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St Joe Texas...Steel Blossoms...Homeward

Nov 25 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Good morning from St. Joe, Texas.



I jumped a Southwest flight to Dallas with Steve Dean, picked up a rental car and headed north of Dallas to St. Joe, Texas a very small main street historic kind of cowboy town about and hour and a half north of the big city.  I grew up in a one-stoplight town.  This one is a no-stoplight town with a town square with the feel of an old western movie where two gunslingers would walk out in into the middle of the street.


Our hotel was that way too.  One of those building that has surely been here since the 1800’s.  There were a few theme rooms.  Steve stayed in the Rose Room that he claims was a bordello type thing complete with a waiting room for the customers.  Mine?  The Outdoor Room, I had big bass above my bed, and a couple big deer heads complete with big racks staring at me on the wall opposite.  Felt like I was back in Missouri and my younger brothers place.  Very cool though.



Our show was held in a small theater.  Earlier in the day they showed a movie on the one screen.  Obviously restored and intimate and it made for a very intimate songwriter concert.  My hometown had a one-screen cinema when I grew up and it reminded me a lot of that.  The movie “Maleficent” showed before we too the stage.  So we had to follow Angelina Jolie.


Before we hit the stage we walked around the corner to a little hole in the wall cowboy place where the owner and help were making greasy hamburger those coming to our show.  DELICIOUS.  It was pretty much burger, chips, coke, grilled cheese.  Gluten free?  That would have been a foreign language to the owners.  So good.


The show itself was just terrific.  This is ranch territory so there were lots of ranchers, cowboy hats, rodeo girls etc. and they got into it a lot.  My kind of folks.


Thanks to Victoria and her “horse” friends for their hard work putting this together and to the sponsors for welcoming us into their huge ranch house last night for cocktails and Steve’s favorite “frozen ding dongs”.  I hope we get to come back here!



Backing up a bit to this past Friday when I wrote for the first time with the Americana Duo “Steel Blossoms” two young talented girls Hayley and Sara who hail from Pittsburgh and have amazing harmony.  They think as one.  The two were signed to Billy Blue Records last year and their first album is out now that’s pretty amazing creatively.  I liked the two of them the minute we met at their publicist house Friday.  They too have a great sense of humor and they had a funny idea they wanted me to help write and that turned out to be a great idea that turned into a great fun song for the two of them that I know they’ll soon be singing at their shows. 


Both girls have teaching degrees, their parents insisted they get a diploma BEFORE moving to Nashville to chase their music dreams, but I’m pretty sure the two of them will never use those diplomas…they are that good.



At the Local, a club in Nashville on Friday night I slipped in to see a couple of talented co-writers do their thing.  That would be Brit Taylor and Jenny Tolman and they were great.  The bonus was that my friends Jerry Salley and Wood Newton were also there as both of them write with Brit Taylor too.  So it was just a fun hang in Nashville Friday night listening to a couple of great young talents with a full band doing their thing and hanging with a couple of talented writers out in the crowd.  No wonder so many folks love Music City.


Jenny sang "I Know Some Cowboys" that I co-wrote with her and her guy Dave Brainard so that was just a bonus hearing that!



Saturday my wife and I drove up to Clarksville to see the movie “Ford vs Ferrari” with my daughter and her Army husband Casey who just got back from a deployment.  All four of us LOVED this movie with Matt Damon and Christian Bale who were so fun to watch to together in this true story about Ford trying to build a car to beat Ferrari in the 24 hours of Daytona.  After the movie we grabbed lunch and caught up and made plans for Thanksgiving just a few days away where they will come down to Nashville to share Turkey with us.  It’s always good seeing our kids, and always good news when we know Heather’s husband is safely home.



I never got into comic books.  Might have been because when I was growing up in Missouri I didn’t have money to lay down for what was racked at the Rexall Pharmacy.  Now I kinda wish I would have in light of the fact that a Marvel Comic book titled “Marvel Comic 1” just fetched 1.26 MILLION at auction.


I did have baseball cards.  Of course those, and some would have been valuable by now got tossed out without thought of the future and appreciation.


I really don’t collect anything these days.  Well, I do have a small collection of baseball bobble head dolls, but I got a pretty good feeling they’ll never appreciate like comic books or baseball cards.  Sigh.  Be a hoarder is the only answer I suppose.



Yeti is putting out a new vacuum insulated cooler.  If you want it under you Christmas tree…it will set Santa back about $800.  Does it keep the beer colder than the $20 Styrofoam cooler I never use?  Does it have a TV on the side of it watch the games with the cold on coming out of it?  I’m gonna need some ammunition to help sell my wife on the idea of dropping nearly a grand on a cooler.



“Woman Thought She Won A Toyota, Not A Toy Yoda”.  She might have been a tad disappointed.



We’ve got an hour and a half back to Dallas Love Airport where we fly home to Nashville on Southwest so time to re-pack the bags and get out the door.  Goodbye Texas…and thanks for your hospitality.


Have a great Monday!




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