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Florabama Quacking...Squirrels and Mr. Carson

Low 70's today here on the Gulf with blue skies.  Not bad.



Just another day hanging out with my wife, the Gulf of Mexico and the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival.  I did make it down to the Florabama for the lunch they have every day for all the registered writers who are gathered here for this two week songwriters festival on the sand.  My friend Don McNatt and his wife Karen (who moved down here after being in Nashville for a long while) have been hosting an open Mic afteroon at the Florabama for years now and he's been asking me for several years to come down and sign up and perform for this.  Yesterday I had a chance to do that...and by luck...my frequent co-writer Gerald Smith showed up so we did a little set together which was great fun. 


Gerald got back up later with another writer Gary Cavanaugh who sang his "Duct Tape" song I helped him write that Gerald "quacked" too.  I've mentioned here before that besides being a hit songwriter Gerald's other big claim to fame is that he was on "Hee Haw" doing his quacking thing.  I do have to say it was REALLY funny hearing him "quack" along like a musical instrument to "Duct Tape".  Ya had to be there kind of thing.  Check out this little EXAMPLE of Gerald doing his thing.



I got to spend some quality time with my friend Brent Burns at a little Cigar Bar he likes to hang out in Gulf Shores for Happy Hour.  He and some of his family still in town that had gathered here for his wife's memorial this past Saturday were there telling stories and providing emotional support.  Good folks.  They all leave today so my friend will start the effort of readjusting his life as best he can.  I'm proud of him...and feel for him.  He's doing as well as anyone can under these circumstances.


His musical recovery is going to start this Thursday at 7 pm when he plays his first show out in public with me since he lost his wife.  So glad I can be here for that.  I have no magic words either...but sometimes just being there helps which I hope is the case here.



It's always interesting to open my e-mail in the morning to see what topic my New York folks want me to cover in the form of a country parody song.  Yesterday it was Carrie Underwood and the nasty fall she took that broke her wrist at her home forcing her to cancel some dates.  She's doing more than fine...so I didn't feel badly about turning her hit "Before He Cheats" into "Maybe Next Time I'll Look Before I Trip".  Somebody gotta do it folks.



That would be the story of the guy who carries an "emotional squirrel" with him.  Uh uh.  If you've seen pictures of this guy...he does look bright eyed and bushy tailed so who knows...maybe it's working.  All I can think of when I read this story is the Ray Stevens SONG where the squirrel got loose in church and provided NO emotional support for those attending that day. 





Man...they are already banging away on that..."Black Friday" shopping deals for those who are into MMA fights at Wal Mart the morning after Thanksgiving...and even the days leading up to Turkey Day.  Uh...not thanks.  But...every time I see that phrase "Black Friday" I remember getting a call from a former Program Director of mine who called me with a song idea that he thought was perfect for me.  Now...most of the time when folks tell me they have an idea for me I tend to silently roll my eyes.  For the most part the ideas are things folks are sure are funny when usually that's not the case.  But...this was my boss so I asked, "okay...what's the idea"?  He says you should write "Black Friday's Matter".  Don't know if I'll ever tackle that...don't even know if it's appropriate...but boy did it make me laugh.  A reminder to myself to keep more of an open idea when I'm approached with..."Bill...I have got a song idea for you"!



I have a new admiration for Bill Gates.  He just gave 50 million dollars to help end Alzheimer's.  One of the great things about being a kazillionaire I would think it it allows you to do some real good...to make a real difference.  From all of us who have lost loved ones to this hideous disease...thank your Mr. Gates.



Then there's this billionaire who is suing a decorator whom he claims overcharged him for decorating the interior of his yacht by over $300,000!  The total cost?  $845,000 to interior decorate a boat...a dang boat.  Just the INTERIOR.  I can't even wrap my little brain around that kind of money or using it for that purpose.  Wasn't there an IKEA store anywhere near the harbor where he docks that bad boy?



I'll admit...I'm old school when it comes to late night TV.  For me...no one ever did late night TV better than Johnny Carson.  Nobody.  Maybe one of the best TV interviewers ever.  He made his guests look great.  He knew when and how to tee them up to make them shine in the spotlight.  Sometimes that required no conversation or very little from Johnny.  Sometimes he needed to talk more to help his guests.  He made it an art form if you paid attention. 


That's why I was happy to see that Hulu will have a series coming up about the backstage going ons of the old Tonight Show.  Tony Danza will play Johnny's long time producer Fred de Cordova.  It's not a documentary or real...it's scripted...but it looks interesting.  Take a look here a the TRAILER yourself and judge.  Paul Reiser produced this series...and Paul was a guest of the Tonight Show more than enough times to be able to write this.



Well..a little walk in the sun...hanging at the beach some today and then this evening at 6 pm I'll be back at the Florabama to help emcee a couple of songwriter rounds that will feature some folks I write with and know.  All talented for sure.


Have a great Tuesday!


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