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Aussie Write...Grand Ole Video Coming...Patsy's Place

Nov 19 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Here comes the weekend…it’s “Finally Friday”!



I wrote with Katrina Burgoyne originally from Australia, but she’s been stateside now several years. A talented singer and writer and always fun to be around. Yesterday we finished up an idea I had brought up the last time we had written. I held on to the idea and we just wrote a heck of a song from that together. She first played it on piano which sounded awesome, and then guitar which gave it a completely different feel but was also great. My publishing company asked for the guitar version because they want to pitch it to a girl-gospel-bluegrass group that I know about so our fingers are crossed hoping those four girls might like what we created yesterday.


Katrina also dropped a nice surprise on me when she told me that her boyfriend Steve Kinney who produced this fun Alex Miller video of "Don't Let The Barn Door Hit Ya" that I'm a writer on was working on shooting footage for a video for Darin and Brooke Aldridge who’s new album has three songs on it that I wrote with those two.  When I asked if she knew which song it was, she texted her boyfriend Steve to said it was “Grand Ole Circle” which made my day because that’s one of the three songs I mentioned. Can’t wait to see that finished product as the song deals with that circle of wood in the center of the Grand Ole Opry stage that the chosen ones get to stand and sing on, including Darrin and Brooke who appear regularly on that stage on top of that circle.


A good song, and great news. That’s a pretty good Wednesday.



Yesterday some pediatricians warned of the virus impact on kids, urging parents to vaccinate them as weekly new infections have once again jumped to 600,000.


Austria announced it will make vaccinations mandatory for the public and it’s locking down again.


A woman with Covid-19 woke up after weeks on a ventilator on the day she was being taken off life support. Her family had already chosen her gravestone. Not so fast family.



“Greg, do you think I’m a bad father?”

“My name is Andrew,” replied the son.



The ranch house that Patsy Cline called her dream home is up for sale in Goodlettsville, TN. Patsy lived in it for less than a year before that plane crash that took her life in 1963 along with country greats Cowboy Copas and Hawkshaw Hawkins. They’re asking $549,900 for it.


Trivia. A lot of folks don’t know that Roger Miller was among the very first to find the plane wreckage in the woods that fatal day.



Dave Frishberg the jazz musician died at the age of 88. I bring it up because he’s the guy that wrote “I’m Just a Bill” for Schoolhouse Rock. How am I not going to mention a guy who wrote “I’m Just A BILL”?



If anyone has any idea of what would be a good Christmas present for my wife? Please holler. I have no clue.


Anytime I see a Christmas list of gift-giving ideas in an article I’ll take a quick look.  Pretty sure she won’t like anything on the list of gifts I saw for retired folks. Workout equipment was there as you’d predict. I call those treadmills and stationary bikes “things to hang my clothes on”.


They also suggested puzzles to keep retired folks’ brains engaged.


And my favorite suggestion is the book titled, “How To Retire Happy, Wild and Free”. I have no idea how to retire. I don’t see me sitting at a card table trying to figure out puzzles anytime soon as I’m having way too much fun to retire. I’m not sure how many retired folks feel “Wild and Free” either. Someone do a survey on that.


And I’m pretty sure this quote is accurate about men who fully retire. “A retired husband is often a wife’s full-time job”.



New movies out this weekend. The new Ghostbusters thing and the movie “King Richard” about the tennis playing Williams sisters with Will Smith playing their father. A New York critic wrote of it, “Will Smith finally makes a good movie again”. Been awhile.



The Academy of Country Music Awards will return to Vegas after trying Nashville for a couple of years. The ratings for that show have dropped so low that CBS yanked the plug on their coverage. So, back to Vegas where the show for the first time will be streamed on Amazon Prime.


I’ve covered that awards show in Hollywood and Vegas through the years. I thought it was a bad idea to bring it to Music City because the CMA Awards are held here and there’s too much similarity. Hollywood was my favorite because they would bring not only country stars to our broadcast table, but also actors and actresses which spiced it up a bit. We’ll see if any interest returns in Vegas on March 7.



“Man Claims He Was Banned from All You Can Eat Dinner Because He Ate Too Much”.


I remember a comedian’s line (can’t remember who) that said once that he was stopped from getting another helping at an all you can eat dinner place by the staff. The comedian said, “I thought you said it was all you could eat”? The staff member said, “yes, and you’ve had all you can eat”.



I’m back at a songwriting table today with Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard who will tie the knot in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming next Spring. It will be nice to catch up and hear some of the songs we’ve written that will be on Jenny’s new album out next year and to get more news about the filming of a video for one of our songs that took place out in Jackson Hole. Looking forward to it.


Have a great weekend!






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