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Final Shows on the Beach...Dipstick Crazy...Danube Trip in August

Nov 15 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Monday morning and I’m home! And it’s cooler. 53 for a high, and down to sweatpants 31 tonight. I got home just in time to put my shorts away for the season.



Home for the last leg of a 3-week tour that took me to Gulf Shores-Mobile-Key West-Panama City and back to Gulf Shores where I played 5 shows this past weekend at the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival


Two great shows on Friday with my “Hits & Grins” trio with Steve Dean & Victoria Venier. We played to a packed house at the Florabama Main Listening Room at 5:45 PM that truly was a great concert experience with a loud and responsive audience. The kind of stuff that makes ya feel good for sure. Then we made a mad dash to get to Lulu’s in Gulf Shores for an 8 pm set before closing out our day. The trio has now developed a following here after playing the festival so many years, and we see folks that plan their time according to make sure they come and see us at least once when we’re here. Thanks to all of you who do that.



I had a 12:30 pm outdoor show with Brent Burns at Woodside Restaurant located in Gulf State Park which itself is worth a visit if you’re down here. My wife and I saw bald eagles in the park a couple of years ago alongside my brother Gary and his wife Kay in that park.


The Woodside has a great menu, and a wonderful outdoor stage where Brent and I held court this past Saturday afternoon to a big crowd that gathered to see the two of us play, sing, and jab at each other with humor as we always do. After the show I saw some couples asking for more info on the Danube River trip I’m taking with Brent and Sunny Jim White next August. The ship is filling up but if you’re interested in joining us for a truly incredible trip?  Check out this link. Budapest, Vienna, Prague and more are all part of this great trip.


Then my final show as at 8:30 at the Perdido Beach Resort with “Hits & Grins” to yet another packed house. I did have a very funny crowd thing depending upon your political persuasion. I was singing my “Dipstick” song that was a huge hit again this year because of the price of gasoline. Every time gas prices skyrocket, suddenly, this song I wrote 20 years ago or more becomes a hit again. There’s a line in the second verse that goes, “how can we take Baghdad, give Saddam the ole boot, then watch the price of gas go through the roof? And then there’s a pause before I sing…” So here’s to the dipsticks in Washington DC”.


When I paused this time…some guy in the crowd shouted out loudly, “Let’s go Brandon”. That pretty much stopped the show in a funny way to say the least.



California pumps are showing their highest price ever at $4.60 per gallon. And it’s going up. I’m going to be singing the Dipstick Song a lot more at my future shows it looks like.



An Appeals Court on Friday put a pause on business mandates referring to the mandates as “staggeringly overbroad”.


Cases are on the rise in most states again unfortunately and now Covid experts are worrying about the holiday season coming up and what kind of numbers might pile up. BUT…three different experts agreed that the end of Covid “crisis” alarms could end early next year. Let’s hope so.


For the first time ever, vaccines are the 5th most valuable U.S. export.



I love this meme I saw about the holiday season that’s now on us. “The holiday season commences with the traditional hiding of the bathroom scales until spring”. Amen.



Extreme weather in Egypt that featured high wind, rain, dust, hail and more drove snakes and scorpions out of their nests. 450 people were injured, and 3 people died from scorpion stings in their homes. Makes hurricane season on the Gulf Coast seem tame now.



Ford and Purdue University have announced they now have a cable that will fully charge an EV in just 5 minutes. Will that drive more electric vehicle sales?


Anyone else wonder if the minute sales really take off for EV’s that they’ll jack up the cost of electricity?



There’s an Obi-Wan Kenobi series about to launch for Star Wars fans. Here’s the first look at that series.



I grew up around farm tractors. If I had any acreage at all I’d buy one just to drive one every now and then. There’s something cool about tractors and I’ve never farmed a day in my life. But they’re just cool to me. They’re cool to other folks too, and the prices have jumped. Used tractors in particular…not unlike what’s happening with used cars, I guess.


At an auction over the weekend and pristine 1998 John Deere went on auction and the bid started at $100,000!  It sold for $170,000!  In case you hadn’t noticed, farming can be expensive.



Who knew someone put a burger in tin?  Not me. Just in time for Christmas you can stick this “Cheeseburger in a Tin” down someone’s Christmas stocking. Add a six pack of buns and some recipient is going to be very very jolly this season.



Thankfully, I have nothing big on my calendar after being gone 3 weeks on the road. Time to recharge, catch up, get to know my wife again, and then get ready to write the rest of the week. Good to be home.


Have a great Monday!


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