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Christmas Markets...Waffle House Beer...Off Day

Nov 17 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday morning and I don’t want to say anything, but have you shopped for giblets yet?  Turkey Day is going to be on us before we know it.



I had an unusual writing session yesterday as the “tech” world of today’s writing let one of us down a bit. Gary Cavanaugh was still in Gulf Shores, Alabama after the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival and he hooked up with me and young talented Megan Allen on the computer…for just a bit. And then his internet signal went down AND his phone died so it wound up for the most part being me and Megan writing an idea that I’d had. Gary heard the idea, liked it…and that’s about as much as he knows about it at this point.  Technology is great when it works for ya Gary.  Either way a new song was born.



Normally at this time of the year Christmas markets are open in Germany and doing big business with big crowds of Christmas shoppers.  This year?  Drive thru markets have replaced that normal hustle and bustle shopping. Germany’ s oldest one is in Nuremberg where I’ll be with any luck next July on tour with Brent Burns, will be one of those participating and trying to keep Christmas Covid safe.


In New York City those tourism officials are saying they don’t expect a return to the number of visitors they normally get to the Big Apple until 2025. Last year 66.6 million paid a visit.


And here’s an eye opener. A South Dakota nurse says many deny the coronavirus exists right up until their death.


On the good news front some of the experts think with the Moderna 95% effective vaccine that may be ready by Christmas for some has drove the stock market to a near record high again.



Even with a pandemic Nashville still has lots and lots of cranes downtown…our state bird if you will.  W Hotels is set to build a big hotel complete with yet another entertainment venue for downtown.  Proof that some are betting things are going to turn around sometime next year I suppose.



Waffle House is teaming up with a brewery in Georgia to create a Waffle House beer that will be infused with guess what?  Bacon.  Uh huh. Order up Bacon & Kegs next time you visit one.


Oh…and don’t think songs have not been written about the ole Waffle House. Check out this funny one that Brent Burns and I wrote that he recorded, “Midnight At Waffle House”.  You’re welcome.



I love creative headline writers. Heck, I’d love to try my hand at that sometime too. Here’s the story, what’s the headline?


Here’s one I saw this morning.  “I’m Not Going To Be Comfortable Until I See Biden’s Hand Come Off The Bible”. 


Now, songwriters are told sometimes that an artist has recorded their songs. Sometimes the artist does record your song, and then at the last second, they decide to NOT put it on the album. That’s never a fun moment. So I hear songwriters, including me say, “I Won’t Believe It Until I See It On The Album Itself”. 


And speaking of that…Tower Records is making a comeback online where one can buy vinyl and CD’s. Remember record stores where you went in and browsed albums, 45’s, CD’s?  Mostly gone these days. I surely used to spend some time in Tower Records here in Nashville before they shut that down.  The whole world is online today…and that includes music.



Merle Haggard's biopic movie is on the way and I’ll want to see that for sure. Sam Rockwell will play Merle and the movie will cover his three years in San Quentin to getting out and then becoming a major country music star.  I’m in for this one.



And then there’s word that Dolly Parton may actually pose for Playboy a second time for their January issue as Dolly turns 75. The only other time she was on the cover was in October of 1978 when she was only 32. Smart smart businesswoman.  Even if she doesn’t take them up on their offer the amount of press she’s getting won’t hurt her brand. 


I’ve offered more than once to pose topless in a pair of waders for Field and Stream but they’ve yet to respond.



How about this duet with Andrea Bocelli and Alison Krauss?  Two amazing voices combining on “Amazing Grace


I’ve seen both in individual concerts.  In my book, everyone should.  My wife and I drove to Miami once to see Andre in person…it was her Christmas gift one year. One of those things on her bucket list that I’m so glad we made happen. Truly a voice given from God me thinks.



A NYC couple just birthed identical TRIPLETS. How often does that happen? It’s a 1 in a million deal. I see them putting different color ribbons around their little toes for a while to figure out who be who.



Oreo has now announced they will have a gluten free Oreo cookie available next year. For the health nuts?  I’m sure they’ll dunk those in fat free soy or rice milk. Nope…I want the real deal don’t care if it’s fattening or not cookie. Is nothing sacred anymore?



An old radio friend of mine posted yesterday, “According to my chocolate advent calendar, Christmas is only 3 days away”.



“Uranus May Leak Gas Into Space At Least Once A Day”.  Hey, I’m just repeating what I saw here.



I was all set to write today with Steve Dean and Josh Shilling when each of them came up with a reason not to write with me. Steve has a cable down in his yard that we all saw when our Hit’s & Grins trio pulled into his drive coming home from Gulf Shores Sunday. It’s his internet cable so he’s out.


Josh Shilling is in Branson for a month playing piano for the Rhonda Vincent Christmas show being held at the Andy Williams theater for a month or so.


So…and off day to get out and take in a little hike in the beautiful Fall weather here in middle Tennessee.


Have a great Tuesday!





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