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Jackon Hole...Comedians...Hawaii

Nov 16 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday morning in Music City. Up to almost 70 today for a high.



Unless you count “catching up” as doing something, I did pretty much nothing yesterday. 3 weeks on the road made a blank calendar look and feel great yesterday. The beach was gorgeous for those three weeks, but boy outside my window don’t look so bad either as the leaves have turned into Disney colors, and the blue of Old Hickory Lake is mixed with the red and yellow and orange that I see. For the first time this year it most surely feels like Fall.


Now, I like Fall like everyone else but the downside for me is the sun going down way too dang early to suit me. So if given a choice? I’m a Spring-Summer baseball guy. How many days until Spring Training anyway?



I did get sort of a spring-winter wedding invited yesterday. My good friends and co-writes Dave Brainard & Jenny Tolman will marry in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in mid-March where they got engaged. In Jackson Hole in March? Yep, the wedding party clothes will include big coats and boots. But it should be beautiful. Congrats to two of my favorite folks in town.


Jenny just shot a new video of a song that she Dave and I wrote called, “That’s How I Got Married in a Honkytonk” that might be the perfect choice for their wedding dance! Although they’re good taste will probably prevent them from listening to my suggestion. As it should be.



To my friend and co-writer Wil Nance who told me yesterday that Joe Nichols has just recorded his song that I love “Go to Hawaii on Me” that he wrote with Chris Janson and Chris’s wife. I’ve loved that song since Wil first played it for me and couldn’t believe Chris did not release it as a single off the album, he put it on. Maybe Joe Nichols will. I love when good things happen to good friends, and Wil told me he had zero idea that Joe Nichols had the song even, much less recorded it without him hearing about it. That’s the music business.


I brought all of that up because I wanted you to hear this song which is a great take on how someone who dies wants you to remember them. Check out Chris Janson’s version here.



Don’t climb on top of a hot air balloon when it’s 13,000 feet in the air. Somebody did that. Got way more guts than I will ever have. Now, I’ve flown in a hot air balloon a few times. It’s a great experience. I broadcast one morning in the Burger King hot air balloon on WFMS in Indianapolis as I was floating over the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Yep. I was in a basket under a Whopper.  BUT I never once thought to myself, I wonder if they can put me up on TOP of the balloon?



Don’t go on stage at a comedy club to tell the comedian you don’t like his jokes because they’re too dirty, sexy, offensive, whatever. The comedian will always win. I never get why anyone would buy a ticket to see a comedian if they don’t have an idea of what that comedian is all about. Also never sit on the front row at a comedy club if you don’t enjoy being picked on. And whatever you do, don’t heckle a comedian. They have a treasure trove of comebacks that will reign on you.


Here’s a few.

You’re the reason God created the middle finger.


I’d give you a nasty look, but you’ve already got one.


If I threw a stick, you’d leave right?



I worked comedy clubs some a long while ago and learned a ton about the craft from the seasoned comedians. And routinely, the comedians coming in to play a comedy club would stop by for an interview when I was on the radio. I learned to ALWAYS tape comedians unless I really knew they were “clean” comedians. You can tell a comedian when they come into your studio that they must be clean, but some of them really don’t have a clue of how “clean” you must be on a commercial radio station that appeals to families. So those interviews would always be taped and then edited for airplay. No radio station wants to lose their license, I’ve been told more than once.



Season 4 of the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel must surely be getting close as they have put out a new trailer tease for fans of the show like me and my family. It’s been two years since the last episode aired on Prime. One of the best written shows on the tube for my money. However, it’s raw and for grown-ups, so if you’re offended easily like the woman I mentioned above who jumped on a comedy club stage, it won’t be your cup of tea. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.



It’s no secret how hard it is buying a new car because of the chip shortage that continues. I’m living that as I ordered a new RAV to replace my old one that I drove all the way to Key West and back. I FINALLY got a text that it should arrive this week. I think it was a six-week wait to get one in.


Now, GM says it will eliminate heated seat options for 2022 vehicles so they can conserve their chip supply they do have. You’ll have to think of another way to keep your tuckus warm when you’re driving a GM product apparently.



A Reese’s peanut butter cup as big as a pie. In fact, it looks like a pie. Out with the pecan, dump the pumpkin. I’ll take a Reese’s in the middle of the turkey table this year for sure.


Then as soon as you finish the turkey feast you must turn your attention to Christmas shopping. Or at least I do.


I read an article that listed some gifts you can give that they say will get your recipient to say “ooh”. Not sure that’s really accurate but I did notice 3 that were cool.


Personalized coasters. A picture of you or you and the wife, or your dog or whatever that your friends can sit their drink on. I’ve always longed for that.


HP portable printers. Yep. You can take a picture on your phone, then print it out on the spot. Sort of like a high-tech Polaroid I’m guessing.


And a wireless karaoke microphone. Good lord. I would have sworn karaoke would have died a few months after the craze started. But now. Folks still karaoke. Sigh. That’ why I wrote this song “King of Karaoke”.  You just can’t kill it.



I’m doing some bluegrass writing this morning with Troy Engle up in Pennsylvania this morning which is always fun. Maybe we can pen a bluegrass tune that folks will want to karaoke too.


Have a great Tuesday!











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