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PA Bluegrass...Barn Door Video Is Out...Expensive Paintings

Nov 17 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Another Hump Day is here to get over. 73 in Nashville today for the high with rain moving in tomorrow cooling things down considerably.



My online writing appointment yesterday morning was with Troy Engle who lives, writes, and plays bluegrass in Pennsylvania after being in Nashville for years hanging with folks like Tom T. Hall and other music greats. He loves the Keystone State and I’m happy to hook up long distance and write songs with Troy because he’s so talented. Plays pretty much anything with strings on it, produces, just multi-talented. And we’ve yet to mee face to face. That’s the age we live in these days. I had a verse pre-written for a bluegrass idea, Troy loved it, and we wrapped it up into a song in not much over an hour. Another one to put in the bluegrass part of my catalog.



My American Idol buddy Alex Miller officially released the “Don’t Let the Barn Door Hit Ya” video yesterday nationwide. Click on the link and watch the fun go down in this “swing” song that I had the pleasure of writing with Paul Bogart and Dan Wilson. They recorded the video up in Kentucky where Alex is from, and the young actress they used is terrific. Some of Alex’s family is also featured and that’s supermodel and Kentucky basketball and TV host Maria Montgomery as the girl who doesn't like the country living thing.


I got a nice note after the fact from another co-writer Josh Shilling who’s going to be the piano player and band leader again this year for the Rhonda Vincent Christmas show in Branson who told me Alex is their special guest for one week during their run and that he and the band had just rehearsed our song that will be a nightly part of that show. So, if you go to that show over the holidays?  You’ll get to hear “Barn Door”.



The Navy says they will start discharging all sailors who refuse to get vaccinated.


Pfizer boosters look to be available to all who want a 3rd shot.


Humor in a pandemic. Lord knows we need it. How about this magician who has 7 tricks you can learn to do with your Covid mask? Check these out.



We’re supposed to have one of the largest partial eclipses over the past century today through tomorrow. Grab a lawn chair and sit out on your driveway and look up if you’re so inclined. There’s a political eclipse joke of course. Here tis.


The eclipse did two things our political leaders cannot. It slowed global warming and gave us all something to look up to.



The first Harry Potter movie is now 20 years old. All the kids and the muggles have grown up. Our family has seen all the movies. That happened in part because our daughter grew up with the book and movies and got hooked so Mom and Dad went along for the broom rides.


I will say, it’s worth the trip to go see Harry Potter land at Universal Studios in Orlando. It rivals any attraction at Disneyworld. And for gosh sake, do get a mug of the butter beer when you’re there buying your wands and trying on the sorting hat.



A Frida Kahlo self-portrait just sold at auction to some art nut for 34.9 million. I know. I never heard of ole Frida either. I’ve seen some incredible paintings. Heck, looked up at the Sistine Chapel once in Italy. That kind of art is wasted on me. I get just as much joy out of looking at those 3 dogs playing poker as I do a 34-million-dollar painting.



There’s a new series on TLC “Women Addicted to Marriage”. One of the stars has already been to the alter 11 times. I can only guess she’s looking for a man who can lay down 34 million dollars for a painting by an artist I’ve never heard of.


Maybe a more accurate name for the show would be “Addicted to Divorce”.



I admit that if I see a “list” article, I almost always must check it out. David Letterman’s Top 10 List was a huge hit because, well because it was a list and it made you want to know what was on the dang list every night.


This morning the list was “Beautiful Small Towns in Each State”. I had to look. And I always check out the states I’ve lived in. In this case the most beautiful towns in states I’ve lived in:


Kimmswick, Missouri. I’ve traveled and played music all over the Show Me State. Never heard of Kimmswick. It’s 25 miles from St. Louis, but I’ve never been, never heard of it.


Illinois. That would be the town of Galena which I’ve heard is gorgeous right on the Wisconsin border.


Indiana. The town they chose is Nashville, Indiana where they have a country music show called the Little Nashville Opry. Again…never been.


In Ohio it’s the town of Granville that got their vote. How have I not heard of these towns?!


One town I have been on the list is Ephraim, Wisconsin which is in gorgeous Door County which is the peninsula that runs due east of Green Bay that’s dotted with Lake Michigan water towns, boats, harbors etc. Can’t argue with that pick.


And here in Tennessee they list Sewanee which has the University of the South and hiking trails that folks talk about. Again, not been.


Here’s the complete list if you want to check your own state.



One of the rules I learned to be true doing morning radio is that a radio partner with a great laugh is worth their weight in gold. If you turn on a morning radio show and hear laughter, you’ll find yourself laughing along even if you missed what caused the laughter. Tom Griswold of the Bob and Tom radio show once told me, “If you don’t have a partner with a great laugh then fire them and hire someone else.


Here’s the proof. Even if you are not an NBA basketball fan, you can’t help but laugh at the TNT pre-game show with Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley, and Shaquille O’neal. When Chuck breaks Shaq up, it’s hysterical and I guarantee you will laugh. And if you need a good laugh today, watch this clip of their show, the same one I watched last night on the couch that had me crying with laughter.



People do enough stupid things sometimes that it forces someone to place a sign one must read because of someone else’s stupidity. Like this one.


“Sunbathing and Barbecues Are Not Allowed in The Cemetery”.



I’m off to my publishing company for the first time in a few weeks after being on the road to write with Belinda Smith (a great gospel songwriter) and Adam Wheeler who’s just too good for the room. It will be our second co-write together and I’m hoping some magic will show up in the room again today as it did the first time we wrote.


Have a great Wednesday!













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