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Australia Award Nominations...The Mannings...Zuzu

Nov 23 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday morning, two days before Turkey Day, and I still can’t figure out where to look for giblets on that Butterball.



I wrote with Ben Krahne out in San Francisco online for the second time yesterday afternoon. Ben asked for me at Songwriterpro.com looking for help to try and make a song he was working on better. It’s a fun challenge to look at someone else’s song and see if I can’t help them tweak the idea and make what they’ve started a little better. Pretty sure by his reaction that we were successful, and that makes him and me happy when that happens.


A lot of these kinds of consults are done for just that reason. To help someone get better at the craft of writing. Most of the songs will never see the light of the day as far as being recorded by anyone big, but a lot of the time the writer on the other end plays out and it allows them to sing better original songs for those who come to listen, and some do record them on their own CD’s and albums. Glad to have been of help yesterday.



Yesterday I found out that not one, but TWO projects I’m a part of are up for the Golden Guitar Awards in Australia.


Last year Kristy Cox won the “Best Bluegrass Recording” with the song “Finger Pickin’ Good” with world class guitar player Tommy Emmanuelle that I wrote with Jerry Salley and her.


This year Kristy is nominated in that category once again for “Person of the Year” which is a musical tribute to the front-line Doctors and Nurses fight the brave fight that I co-wrote with Jerry Salley


AND... I got a note from young talented Angus Gill excitedly telling me that his album “The Scrapbook” is up for Best Traditional Country Album of the Year” that I have the title track on that I wrote with him as well as a second song the two of us penned with Jerry Salley, a duet “Let’s Have a Drink to Not Drinking Again”.


The Golden Guitar Awards are the equivalent of the CMA Awards here in the states. So some unreal good news. Good luck to both Kristy and Angus! The awards ceremony will happen January 22 in Tamworth, Australia.



I’ve started watching Peyton and Eli do their thing for the Monday Night Football games, and now I rarely flip over to the regular broadcast with Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth. That’s how entertaining the two brothers are on their couches. Add special guest like comedian Kevin Hart into the mix, and I lose track of the game and don’t care. ESPN 2 tried a new idea, and it works big time. If you’re not a huge football fan you may want to check them out one Monday night. You’ll learn a lot about the game itself, and you’ll get plenty of laughs.



Covid-19 cases in children are up 32% from two weeks ago according to pediatricians.


The President says 90% of all federal workers are now vaccinated.


And now they’re telling us that it may take 3 shots to be considered “fully vaccinated”.



Maybe so. Zoom subscriptions have dropped for the first time since the pandemic began. So, don’t buy stock in Zoom right now or pajamas and slippers.



So, this really smart guy is hired for a night shift to do data entry. Fairly boring stuff. But here’s how genius this dude was. He automated his job. Wrote a program for it, and for five years he got paid for doing nothing really. The program automatically did his work for him. Brilliant. Wonder if I can program a hologram to show up on multiple stages and sing “Going Ugly Early Tonight” and get paid for multiple shows all at once? All I need to do is to figure out how to be a genius. Could take a while.



The movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” is now 75 years old. Still a favorite at my house. Karolyn Grimes is the actress who played the little girl Zuzu and said, “Every time a bell rings and angel gets its wings”. She’s 81 years old now, originally from my home state of Missouri. Marshall, Missouri to be exact. I had the pleasure of interviewing her once several years ago on my radio show in Cincinnati. She simply could not have been a sweeter person to talk to. And yes, she still watches the movie every Christmas season. So do I Zuzu



They’re coming up. I’ve decided to call Friday online shopping “Black Friday”. But, if you’re one who MUST rush through the doors with the crowd at the store?  I’m calling that “Black Eye Friday”. Sharpen your elbow ladies.


Which reminds me of a phone call I got a few years ago from a radio buddy who thought I should write a song called “Black Fridays Matter”. Still have not got around to that.



My sister Vickie texted me last night wondering if there will be a Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade this year. The answer is yes. Tradition. That parade started as the Gimbels Parade way back when then Macy’s took over.


So we’ll get to see those floating balloons, marching bands, dancers, and Santa out in the streets of the Big Apple on Turkey Day. And here’s a piece of trivia. It takes around 90 handlers for each of those big balloons filled with helium. I’m guessing the skinny worker is the one who had to blow up the balloon.



The "Get Back" documentary from Peter King is out on Thanksgiving available on Disney +. I’ll be watching it as soon as I can. Reviews are all raving about it. On top of the documentary about the FAB 4, there’s a movie on the way titled “Midas Man” that’s all about the Beatles manager Brian Epstein. Jay Leno is going to play the part of Ed Sullivan who of coursed introduced the Beatles to America on his TV show. Hard for me to see Jay Leno as Ed Sullivan, but I’ll be checking that out too. Lots of good stocking stuffers for Beatle fans.



We don’t really have a lot of traditions on Turkey Day. Glad to be with my daughter and her husband and his family this year. We’re going to stay in a cabin on Fort Rucker where my son in law Casey is stationed this year and I’m sure I’ll turn on the parade, watch some of the football, but I’ll also look for the movie Planes, Trains and Automobile. That’s my favorite Thanksgiving movie by far.


And I might listen to Alice’s Restaurant. I never thought about that long song from Arlo Guthrie as a Thanksgiving song, but it is. If you’ve seen the movie, you know the story. I’m old enough that I remember seeing it for the first time in a movie theater while I was in college.


So this Thanksgiving, some family, Steve Martin, John Candy, and Arlo Guthrie.



Woman Who Married Herself Is Now Divorcing Herself After Meeting Someone Else. (Sounds like a country song, don’t it?)



I’m writing with my Maryland friend Rick Lang this morning who is working on a gospel project, a faith-based Christmas project, AND a secular Christmas project all at the same time. Pretty sure I’ll be in the Christmas writing spirit today.


Have a great Tuesday!






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