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A Funny Write...A New Show...If Not Now...When?

Nov 20 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And just like that here comes another weekend…Friday! Starting off in great fashion too with sunny skies and a high of 75 here in Twang Town today.



I just had the greatest time writing a very fun up-tempo song with Tim Stafford yesterday from an idea that popped into my head just a few minutes before Tim showed up on my computer screen. It’s always a good day writing when both writers are laughing so hard. I had a verse and a chorus going and we didn’t touch it as Tim liked it as is…and then we wrote two more verses and a bridge to the funny song.  Might be the kind of song I add to my funny playlist when I play “live” shows again. 



Sometimes I hate looking at my calendar because of all the cancelled show dates that keep popping up. Right now our “Hits & Grins” show would have been in Lodi, California picking and singing as part of a three-city run out on the west coast. Gone because of Covid. At this point we’re just hoping that SOME of the dates they are trying to reschedule in 2021 will hold.


I do know that for sure I’ll be returning to Sumter, South Carolina with Linda Davis and Lang Scott as our Evening In The Round show will once again play the beautiful Opera House in Sumter. And it looks like we’ll add at least one more date before that on our way down there in late April of 2021. My calendar is always updated here on the website that includes all the details if you’re interested.



Another toilet paper panic run is apparently on.  The good news is they think we won’t see a Mr. Whipple shortage this time around. What in the world is it with the obsession over dang toilet paper?


Pfizer is now saying with emergency permission their first shipment of the vaccine could be rolling out within 24 hours.


Here in Nashville new Covid rules came down. Nashville is restricting gatherings now to no more than 8 people. So if we have 9 folks in the house are we going to hear a pounding on the door and the “Bad Boys” theme?



It’s this Thursday. We picked up a Butterball and some of the trimmings we’ll need for our little family…and…a pie.  Lemon…that’s my choice. I think the only time I ever see a pie anymore is during the holidays. Remember when you used to go in a restaurant and the waitress would ask, “want some pie for dessert”?  I don’t see many offering up pie anymore. What’s with that?



Yep…you only get one go around…live your life folks. Like this 105-year-old guy who just broke the Guinness record for oldest to tandem paraglide. Good for him. My daughter did this is South America once.  Jumped off a mountain and put her heart in her throat.  And heck yea. I’d do the same if I had that opportunity.  Nobody talks about all the hours they sat on a couch watching TV…and I do plenty of that. But the things we tell our friends about are those moments when we really live.


That’s exactly the thought my friend Brent Burns came up with when we decided to write a song titled “If Not Now When”? that’s on his new CD.  Check out the song. Hopefully it will push you towards doing those things you keep talking about wanting to do but never seem to actually do.



Consumer Reports named Mazda as the “Most Reliable” cars.  Toyota followed then Lexus.  We had a Mazda van way back in the day. It was great. But the Toyotas we’ve owned?  I think those things might run forever. Our old Prius and my old Rav 4?  Each with a couple hundred thousand miles on them and still running like a top.



A man was arrested when his drone hit a police chopper in flight. Yep.  Pretty sure they just landed the chopper and cuffed the guy. 



There’s a new domed train ride getting ready to launch. Dome cars, two days going from Denver to Moab Utah with an overnight stay in west Colorado. Imagine the scenery from that domed car?


If you’ve never experienced riding in a dome car on a scenic rail I highly recommend it. There are several dome cars on the Grand Canyon Railway that I’ve sung in on the ride from Williams, Arizona to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. Imagine singing to a dome car full of tourists with that amazing scenery surrounding you. I’m surprised any of them ever looked at me.  And every now and then I would see every head turn when wildlife would pop up or a gorgeous piece of scenery came into view. Don’t blame them.



Saturday Night Live is going to have a comedic field day tomorrow night replicating the press conference Giuliani had yesterday. And that has nothing to do with politics, it has to do with comedic absurdity. I see something streaming down the side of the comedian’s face in the sketch that is bound to happen. Too easy. I’ve said it before and it’s still true and will always be true.  Politicians are God’s gifts to comedy writers.



“Teenage You Tube Star Crashes Dad’s Rare 3.4 Million Dollar Sports Car”. Pretty sure the kid is no longer in the will.



I’m off to write with my friend Irene Kelley again this morning along with her little dog and parrot who still have not given us a great line for a song. Maybe today’s the day.


Have a great weekend!



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