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Not So Rapid Test...On The Beach...Don Ho

Nov 13 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Good Friday morning for the Beach!  And oh yea, it’s Friday the 13th. Friday the 13th in the year 2020.  A perfect scary double-whammy.



Quite the adventure coming to the beach that all started with a sore throat that I woke up with Wednesday morning actually. With a trip to Gulf Shores in mind it worried me enough to go get a Covid test even though I was pretty sure I didn’t have it.  So I had to find a fast test place which I did…walk in…results before you leave. I my case, “fast test” is not accurate.  I walk in at 9 am…they tell me to come back at 1.  I come back early the front desk person says sit in your car and we’ll call you.  Great.  45 minutes later they finally call.  Paperwork and then I ask how long?  She says 20 to 30 minutes maybe. The waiting room was full of people with masks on so I should have had a light go on right then.  So it’s like 2 pm and about 4:15 pm I FINALLY get called back.  Swab up both nostrils (I learned to yodel) and then sat at least another 30 minutes or more before a Doctor finally walks in to say “negative”. 


My first piece of Covid advice?  Get tested if your suspicious.


My second piece of advice is if you walk in…pack a lunch.



So, now I know I’ve got a bad cold, so I pack both Dayquil and NyQuil and a case of Vitamin C in my bag and leave with my “Hits & Grins” trio of Victoria Venier and Steve Dean and me.  Victoria is just getting over the cold.  We get to beautiful Gulf Shores, check into our condo which is right on the sand and it’s a beautiful day…sunshine…70’s…just as it is right now.  I mean gorgeous.  I have a 5 pm show at the Woodside Restaurant outdoors with Brent Burns for my first show here at the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival. Brent and his girlfriend Colleen pick me up and we get to this beautiful venue in Gulf State Park that I had never seen complete with an outdoor stage. We had a GREAT crowd, lots of them were friends I’ve made playing with Brent, some of went to Italy or on the Rhine River Cruise we did.  Really fun show and folks were most definitely into it.  By the time we finished our 1 hour and 15-minute show I knew I was in trouble as my voice was getting weak…really weak.  And I had another show yet to do.



I get back to the condo and re-load with Hit’s and Grins for our 7:45 show, also outdoor with a stage set up with the bay behind us at the Coastal Arts Center. Again, just a beautiful setting in front of the big white mansion that is in the Arts Center in Orange Beach. Worth a visit to check out his place for sure. A top-flight sound crew was waiting for us…set us up and we launched into our one hour and a half show and it starts getting cooler.  And my voice?  Gives out.  Steve and Victoria had to do double duty to cover for me last night which I hated.  I managed to squeak my way through a few tunes, but they had to skip me more than once as I had nothing. That had not happened to me since my old band days when I was singing 5 or six nights a week and every now and then my voice would take a vacation. But, the crowd in their jackets seemed to have a good time and that’s all that matters.


So today?  The sun is out…I plan on being on the condo a bunch soaking up some sun and hoping my voice recharges for a 7 pm show this evening at the Sunset Cork Room with “Hits & Grins”.



I asked both crowds, “How many of you have had the old cotton swab up your noses”?  LOTS of hands went up.



Brent and I co-wrote a joke on the way to our show that worked pretty danged well that I’ll be using for all my shows down here.  Brent: “Bill, I just sent a song to Don Ho”.  Bill, “Uh…he’s dead Brent”.  Brent: “Really”?  Me: “Really”.  Brent: “Johnny Cash”?  Me: “Gone too”. Brent: “You Sure Don Ho is dead”?  Me.  “Yes, but I did hear that he voted”.



Nearly 500 people have been banned on Delta flights.  You can probably guess why.  Refusing to wear a mask.

153,000 cases reported yesterday. Can’t wait for the day they report less than more.

 The new Wonder Woman movie is now considering HBO as a platform for the movie instead of an “in theater” experience because nobody’s going to movie theaters right now.



Tiger Woods shot a 68 in the Masters yesterday putting him just 3 back for the lead. Ratings will be up today then for CBS. This is the one I had tickets for and then Covid did what Covid did. Sigh. It will be some kind of fun to watch if he keeps playing like this.


HBO is doing a documentary on Tiger Woods. Check out the trailer if you’re a golf fan.



If you’re watching the Bachelorette you’ve seen the mansion in LA where the reality show is filming. You can rent it. Just $6,000 per night. For that price, hopefully they give you a first impression rose when you walk in the door.



“I Got Married Three Months Ago, And We Haven’t Seen Each Other Since”.



Sun on the beach, and a show tonight with “Hits & Grins” at the Sunset Cork Room in Gulf Shores.


Have a great weekend! 

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