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Getting Colder...Concussive Songwriting...New Vinyl Arrives

Nov 18 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning in Music City. We had some rain overnight, a little more this morning and the temperatures dropped like the New Year’s Eve ball at Times Square. Just 43 as I begin the blog with a high of 53. But here’s the real grab your puffy jacket news. The low tonight in Nashville will be 28!



I was in a writing room with noted gospel writer Belinda Smith and Adam Wheeler who’s such a great singer-writer-guitar player who’s had his share of major artist recordings through the years. So, I was in a very creative room yesterday. Belinda, bless her heart was "playing hurt" as they say in the sports world. She had missed a step and home, took a nasty fall that gave her two broken ribs and a concussion. Yet there she was with us. Every time she said something that didn't work for the song she would blame it on her concussion. It got to be really really funn after awhile.

My publishing company Billy Blue is always looking for bluegrass songs because we have a bluegrass record label in the building so yesterday, we went that direction. They liked it enough to approve a demo on it (a recording to pitch to artists) so it must have turned out pretty well.



It’s been a bit since I had been to the publishing company, and they had been holding a little gift for me that I got to take home yesterday. The critically acclaimed “The Scrapbook” ALBUM & CD that Angus Gill sent from Australia that I’m on. I have the title track as well as a wonderful duet “Let’s Have A Drink To Not Drinking Again”. Featuring Angus and Jerry Salley that the three of us wrote in memory of our friend Aaron Wilburn who passed away from Covid several months ago. Aaron left that “drinking” title to Angus and the two of them had planned on writing it together one day. So it was truly an honor to honor his memory and help write his idea and then record it. Thank you, Angus, for the big ole vinyl record and cd with the nice words you signed on it. Great album my friend.



Reportedly, 80% of all Americans now have received at least a first dose of the vaccine. And with that news also came that infections are on the rise in 33 states. And some officials are warning of a pandemic winter again.


According to the Biden administration 2.6 million kids under 12 have been vaccinated. And they also said they will spend billions on vaccinations in the future.


The Pentagon is now warning Guard troops that they could be booted out after Oklahoma guard members refused to be vaccinated.



I do like the Fall. Changing of colors and all. BUT…I hate that Fall means it gets dark so soon. Geez. It feels like 10 pm now when it’s only 6 pm. I lived in Indiana for a couple of years where the clocks didn’t change. I have no idea why we can’t approve that for the country. As one person put it, “Daylight Savings Time? What exactly are we saving the daylight for”? Exactly.



Here’s how country music works these days as it continues to chase the younger and younger demographic which explains what you hear when crank the knob on your favorite country radio station.


Taylor Swift loudly left country music. (Killed her career huh?) Right.


Adele is one of the greatest singers on the planet but there’s no chance she’s going to start singing “Coal Miner’s Daughter”.  HOWEVER.


Adele has a new song and she enlisted Chris Stapleton to sing on it. Taylor Swift? Same thing. Both of those songs are now flying up the country charts.


So if suddenly if Kanye West enlists Chris to sing with him? Brace yourself country fans.



Terry Bradshaw and his family have their own reality TV show. If you’ve watched the show, you might have seen Terry break into a country song. Some are surprised by that, but the former Steeler Super Bowl champ has been singing country songs for a long while. I as a kid on the air at KPCR in Bowling Green, Missouri when a 45 RPM record came in of Terry Bradshaw singing the Hank Williams classic “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry”. I take it out of the sleeve, drop a needle on it figuring this is going to sound awful, and could not have been more surprised. Take a listen.



The MTA in New York just ordered 60 electric busses that folks will start riding on. They cost $1 million per bus. Keep your eyes open at your bus stop because you’ll never hear one pull up.



Jimmy Fallon had his viewers send in a list of things that needed to be fixed. This one made me laugh. A guy tweeted, “They need to fix beer prices at hockey games. $10 is unacceptable, unless I’ve already had three, and then $10 is acceptable”.



There’s a mansion for sale in California I would consider buying but I’m about 49 million dollars shy of being able to close on it. It’s in Palm Springs. The house has 3 pools and a completely stocked shark tank!  And who doesn’t need one of those in their house. Kind of trumps my old home aquarium with the diver at the bottom, doesn’t it?



A Woman Called The Police Because A Possum Was “Holding Her Hostage”. I believe the cops are still negotiating with the possum and his demands.



I’m writing with my Australian friend Katrina Burgoyne today and that will be fun. Katrina’s boyfriend Steve Kinney filmed the video of “Don’t Let The Barn Door Hit Ya” by Alex Miller that I’m a writer on, and I’m betting Katrina was there in Kentucky and was involved as she’s a great photographer as well as being a talented singer-writer here in Nashville. I’ll let you know if that’s true or not here tomorrow.


Have a great Thursday!





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