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Thanksgiving...WSM...and Fudge

Happy Turkey Day to all.  I have SO much to be thankful for this year that if I start listing all my blessings I'll run out of space here.  But certainly I'm grateful for my family, friends, and good health.  I'll be a lot of you feel the same.








I was on air Thanksgiving Eve on WSM radio which is tucked inside the Opryland Hotel which is now looking like Christmas with a million lights or so all over the place.  The hotel turns 40 years old today....hard to believe.  When out of town friends ask me to list places to see when they come to Music City...I always suggest they put on some comfortable shoes and stroll through the hotel...especially at this time of year.  But...take a GPS...the place is immense.  In the "Delta" section of the hotel you can actually take a boat ride.  However...they do frown on you fishing off the back end of it.  Don't ask me how I know.




This is how I know it's the holiday season around the Whyte House.  My wife's peanut butter fudge.  She should market this stuff if she had time.  I also know it's the holiday season from the annual hernia I get lifting the Thanksgiving Day newspaper.  Geez.  Today the paper actually cost $5!  Not because there was any more news than normal...but because of all the ads and coupons for Black Friday shopping getting ready to take place.  Wear protective padding folks.  If you ever see me out Black Friday shopping call for help because something will be seriously wrong with me. 








iHop is now delivering pancakes.  Uh huh.  A short stack with syrup to your door.  That got the attention of a friend of mine (who shall remain nameless to protect his innocence) who writes a column called "The Curmudgeon Muse".  This little blog is always funny and particularly in this case of "delivered" pancakes.  Click on this LINK...check it out...and enjoy some laughs yourself. 



I will turn on the TV shortly and watch some of the Macy's Day Parade and then probably fall asleep on the sofa watching football.  Wonder how many folks it takes to blow up those balloons floating in the parade today?  Sore lips from valve blowing I'm guessing.  I do know it takes 90 handlers for each one of those bad boys floating by.  Hang on folks.



To take the flu shot or not?  Differing opinions on this for sure.  This one hospital in the Midwest (Essentia Health)  though makes it mandatory for their employees to get the flu shot each year.  This year 50 of them decided they did not want the flu shot and were fired.  The hospitals position is their job is to make sure patients don't get infected from any staff. 


If you're employed at a "botox" place...do you have to get injected to make sure your face doesn't look too old for the customers?  I'm not sure I want to work anywhere where taking a needle is mandatory. 



I'm now reading where some healthy folks want to make sure their dogs are healthy too.  So...some feed their mutts kale.  Kale!  What self respecting canine wants to stroll to their bowl an seen green kale waiting for them instead of turkey leftovers.  C'mon!  Next thing we know we'll see Lassie laying on the floor sniffing up "essential oils" from a diffuser.  Sigh.



So the end around to cigarette smoking was to be "vaping".  However...New York has now banned vaping indoors so folks have to take their habit outdoors with the regular nicotine stick folks.  I see an opportunity for nicotine flavored toothpicks.  No one would know.  I'm working on it right now.  Maybe call my new product Nic-Picks.  What ya think?



I'm just back from the beach and spending some time at the Flora-Bama...that famous roadhouse that sits on the Florida-Georgia Line that's seen everything.  Celebrities, mullet tossing on the beach, bikini contests, bras hanging from the ceiling, a "who's who" of celebrities and singers and famous songwriters and party goers.  Lots of party goers.



Well...my friends there are asking the MTV Reality TV show named "Floribama" to stop using it's name or they'll sue.  Or maybe they already have.  The show features a bunch of young kids getting drunk and loud on TV...sort of like Jersey Shore with a drawl.  No more of that if the Flora-Bama gets their way...and I hope they do. Next thing you know some producer will try to market "The Flori-Dashians" without paying a license fee.



Uber is worried that when self driving cars really take off...that folks calling for a ride late at night will be more likely to throw up in their cars with no driver behind the wheel.  Sort of like renters sometimes.  No one takes care of your property better than you.  Could be a LOT of crazy things going on in driverless cars now that I think about it.  I can almost bet some producer will put cameras in some of them and we'll have yet another train wreck reality TV show we can watch...if we want. 



A day for turkey and giving thanks.  Besides family and health...I also want to give thanks to the men and women in our military who find themselves away from their own families today so that we are free to carve the bird and spend time with ours.  Thank you.


Have a great Thanksgiving!

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