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Wet Beach...Lulu's...Purple Parrot Tonight

Nov 13 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And a good wet Tuesday morning from the beach.  Lot of rain yesterday…the parking lot of the ole Flora-Bama looked more like a river than a gravel lot yesterday and we have a little more rain today and tomorrow before the sun breaks out over the Gulf Coast waters again.



Monday…Vets day here on the beach and I wound up sitting with my friend Brent Burns at his regular Monday night gig at Lulu’s right on the intercostal waterway.  Brent’s been playing at Lucy Buffet’s place for something like thirteen years now.  That’s pretty regular work in this biz to say the least.


I’ve been down here so much that I know an awful lot of Brent’s friends and fans that have befriended me through the years and it’s always great to see them.  Some folks who made the Italy trip with us were there as were my great friends Dodge and Dean Raymer who come down and stay the month of November.


Brent and I had a blast playing so many of the songs we’ve written through the years.  To all of you who came out…thank you.


And the good news is…if you missed it…we play together the next three nights in a row as part of the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival.  For my complete schedule this year just to my calendar on my website.



You can still sign up to go cruising with me and Brent next June down the Rhine River departing from Amsterdam with stops in Germany and Switzerland along the way.  And we will be playing multiple times on board our ship.  Already we are nearing 100 folks who are going with us for the fun.  You can too…still.  Sign up!


And there may be a France trip coming up too next year with Paris and Normandy for sure on the tour schedule.  Stay tuned.



Had to smile when I got behind a woman driving a new Corvette yesterday after my early morning Starbucks stop,  Her plates read, HIS401K


And that’s how you get a Corvette folks.



The Pensacola newspaper this morning is already promoting the Surfing Santa Beach Parade.  Uh huh.  Santa’s got his shirt off hanging ten on a surfboard bringing gifts for the boys and girls who live near the beach.  Santa could stand to do a few more sit ups…much like yours truly.



Only one in three of us meet US fitness guidelines.  Are you one of those?  I don’t think I need to read that article to know which part of that percentage I’m in.  Part of that reason is my thinking on food.  Yesterday I had an actual conversation with a friend suggesting “gravy” would be one salad dressing I would actually use.  Right now I eat mine “dry”…no dressing.  But a little gravy on top of those croutons?  C’mon. 



Cannabis Beer.  Yes…they are brewing and releasing it.  So…when the cop pulls that person over and asks, “hey…are you high or drunk”…expect the answer to be…”both sir”. 


At the same time this is happening I’m reading that we could lose one of the great cheap beers of Milwaukee…PBR.  Now…I don’t drink PBR…but I’d be sad to see it go…hope it doesn’t.  Living and working in Milwaukee I got to know some of the Pabst folks.  They have one of the most beautiful old theaters I’ve ever been in where my then very very young daughter had a small part in their big Christmas production of “Scrooge” for two years.  She was the "child of want” as I recall…looking like a dirty little street urchin.


And Pabst had a huge presence at Summerfest….this country’s biggest outdoor musical festival on the shores of Lake Michigan that stretches over several days with 10 or 11 stages of music all going at once.


One year the head of Pabst was listening to my radio show when I had my daughter singing on the air to “practice” a song she had to sing in grade school.  He offered her the opening slot on their stage for any of the three country stars they had booked.  So she, and me did a couple of tunes in front of that massive crowd before Aaron Tippin took the stage.  Aaron took his “star” off of his dressing room door and gave it to Heather after Heather had taken her star (they gave her own dressing room) and he autographed that.  It was just a magical night for my daughter and our family and I have Bob Babisch and the folks from Pabst for that great memory all those years ago,  Here’s to Pabst hanging around longer.



Scientists claim a “dark matter hurricane” could collide with earth.  I don’t wanna know.  I have no idea what a dark matter hurricane is except to know that it won’t cause any damage if it does collide with us.  I’d bet the ranch though that Jim Cantore got “giddy” just reading this news.



I’ll have to write a parody song this morning for my New York folks and I’m guessing it might be about the CMA Awards tomorrow night in Nashville.  And then it’s Songwriter Festival time with my first show tonight at the Purple Parrot Tiki Bar with Brent Burns.  Flip flops and guitars tonight.


Have a great Tuesday!








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