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On Air Today...Operation Song and Black Friday Bargains

Twas the day before Thanksgiving...



Outside of writing a Thanksgiving parody song for my New York folks...it was all about just laying up and resting trying to kick this LINGERING cold I came down with at the beach.  Outside of a full medicine cabinet and rest...not much else one can do when ya get this crud.  I am getting out of the house today though to be on air at WSM from 10-3 today.  More on that at the end of the Blog today.


Just 45 degrees for a HIGH today in Music City so I'll bundle up before I make the ride over to the Opryland Hotel which houses the WSM studios.



I'm proud of my buddy Steve Dean who plays in our "Hits & Grins" trio.  He and the folks who participate in Operation Song...a group that writes songs with Veterans every Wednesday in Chattanooga got some really nice press today in the Tennessean and it shows how the organization is growing.  Vince Gill and Amy Grant are mentioned in the ARTICLE which will give you a better look at what Steve and some fellow songwriters are doing to help Veterans recover and suffer less from PTSD.  Better than medicine.



David Cassidy...the teen heart-throb for girls when I was growing up.  Dead at 67.  I remember thinking how cool it would be to put a band in a bus like the Partridge Family had on TV back in the day when David was one of the stars of that show.  It was like you watched the Brady Bunch and Partridge Family back to back.  Gentler TV times for sure.  Sorry to hear of his passing.






Well...an article I read this morning suggested one vegetable helps to slow the aging process.  Mushrooms.  I like MAYBE three or four vegetables total.  Okay...I can TOLERATE three or four veggies total.  One happens to be mushrooms.  I may live to be 200 because of that.  It it was spinach, kale, tomatoes, squash, onions, broccoli...or most others?  I be pushing up daisies right now. And yes...I still count Mac and Cheese as a vegetable.



So...this woman marries TWO guys.  Claims it's a great marriage.  And they are referred to has a "happy-throuple".  And I guess if the marriage runs into trouble...they'll go for "throuple-therapy". 



Police in Germany recovered something like 100 items that belonged to John Lennon including his diary.  Imagine what some of these items will be worth should they ever go to auction.  He and Paul McCartney's catalog may be the most valuable ever.  It should be interesting to read what John entered into his diary should they decide to release any of that to the public. 


What was going on when they wrote, "she came in through the bathroom window"??



Tomorrow...already.  Going to be a quiet one around here with this cold.  TV...Macy's Day Parade...and football on the couch.  For some though?  It's all about the shopping and Black Friday and the pushing and shoving to get a bargain at the store.


What to buy?  Experts say large and small appliances...designer clothes, laptops and curved TV's are good bets and good buys.


What not to buy?  Toys, winter clothes, and of course...don't buy workout equipment.  Wait til January for the best deals there.  Why?  Because by that time...our New Year's resolutions of getting back in shape will be shot all to heck...and you can pick up a thighmaster or treadmill really really cheap.  Or as I like to call treadmills...a good place to hang laundry and clothes.


I'm not a clothes hound.  For sure I'm at that part of my life where comfort trumps stylish.  Which is why the "Half Off" sale at both the Gap and Old Navy caught my attention this morning.  Wonder how many colors of sweatpants they have to choose from?




Don't know why it's funny to watch people try to get up oily stairs but it is strangely.  Check out this VIDEO of a hot new Japanese TV show and see if you don't laugh too.  Sort of like watching slippery "Three Stooges". 



Off to WSM Radio...on air 10-3 worldwide at wsmonline.com.  I would not be the least bit surprised if there's not already some Christmas music in the computer.  We'll see.


Have a great Wednesday!


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