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Perdido Beach Show...Coke Bears...Hits & Grins Weekend

Nov 16 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Four shows down and three more to go here at the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival in beautiful sunny Gulf Shores, Alabama.



Well the sun finally popped out after three days of rain and man was that good to see.  Temps were in the 30’s when I got up and made the morning run for coffee but by the time I checked into a three-bedroom condo overlooking the white sand in Florida…it was 55.  If you get out on the balcony with the sun hitting the water and bouncing towards you it do feel warmer.  Some Blue Angel jets buzzed by to make the afternoon even sweeter.


And today we get back into the 60’s down here and it could be 70 degrees on the day we pull out of here…Sunday and head for a show near Atlanta.  So…beats the heck out of the snow, ice and more I’m reading about in other parts of the country. 


At 4 pm Victoria Venier of our “Hits & Grins” trio pulled into the lot and last night the two of us joined my friend Brent Burns for a great show at the Perdido Beach Resort.  We had a large “attentive” crowd that made the evening so much fun.  All three of us rolled out some new songs for those that just seem to be showing up for all our shows here at the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival…and we do appreciate ya!



Man, I was so sad to hear of his passing.  A GREAT entertainer in the “old school” way.  He can play several instruments, was good with delivering a joke and of course had several records he made that all of us loved.  “The Tip Of My Fingers”, “Yesterday When I Was Young” and “Thank God and Greyhound” to name just a few.


I interviewed Roy just months ago on WSM.  He was calling in to wish WSM radio a happy birthday…something like the radio’s 91st.  Yea…it’s been around for a long long while.  He was such a gentleman on the phone…and even though I knew he was battling his health…he just stepped up and was entertaining as heck and answered every question I tossed at him.  No doubt…a great loss for country music.  RIP Mr. Clark.



Amazon has decided it will bring over 5,000 new jobs for tech type folks in Nashville.  The city is already growing too fast…and now more folks will be looking for a place to live in Music City.  Home prices already high…will leap again.  We have certainly become an “it” city with no end in sight. 


And…it means a bull market for employees.  Especially those gifted in the “tech” field.  As a kid driving to Nashville I remember arriving on a two-lane road.  No more.



When advertisers find a campaign that resonates with listeners and or viewers…it’s smart to hold onto that thing.  Coke has done that with their Christmas Coca Cola Bears.  Believe it or not…that campaign is now 25 years old and growing strong.  Hard not to watch a Polar Bear and its cubs leaning back on a block of ice guzzling a bottle of coke. 


Pepsi needs to figure a way to counter that successful campaign I suggest Pepsi Porpoises.  And yes…I did that on porpoise.



“Woman’s Car Damaged In SpaghettiO’s Attack”.  One has to be really upset to toss a perfectly good bowl of SpaghettiO’s like that. 



It’s the start of a “Hits & Grins” weekend here at the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival.  I’ll pick up our third member for the trio Steve Dean at the Pensacola Airport and we will drive straight to a 3 pm show at the Flora Bama Main Listening Room.  Steve is coming in from NYC after doing some shows in the Big Apple so I’m HOPING he makes it after reading about the snow paralyzing NYC yesterday.


Then the three of us have a late 9 pm show tonight at the Flora-Bama Dome room and will wrap things up Saturday night with a great show at the Cork Room in Gulf Shores…one of our favorite intimate rooms to play here.



We return home to Nashville sort of.  Victoria from our trio will go straight to Nashville while Steve and I head to Acworth, GA near Atlanta for a songwriter show before returning early morning Monday to our own beds.  It’s been a very busy fun run of shows but things will start to slow down for most of the rest of 2018 as the holidays approach.  I’m already smelling Turkey for Thanksgiving with my wife and our little family.


Have a great weekend!



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