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Purple Parrot Night...New Dates...Flora-Bama Tonight

Nov 14 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Some lingering drizzle here in Gulf Shores and the temps are chilly too.  But…it ain’t snowing like it is some places…and that big ole sun is going to be up and bright over and ocean view here tomorrow morning.  So…no complaints.


And right now I’m blogging at a local Starbucks with Nat King Cole crooning in the speakers.  Back when Nat ruled I would have been pounding on a typewriter.  I don’t miss those.



Hanging with my buddy Brent Burns down here and still managed to find time yesterday morning to write a parody song about Self-Driving Cars and the theory that more romance is going to be happening for those that climb in and let the car drive itself.  The parody turned out to be “Save A Horse Ride A Camry” from the Big & Rich hit we all know.  So that’s how my morning started. 



I came down a few days early for the Songwriters Festival so that I could write some new songs with Brent as he’s always working ahead to his next album.  And we did get a new “smile” song written at his kitchen table that will make listeners laugh, grin and be thankful for the good things in their life all at the same time…I hope.  With a little luck we’ll get another one written later today.  Don’t forget Brent’s current album I helped write a lot of “70 and Partly Funny” is out and available right now.  There’s some very fun songs on this project and might make a nice little stocking stuffer for those of you looking to fill some stockings hanging on the mantles this year.



My first official show here at the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival was very very fun with Brent last night at the Purple Parrot Tiki Bar just across the Alabama border about 4 or five miles into Florida.  The little bar sat overlooking a HUGE swimming pool and it was “intimate”…the perfect environment for songwriters.  And we had a full house of folks so thank you for coming and listening and laughing with the two of us.


Brent and I have done enough shows together now that a lot of his friends have become friends of mine and fans of seeing the two of us together.  4 or 5 folks who went to Italy with us a few months ago were there to say “hello” and listen, and they and some others told me they are booked to go with me and Brent on our cruise down the Rhine River starting from Amsterdam next June.  Again…there’s room for a few more if you’re interested and that info is right HERE.



I won’t mention their names but a couple of those great fans I mentioned rented a home in Northern Italy…small town…small place but really nice.  The cost?  $2,500 for an entire YEAR!  Located up near the Lake District as in Lake Como…how cool is that?  It borders Switzerland so they can go in and out of country as much as they want over the year.  As I’m starting to travel overseas some now with more in the future…I’m learning a lot from those who travel a lot.  There’s another big ole world out there.



I’ve got a couple of changes going up on my calendar.  One…my Friday night show here in Gulf Shores with my “Hits & Grins” trio has been moved from the Coastal Restaurant to the Flora-Bama Dome at 9 pm Friday night.  That will comes on the heels of a 3 pm Friday show at the Flora-Bama Main Listening Room.


And we are moving dates on two shows in January.  Brent Burns and I will lock in a January date soon flipping that with the “Evening In The Round” show with Linda Davis and Lang Scott that we had scheduled for January here in Gulf Shores.  That will move to February and I think the exact date will be February 12.  As soon as those details are worked out the new info will be up on my calendar here on my website.



And I worked on some new dates yesterday for 2019 and some of those are going to be Trop Rock dates at venues and places where Parrotheads gather.  At least one of those stops could be with Brent Burns in New Orleans.  Other stops possible would be Florida, Missouri and Chicago.  Again…my calendar does stay updated with all the info you would need for any of my shows…but the New Year is gonna be busy it looks like.



Well I do hate that I’ll miss the CMA Awards from Nashville tonight with Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood once again hosting.  Chris Stapleton is nominated more than anyone so look for him to take home one of those pointy trophies or two…or three.


I will miss posting real time comments on Facebook as the show unfolds tonight…but hopefully next year.  My show here tonight will prevent me from being completely stupid and funny tonight online.



Picking worst and best of anything is all about the person or persons choosing.  It varies according to taste. However, MSN thought they should pick those and “Rocky Top” the national anthem basically of Tennessee made the list as does “She Thinks My Tractors’ Sexy for Kenny Chesney.  Maybe…but all I could think of was, “man…I wish I had written one of those”.  I can’t even guess how much money both of those continue to make.


I will say, I can’t imagine walking up to an artist and saying, “man…I’ve got the is great song “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” and getting them to listen to it…much less record it.  Proof that the more you know about the business of songs…the less you know.



Cast iron skillets are in vogue again.  Heck…I grew up with those.  And lard for that matter which melted in the cast iron as I recall.  Or the used grease that was in a coffee can on the back of Mom’s stove.


Some resorts out west offer cooking lessons with cast iron.  So everything old school is new again I guess.  All I know is cast iron skillets are multifunctional.  You can fry something or you can use it as an effective weapon.  Don’t ask me how I know.



A foldable chair like you see in campgrounds and on the beach now designed with a wine glass holder.  Uh huh.  To me, if it’s a cheap chair you’re sitting on you should be drinking beer.  PBR to be exact.  You need a fancier chair if you’re gonna be sipping wine watching the sun set on the ocean.  Just saying.



“McDonald’s Worker Accused Of Assaulting Manager With Crispy Bacon”.  That could only have been painful if the crispy bacon was in a cast iron skillet. 



My show tonight is with Brent Burns and Alan Rhody at the Flora-Bama Main Listening Room starting at 7:30.  This is such a great music venue where the audiences come for the music and not to talk to each other which makes this one of those rooms every songwriter looks forward to playing.  Alan Rhody wrote a few big hits folks will recognize including this Oak Ridge Boys SONG  I love.  So this will be fun…join us if you can.


Have a great Wednesday!

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