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Good Friday morning from beautiful Gulf Shores, Alabama!



One of those days that had me running for every cold medicine product on store shelves as I've come down with what my other two musical friends in "Hits & Grins" have.   We changed the name of our trio to "Sick and Half Grins" last night for our first show at the Frank Brown Songwriters festival leaving our little condo about the time the sun was going down over the Gulf.  Beautiful as always...and no this never gets old. 


I left soon than the other two because I had a show before our show with my longtime friend Brent Burns who did so great last night...a pro like always.  The room ran out of tables and chairs for this show which just showed how many great friends Brent has who were there to support him and tell him they loved him after he lost his wife Pam to cancer a couple of weeks ago.  Because the two of us are so close his fans and others are always asking me "how's he doing"?  My answer is he's doing as well as any of us could do under these circumstances. I was just happy to sit by his side and get him back on stage for the first time.  He made folks laugh, sang, had folks singing along...normal stuff for him...and it's healthy.  I was extremely proud of my friend. And thanks to all for filling that big room up with so much love.




It was "Hits & Grins" turn...all three of us with colds....all three of us coughing.  We're trying to see if we can cough in three part harmony.  We didn't shake a lot of hands last night for the obvious reasons...so we apologize for that.  All three of us are doing everything we can just to make sure we have voices that will last over the next three shows...one tonight and two tomorrow here at the festival.  So far...so good.  But man our kitchen looks like a CVS Pharmacy.  You need drugs?  We got em'.  Considering...we had a GREAT first show last night and folks were most surely into it.  So fun playing for y'all last night.  Even the newest member of the Songwriters Hall Of Fame came in and caught our show last night....thank you Jim McBride...and congrats again buddy.




I did get one of those postcard moments when we checked into our beachside condo yesterday.  Just as I walked in two Blue Angels skimmed over the ocean in perfect formation.  One of the great bonuses when you are down here near Pensacola where they are based.  Little seafood...little Gulf...some Blue Angels...great songwriters scattered up and down the beach.  Hard to beat November in one of my favorite places and I highly suggest you put this on your vacation calendar some year.  You'll thank me later.  Every year I see more and more familiar faces of folks from all over the country who come here for the weather, the views and the original music that dots this coastline every November.  C'mon!









I did add some more dates to my calendar yesterday.  First...two more dates on WSM Radio.  I'll be on this Monday morning 5:30 AM-10 (about the time I get back from Gulf Shores) and my special in studio guests Monday morning will include Aaron Tippin and John Berry.  That should be fun.


Next Wednesday I'll be on air from 10-3 filling in for Mike Terry.  Remember you can tune in to the long time radio home of the Grand Ole Opry from anywhere at wsmonline.com



And...I added a two day run to Dollywood with "Hits & Grins" in January of 2018...yes the new year.  We are going to be at her Dreamland Resort over in Gatlinburg to do a show and teach a songwriting seminar one day.  This should be fun.  More details coming soon...including details on how you can sign up and be part of that seminar if you like.






Man...I guess it's on us.  I see ads everywhere already for "Black Friday" deals and Thanksgiving is still almost a week away.  I did see that there's a company that has invented a heel for women that with a push of a button will turn that heel into a flat.  I could see that being popular. 


Now if I can get them to expand their thought and give me a boot that turns into a tennis shoe with a push...I may never need to buy new shoes again.



Now they tell us drinking coffee may reduce your chances of having liver cancer.  Yesterday it was all about how java is good for your heart.  I'm on my second pot right now.  I'll be sending invitations to my 200th birthday party when the time is right. 


That kind of news appeals to "plain" ole me as my diet is not very "green" as my friends know. Another article I read today talked about how not to get sick once you get past 40 years of age.  Eats spinach and other greens were right at the top of the list.  Eliminate so much meat in your diet.  (I'm in big trouble).  There were three suggestions that I can go for.  Nap, cool bedroom, and don't go to bed angry.  All of those I can do.  So...here's my personal stay healthy suggestion after reading all of this.


Turn the temp down and go to sleep early at night.  Get up...have coffee.  Don't fight with anyone and then go take a nap...get up and have more coffee.  Now I just have to figure out how to market that plan.



The Bible Museum just opened in Washington DC to go along with all the others you can see...for free.  Wonder if the parking lot lets you choose which chapter your parking space is?  I think I'll park my Prius in Leviticus. 



The police in Vancouver pulled over a guy because he had tied both his iPad and and iPhone to his steering wheel!  Not sure if is microwave was on is dashboard or not...but I'll check.



Well the sun is shining over the ocean outside our balcony and I plan on spending some time there doing nothing today.  Then tonight our "Hits & Grins" trio has a show at the Sunset Cork Room at 8:30...a GREAT listening room down here...one of our faves.  Should be great fun with a full house expected.  Then tomorrow we have a 2 pm and 5 show to end our run down here this year. 


So...it's back home Sunday...then on air early Monday for WSM which will mean a very short blog come Monday morning.



Have a great weekend!



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