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Thanksgiving Present

Nov 25 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Happy Thanksgiving from a cabin in Fort Rucker, Alabama.



My wife and I made the drive down from Nashville to Fort Rucker to join my daughter Heather and her husband Casey for Thanksgiving. Casey’s Mom and Stepdad rented a cabin just off Lake Tholocco on the base as we did. Cozy two bed-roomers with screened in back deck with a view of the lake. The sun is just coming up over the water as I’m bogging this this morning and it’s really beautiful.


We got in midafternoon and went straight to the daughter’s house to deliver a special present. My sister Rita in Minnesota has held my mom’s old 1955 Singer Sewing Machine since my mom passed many years ago. After seeing that my daughter Heather is into making clothes, she asked Heather if she’d like to have it and got a resounding “yes” back. The machine folds out of a desk and it certainly brings back pictures in my mind of seeing my mom stitching away on something. And now my daughter will in a way keep her memory alive and be able to share a few stories about who my mom was anyone asks her about that old Singer.


So this Thanksgiving, that’s what I’m thankful for. That an old sewing machine, that’s more than just something that made clothes has been passed down to keep in the family.


Today we’ll have the Who feast, or the Whyte feast and I’ll give thanks for family and wonderful memories I’ll get every time I look at that heirloom.


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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