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Songwriters Festival Wraps...Show In Georgia Last Night...Home Again!

Nov 19 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And…it’s Thanksgiving week!  Good grief.



I’m certainly bleary eyed this morning back home in Nashville after an 8 day run that included six shows this year at the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival in Gulf Shores-Orange Beach and then one last stop for Steve Dean and me in Acworth, Georgia for a songwriter show there before driving back to Music City.  So I’m wiped out for the most part but certainly came back with a guitar bag full of memories.


This past Friday our “Hits & Grins” trio did two great shows at the Flora-Bama.  The first was a matinee in the Listening Room and a 9 pm show in the Dome where all the bras hang from the ceiling.  How they got there?  Gotta be a lot of interesting stories I’m thinking.


I played this room once many years ago and Steve Dean who played the room with me and Lisa Shaffer and I could not believe I did not play my song “If I Had Boobs” with so many bras hanging. I made up for that Friday night and had the whole room singing along at the end.  Yes…sometimes my singing life is a bit surreal.



My last show was also with my “Hits & Grins” trio at one of our favorite rooms down here…The Sunset Cork Room. It was sold out…standing room only.  Nina, the owner makes SURE everyone is listening…and not talking.  And boy do they.  Great food, great intimate atmosphere and just a great way to end a week’s worth of show here on the beautiful Gulf Coast.  The last three days here?  Postcard weather.  Not a cloud in the sky and we so enjoyed the views out of our Gulf Coast condo this great Festival provided.  My thanks to all the volunteers that make this event so special every single year.  It truly just keeps getting better and better.



Victoria Venier in our trio had a commitment today that would not allow her to join Steve Dean and me as we did one final show on the way home in Acworth, Georgia near Atlanta.  Both of us had done solo shows for this Georgia Songwriter Show once before so it was fun doing last nights show together to a very fully house.  There were old friends who came and we certainly made some new friends last night.  My thanks to Amy Beville for having us.


And with that we dead-headed home to Nashville trying to keep each other awake.  You know you’re sleepy and tired when you hit a truck stop and stare at the donut window and have a discussion about whether you should have a donut that late at night.  For the record…we did. 


Man…what a trip…and man did it feel good to get home to my wife and sleep in my own bed last night.



So this week it’s all about unpacking, and getting settled in for the holiday.  Black Friday, Cyber Monday coming up for shopaholics and a lot of folks traveling for Thanksgiving Dinner.  Wonder if anyone will serve Sweet Potato Beer on the table?  Yes…they make that too.  I’m waiting for the Gravy Beer myself.


Do any families still sit around on Thanksgiving after getting stuffed and play board games?  Monopoly has a new Millennial Monopoly Game with this written on the box, “Forget Real Estate.  You Can’t Afford It Anyway”.  The game is built on experiences one collects and not buying real estate.  The game tokens?  Well…there’s a hash tag and a crying emoji to name two.  And…some Millennials are upset and perhaps should be as the truth is 1 in 4 millennials do own a home…or they are making payments on one. 


Hasbro who makes the game probably doesn’t care as the game is already sold out.  Cue the “crying emoji”.



I hate admitting this but…one of guilty pleasures with my wife is that we do watch the Bachelor Show.  What do you want?  I couldn’t get the Millennial Monopoly Game…sold out!


The host Chris Harrison who has to endure all the tears and love and breakups etc?  He’s being paid well.  8 million a year is the word.  For 8 million a year those young girls could sob on my shoulder too…all day.



The Happiest Place On Earth in Orlando is now adding a big gondola system which will transport visitors staying on property to the theme parks and hotels…by air.  It’s been a long while since our family has been there…and we’re all fans.  I’m already peeking at the 2019 calendar wondering if there’s a way to squeeze in one more trip.



“Parrot Imitates Smoke Alarm So Well Firefighters Show Up”.  There ya go.  And …the parrot doesn’t require changing batteries.



I cancelled my writing appointment today to catch up and rest from the road trip and that’s what I plan on doing today.  I have one show left for the year and that will be in Huntsville in December and I’ll have details on this great theater show soon.


Already 2019 is starting to get busy with dates in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Gulf Shores, Homestead, Florida, Little Rock, New Orleans, and a cruise down the Rhine River in Europe in June to name a few.


So a little re-charging today for sure.  Have a great Monday!





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