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Home Again...Lots Of New Road Ahead...Back To Writing

Nov 19 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday morning back home in Nashville.



Our “Evening In The Round” trio with Linda Davis, Lang Scott and myself made a 10 hour run home from Texas after wrapping up 2 shows there and one in Louisiana the Thursday before. The miles do tend to fly by a little faster when you’re with folks you love and that was the case yesterday.  All of us are glad to be home and in our own beds, but we always look forward to the next time we get to go again and entertain folks.


Come this Sunday I’ll be right back on a plane to Texas…Dallas to be exact and will then head for the little town of St. Joe Texas at the historic Texas Theater  where I have a show Sunday night for a bunch of folks who love and own horses at a theater there.  Victoria Venier who is part of that trio is as HUGE horse lover and owns a few.  She’s already on the way there with her riding horse in a trailer behind her SUV so she’ll get some riding done with those folks before Steve and I meet up with her this Sunday night.  Looking forward to that.



We did a showcase a few months ago here in Nashville in front of folks who book shows all over the country for their Performance Arts Series and other events.  We did this I think 5 years ago and did maybe 12 or 13 dates.  Well this time there are 21 dates tentatively that will start this next Fall and run through Spring of 2022.


Texas, Kansas, Arizona, West Virginia, Montana, California, Washington, Nevada, Oregon, Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, Indiana, Illinois, Virginia, and Pennsylvania are all on the schedule as of now.  And as soon as they are locked in I’ll be adding those to my online calendar with details of each show.  Gonna get really busy come next Fall.



I got a nice note from the hosts of the “True Country Podcast” that comes out of Arlington, Texas hosted by the husband wife team of Justin and Theresa Mason.  The recorded an interview with me about a week ago and it is now on their website to listen to if you’d like.  We had a great conversation and if you’d like to listen to that interview here’s the LINK.  Just scroll down their page and you'll find it.



Just 9 days now til Thanksgiving and not many days left til Christmas.  I saw the Carthage, Texas city workers hanging up lighted Christmas wreaths along the roads into town as I was there. And this morning my Starbucks was playing nothing but Christmas music.  I do not know how it can possibly be that time already! 



The first Cracker Barrel was built in Lebanon, Tennessee just a few miles from where I’m blogging this morning.  Those folks have taken some of the original wood and artifacts from the very first store they built, and saved, and have built a traveling mini version museum.  So folks in New York may soon step into their first Cracker Barrel ever.  You’ll recognize those New Yorkers who do walk in because when they come out they’ll have added a few pounds. 


For me the best part about a Cracker Barrel visit is, I get to stock up on my golf tees.



Kylie Jenner of the “Kardashian” who’s all of 22 years of age, just sold her cosmetic line for well over 600 MILLION dollars.  She’s now officially a billionaire…at 22.  Gosh, what took her so dang long?



Couple of cool tours happening next year.  First, Reba is touring big time again for the first time in awhile.  Her residency in Vegas ended so she’s back out all across America with her show.


And the other cool one that caught my attention is the Doobie Brothers are doing a 50th Anniversary Tour next year WITH Michael McDonald back in fold.  Wonder if I can get Kylie Jenner to pay for my tickets for that bad boy?



I’m back writing today.  This morning Josh Shilling and I will write with a young artist from Wisconsin Nora Collins.  So if you’ve got a great idea…shoot it to me quick!


Have a great Tuesday!




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