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An Aussie & A Comedian...Grammy Nods...Cowboy Christmas

Nov 21 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning and I’m realizing that a lot of November is now in our rear view mirror.  AND…Thanksgiving is now officially a week away.  Turkeys everywhere are shuddering knowing someone will be stuffing something into them soon.



I had a really fun writing appointment with the young Aussie artist Angus Gill who’s still on a high after getting to sing on the Opry Stage at the Ryman Auditorium the other night with actor Charles Esten of “Nashville” who was kind enough to invite the young man on that hallowed stage to sing as tune they had co-written.  It just does not get much better than that.


Angus invited Christian Comedian Aaron Wilburn whom I knew about but had never met.  He performs on the road a LOT with his clean comedy. A lot of folks have seen him with the Gaither Family, on cruise ships, and countless corporate events.  It was nice to meet and write with him and hear some of his stories.  We’ll write more in the future.


Angus had a funny idea he wanted to write, but it wound up going in a different direction, one we all thought was better and certainly more commercial with a very infectious melody.  I have a funny song as a bonus track on the current CD just out from Angus…and his next release will be late 2020.  We’ll see if this song makes it on the album when the time comes for him to sift through all the songs he’s written here in the states with a stack of really really good songwriters.


Today was a pleasure.



My friend Linda Davis is on the Home Shopping Network this morning helping sell her daughter’s clothing line LaBellum.  It airs at noon and 2 pm Eastern today.


Becky Denton sent me her CD that I’m listening to today that has three songs I’m a co-writer on, “Two Bags One Beach”, “I Love Dolly”, and “Take Me Back To Tybee”.  Proud of my Missouri friend for getting her album out there…one that she and her husband Will Denton have worked very hard on for the past year or so.


And my friend Jerry Salley who helped sign me to a publishing deal just got news that the “Gonna Sing Gonna Shout” bluegrass gospel CD he produced and helped write is nominated for a Grammy!  Congrats to all involved there…Jerry, Rick Lang (his songs) and the various artists who all too turns singing Rick’s songs. 



The biggest “country” surprise perhaps is that Tanya Tucker got the most Grammy nominations of all country artists this year.  A comeback with a great album titled “While I’m Living”.  Tanya was a surprise this year at the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival when she got up and sang at the Florabama Main Listening Room this year with a set of hit writers.  Good for her.


The great thing about the Grammy is that it shines a spotlight on some great music that a lot of times is never played on the radio.  And that’s certainly the case this year and you’ll see that if you look at the nominees.



And one of the highlights of all the shows I’ve played this year came in Colorado where I got to write a song with a veteran and then perform it one night in front of him and his family and hundreds of folks who came to the “Freedom Sings USA” concert outdoors with the snow peak mountains in the back.  The organizer took our group of songwriters to Ridgeway Colorado into a very ordinary looking home where they make all those Grammy trophies.  Surreal.  Good luck to all the nominees this year.



No…not in Colorado.  In NYC.  Visitors in the not too distant future will have a chance to take in views from the highest Sky Deck in the country.  Here’s a SNEEK PEEK if you’re interested on what the view is going to look like when it’s completed.



Yep…there’s some funny stuff on Twitter from time to time.  How bout this tweet from a woman.  “If you’re arguing loudly on your phone in public, please put it on speaker.  I need to hear both sides of the story to know who’s side I’m on”. 



Celebrities love the “Star Wars” series as much as we do.  The difference between us is they know people who will allow them to be in a storm trooper outfit and we never know about it.  In the new movie “Rise of Skywalker” Ed Sheeran and Stephen Colbert are two that will be in those white military outfits with a big helmet on.  And none of us will know it’s them when we see the movie.


And in the original Disney Series you’ll find on their channel “Mandolorian”…a Star Wars story thing…there’s a baby Yoda!  Could be a hot selling Christmas toy this year but the bigger thing is, is anyone else wondering if that doesn’t mean that Yoda had a girlfriend-wife at one time?  Hmmm….that’s a Star Wars movie for the Lifetime Channel me thinks.



They just announced a new 4 park ticket for 2020.  Bout $85 a day, $340 total.  If you know anything about Disney you know for them?  That’s a bargain.  And now, first of year is a great time to go with smaller crowds.  That’s tempting enough to make me wanna go back to the Happiest Place On Earth.


Years ago my daughter who was in a stroller at the time threw up on Goofy’s shoes when he bent down to say hello.  So I don’t know if they’ll let our family back or not.



“Lost Hiker Claims A Ghost Saved Him”.  Gave his some trail mix and a path to get back home I suppose.  Totally believable right?



I’m back at a songwriting table with my friend Dave Brainard & Jenny Tolman.  If you feel the need to get in the Christmas spirit?  Listen to Jenny sing “I Want A Cowboy For Christmas” that the three of us wrote. 


Have a great Thursday!



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