chopper.  Needless to say, we are proud of his service and all those who serve and rush into danger without question.  Salute.



Well, I can’t remember the last time I’ve had a stretch of four days completely off.  Saturday I leave for Branson, Missouri for three shows again at The Choices Theater owned by Billy Yates where I’ll do three 2 pm songwriter shows with Billy and Gerald Smith.  But until then?  I’m going to enjoy the time off starting with a movie today.  “Midway” is my choice this afternoon.


Have a great Tuesday!









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