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Worldwide Song...Not The Sexiest...Clooney's

Nov 18 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Here come da "Hump Day"…Wednesday.



My Tuesday came open, so it gave me a chance to catch up on some loose ends. I did get a nice call from a co-writer Scott Southworth who during normal times travels and sings traditional country all over Europe.  Because of Covid that got wiped out.  So with some extra time he actually went and recorded our song that’s all about how traditional country music is the same no matter what “country” you’re playing that music in. And his plan is to have three or four well known traditional country singers in Ireland, England, France etc. sing lines of this song into a video to be produced later and also on the record. So my hat’s off to Scott, who wears a cowboy hat, for the out of the box creative thinking on this song.  It should be interesting to follow for sure.



I was majorly disappointed when I read that People Magazine overlooked me for “Sexiest Man Alive” …again.  Sigh. They named actor Michael B. Jordan. Just a complete oversight on their part, I think.



More proof that the virus will affect a lot of events next year. The Mardis Gras parade has officially been cancelled. Mardis Gras itself will still be held with masks required but no parade.  It’ll be harder to tell who you’re throwing your beads to with masks on too. 


A new Gallup poll shows that 58% of Americans will line up for a vaccine now. That’s up from their September poll when only 50% said they were willing.


Dolly Parton gave a million bucks to Vanderbilt University to help. It would up going to vaccine research and the Moderna vaccine that will roll out soon.  Pretty incredible woman.


And in Germany they rolled out this funny coronavirus commercials designed to make people think about staying safe and indoors a little more. Medicine like that kind of message always goes down easier if some humor is injected in my book.



Lots of folks leaving California. 630,000 have left over the last year. Higher taxes are listed as the big reason. Add earthquakes and wildfires and traffic (oh my) and I’m sure that doesn’t help either. Texas lost 453,00 and Florida saw 457,000 leave.  Judging by the way Nashville is growing, I think I know where they went. 



Speaking of drugs…Amazon Prime is now in the Pharmacy business. Get your drugs dropped at your door. With that news, now would not be a good time to buy stock in smaller pharmacies.



Astronomers want to build a gigantic telescope on the moon to study the first star systems and maybe see the Big Bang thing. They intend to put it in a crater in the north or south pole part of the moon.  I’m pretty sure they’ll be able to order parts with one day delivery from Amazon Prime by the time they’re ready to install it.



How bout the Indonesian man who had a meteor rock cave in his roof. It weighed 4 and a half pounds and yea…the guys roof is gone.  But he’s not complaining one bit.  Turns out that the rock is worth a million dollars. We have walnut trees.  The walnuts pound or roof all the time. I can’t sell any of them. Geez.



Really cute moment with actor George Clooney who was doing a Zoom interview when his cute 3-year old daughter stole the interview by popping in. 


I’m a George Clooney fan. He’s from Cincinnati where I lived for years. His Dad was the leading news anchor there forever and such a nice man…Nick Clooney.  His aunt was the late Rosemary Clooney. So he comes for good stock.


If you watched the movie "Monuments Men" with George Clooney you may not know that his Dad Nick appears in the very end of this movie about the guys that found the stolen art that Hitler had taken.  Go in about 2:40 on this clip and you'll see the two of them together.


Several years ago after George started making big money, he remembered 14 of his friends in a big way. Friends who had loaned him money…or helped him out along the way. He gathered them for a meeting. Each one had a briefcase in front of them. When they opened the briefcase, they found 1 million dollars each in 20-dollar bills.  Pretty big thank you.



Mickey Mouse is 100 years old today and still looks good. Walt Disney always gave credit to the mouse for building a kingdom and he did. There’s a great Walt Disney quote that I love. “If you can dream it, you can do it”. He had a pretty cool dream huh?



“Help! My Husband Want To Leave Our Kids But Stay Married To Me”. Well there’s that. My buddy Brent Burns kind of covered that in a funny way in his song “Please Don’t Let Those Kids Move Back Home”.



Well, unexpectedly I have another off day of writing.  I’m trying not to tell my wife so that she won’t roll out the “honey do” list.  I’ll let you know how that goes.


Have a great Wednesday!






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