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Cold Gulf...Mayo Help...Perdido Show Tonight

Nov 15 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Good morning from the chilly Gulf Coast.  Yes…cold down here too with temps in the 30’s this morning.  But…the sun is out and we’ll get up into the roaring mid-50’s at some point today which will make it look very pretty outside the condo windows I’m getting ready to settle into.



I wrote my first Thanksgiving song parody for my folks in New York about guys not helping out enough with the meal and preparations for that holiday.  So we turned the big Carrie Underwood hit “Before He Cheats” into, maybe next time he’ll help “Before He Eats”.  I can actually hear my wife nodding her head in agreement back home in Nashville.  I do help out some.  Every Thanksgiving I’m the one who has to turn the TV on for the Thanksgiving games.  So…she’s got that going on from me.



I’m going to send out a “thank you” to my sister Rita up in Rochester who works at the Mayo Clinic.  My good friend I’m staying with here, Brent Burns, has been carrying around a really bad back for way too long and it’s at the point that he has to get something done and he knows it.  Brent loves the Mayo Clinic…as they have small hospitals and limited choices here where he lives.  When he called the closest one in Jacksonville yesterday he got the old “we’re accepting no appointments” dialogue.  Upon Brent’s urging I called my sister who works at the Mayo in Rochester, Minnesota not having a clue if she knew anyone or could give Brent a path to seeing someone or not.  In a matter of hours he got a call from the nicest neurosurgeon in Jacksonville who assured Brent they would be seeing him sooner than later.  I can’t tell you how good that made him feel…which of course made me feel good.


So…my Sis did good…real good.  And my friend is really thankful for her help.  He’s threatening to send my sister some of his CD’s and I told him there was no need to make her sick. (joke)



Alan Rhody joined me and Brent at our songwriter show at the Flora-Bama main listening room at 7:30 last night.  Great crowd and great fun for sure.  Alan sat in the middle and tried to keep Brent and me fairly sane to no avail.  I loved sitting next to Alan and hearing him sing his George Jones cut and hearing that story and I certainly enjoyed hearing him sing his #1 Oak Ridge Boys hit “I’ll Be True To You”. 


Brent and I have one more show tonight.  More on that at the end of the blog today.



Normally I’m all over my social network pages making funny comments about the CMA Awards.  I could not do that last night because I was strumming a guitar on my own stage down here.  But…if you missed it…the big winners were Keith Urban who won Entertainer of the Year.  I was happy for that one.  And so were Keith and Nicole judging by the tears that flowed.


Chris Stapleton won Male Vocalist and Carrie Underwood won Female Vocalist.  No surprise there.  But Kacey Musgraves album “Golden” won Album Of The Year and that may have been a surprise to many.  I voted for it as I love almost every cut on that album.  The very last cut on that project “Rainbow” moves me every time I hear it.


So congrats to all the winners last night.  And congrats to Carrie and Brad Paisley who hosted avoiding all political jokes last night in the monologue.  Nice to know you can watch an awards show without having to hear political diatribe.



The entire country looks to be cold today.  If you chill easily you can always buy a furry nose cover thing that some folks are now wearing to keep their noses warm.  Uh..no.


Or…for cold hands at the computer?  They now have a cocoon furry hand cover that you slip your cold hand into to use your mouse.  And it’s heated! 


All kinds of ways to stay toasty.



My wife shopped for Thanksgiving yesterday back home.  After hearing what the grocery bill was I’ve decided next year we’re serving those Thanksgiving Pringles instead of a butterball.  Geez.


A record amount of folks will be flying to Grandma’s this year.  Over 30 million in the air.  And another record amount of folks will be driving to get there.  The good news?  Gas prices are lower.  In fact multiple states have gas prices below $2 a gallon right now.  Wow.  It makes me want to get my own big gas tank like my Dad used to have and stock up while it’s cheap.



A lot of that seems to be popping up in the news.  First…a woman chokes her McDonald’s manager over a ketchup dispute.


And then today there’s a story of a man who threw hot sauce into a clerks face here in Alabama.


Soon we’ll have an entire page full of “Condiment Convicts”.  Sounds like a new cable TV show don’t it?



Couple things caught my eye.  The “live” action Dumbo movie coming out is guaranteed to make you reach for your tissue box.  Here’s a look at the Trailer that’s just out. 


I can only hope I won’t have sit through a “live” action “Old Yeller” someday. 


AND…Dan Akroyd has announced they are writing a brand new “Ghostbusters” movie script for the original cast.  Harold Ramis passed away so we won’t see him of course, but it will be fun to see Dan, Bill Murray and Ernie Hudson again in those roles for sure.  The all female version out a few years ago left me flat to say the least so I’m all for seeing the original guys suit up again and getting “slimed”. 



“Woman Gets Divorced Then Blows Up Her Wedding Dress”.  I can only hope she wasn’t wearing it before she pushed down the TNT lever.



Moving day as I’m leaving my pal Brent Burns to move into a condo with my “Hits & Grins” trio for our little run of shows down here.  Victoria Venier will be here later today and will play a show with me and Brent at the beautiful Perdido Beach Resort at 8:30 this evening.  And then Friday morning we will pick up Steve Dean at the Pensacola airport as he flies in from New York to join us for 3 funs shows this weekend. 


Staying busy…and having fun on the beautiful Gulf Coast.


Have a great Thursday!


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