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Golden Guitar Nomination...Charlie Brown Returns...Hilarious Signs

Nov 19 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning…time is flying in November. Time to try and find a Butterball and giblets…whatever giblets are.



With another day that came wide open it gave me time to tweak, rewrite and do some more “catch up” stuff.  But, even with that I sat down and wrote a new bluegrass-gospel song that should work for my publishing company and the kind of artists they have that record these types of song. And, I also got some potentially really good music news.


My friend Josh Shilling who is in Branson right now with the Rhonda Vincent Christmas show called to tell me a really big bluegrass artist is recording a song we wrote together. At this moment, I won’t mention the artist name or song title as we’re superstitious like a lot of songwriters and don’t want to jinx it. I can’t tell you how many times an artist will tell you they’re going to record a song and then sometimes they don’t, and or sometimes they do and then they don’t release the song or it gets cut at the last second from the project because artist tend to record more songs than they need which forces them to choose songs that won’t make it. Pretty much a soft heartbreak every time that happens. But, both of us are excited and it’s a song we’re really proud of so fingers crossed. It certainly would be an honor if it happens. 



My friend Kristy Cox who’s from Australia recorded four songs that I helped write that’s on her current album “No Headlights”. Yesterday the Golden Guitar nominations came out. The Golden Guitar nominations in Australia is the equivalent to our CMA Awards here in the states. Kristy was nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year, Album of the Year (“No Headlights”) AND “Song of the Year” for “Finger Pickin’ Good” that I wrote with her and Jerry Salley who also produced this album. AND…it also features the world class guitar talents of one Tommy Emmanuelle who’s also an Aussie like Kristy. Awesome. Congrats to Kristy and all of us for that matter. Fingers crossed…hoping we get lucky and win a Golden Guitar Award! We'll know January 23 of 2021.



My back is aching a bit from dragging our Christmas tree up a steep flight of stairs into the house to start setting it for decoration before Turkey Day and a small gathering with our little family. And indeed, I did pick up Mr. Butterball at the store yesterday, so it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas AND Thanksgiving here at the Whyte House. I do hold on to my thought that it’s not really Christmas until I see this commercial every year of Santa riding down a snowy hill on his Norelco shaver. He surely has no hair left in his South Pole region by now I would think.



The FDA cleared the first Covid test that we can take at home if we want. Looks to cost about $25. I guess that’s broken down to 25 per nostril. The test is a disposable one-use deal.


NYC yesterday shut down schools…again.  Covid. Some parents aren’t happy as you can imagine. 


Unfortunately we’re at 250,000 dead now and the count continues to grow. That kind of number does get your attention.  And now that we are deeper into Fall with winter on us the question is, how are you going to know if you have the flu, a cold, or the Corona? 



Starbucks is giving their employees a 10% raise. That will make for a merrier caffeine Christmas for a lot of those folks for sure. Nice to see something like this happen in the middle of a pandemic.



Apple + bought the rights to the “Charlie Brown” holiday specials and word was that you’d have to be a subscriber in order to watch those this year. But PBS got involved and you’ll be able to watch the Thanksgiving special on November 22, and the Charlie Brown Christmas special on December 13. How can you not watch those Charles Schultz classics during the holiday?!



I posted about a meteor rock destroying a guy’s home in India yesterday and that they valued that rock at a million bucks. Apparently, some expert who knows a lot about rocks took a second look and now it’s valued at 2 million bucks!  And now I’m trying to entice a meteor to hit my front porch. C’mon!



Sinclair Broadcasting has teamed up with Bally’s Casino’s and they’re working on letting you bet on sporting events while you watch TV. So, one can actually go broke while sitting on the couch I suppose. Wonder if Pete Rose knows about this?



Harrison Ford, one of my favorite actors at the age of 80 is shooting Indiana Jones 5. At 80 I’m not sure if Indy can outrun that giant rock anymore but I can’t wait to say the latest version.  And heck, maybe somebody should check that rock that was trying to flatten him. It might be worth a couple of million.



A guy in Florida told police that he had strapped a metal light pole on the roof of his car because he wanted to sell the metal. He claimed he saw it sitting on the side of the road. Someone else said it was stolen. He was arrested. If you want to know who to believe consider this. The guy has been arrested over 48 times for burglary and theft.



There are some hilarious safety signs in the world. The creators had some fun making them I’m sure. At a train station in Europe on the platform there’s a sign that read, “Stay Off The Tracks. They Are Only For Trains. If You Can Read This, You’re Not A Train”.


And then there’s a rancher who posted this sign on his fence. “Please Be Safe. Do not stand, sit, climb or lean on fences. If you fall, animals could eat you and that might make them sick”.



The Indian Cow Dung Festival wrapped up with a bunch of those who believe their ancestors were born in sacred cow dung scooped up handful after handful of it. Hindus believe everything that comes out of a cow is pure and sacred.


And I thought Baptists constantly bringing Tupperware bowls to Sunday lunches after church was odd.



I’m hooking up on the computer to write with Tim Stafford this morning over in Knoxville. Such a great guitar player and writer and it’s always a treat creating something new with him.


Have a great Thursday!



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