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A Memorial...A Songwriters Festival...and Beach Weather

Greetings from the Gulf Coast.



There was no blog here Friday because I had an early early start to a road trip down here to Gulf Shores-Orange Beach for the start of the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival.  My daughter Heather had to catch a 4:30 AM flight Friday morning from Nashville to Miami where she's now onboard and working some flights for American Airlines.  She's waking up in the Dominican Republic this morning I believe.  So I dropped her at the terminal and then went from BNA straight to Gulf Shores where I am now having a cup of McDonald's coffee and watching the day start to break over one of my favorite places.








It's a mixed bag of emotions for me and my wife this trip as part of our 9-10 stay is devoted to my friend Brent Burns who lost his wife and our friend  to cancer....suddenly.  Pam was way too young and gosh what a great soul.  Saturday they held a celebration of life for her and the Methodist Church that she and Brent attend. The house of worship was absolutely packed with friends and family and many fans who had traveled long distances to pay their respects and be with Brent.  Afterwards we all gathered at Lulu's where Brent plays music for the tourists on Monday night and Jimmy Buffet's sister Lucy threw a big big feed and dedicated a space for all those who wanted to gather. Many did. Thank you Lucy Buffet.


My friend is doing as well as anyone could considering he lost the love of his life.  This Thursday he's going to join me on stage at Perdido Resort for his first show since this ordeal and challenge started.  I'm glad it's me who will be next to him to help get him through his first show.  There's just nothing good to say at a time like this...he knows this.  All we can do is be there for him and put our arms around him...and that's what so many are doing.  It truly is one day at a time now for healing...one foot in front of the other.  Pam is missed...she is greatly greatly missed and I love my friend and feel for him. 



On the brighter side of things the festival has started.  I filled in for my friend Brent Friday night sitting alongside Randy Brooks of "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer".  Yes...he closed the show with that and everyone was singing along inside the Big Beach Brewing Company.  As it was the night before Veterans Day we were able to salute those folks musically too.  An honor to do so as always. 


It gave me a chance to do my song that was inspired by my friend Brent...a purple heart recipient that turned into a pretty moving moment.  After we finished several folks made a point to seek me out and tell me how much they appreciated the song "Let Me Shake Your Hand".  I appreciate them.  One lady had family in the 101st Airborne that my soon to be son in law is part of.  She was crying...big time...it moved her so much.  Bless those who gave all...and bless you ma'am.



The Florabama Bar is headquarters for this great songwriters festival.  This year I'm emceeing a couple of shows there.  The first one was Saturday night and I saw a lot of old friends there...songwriters and friends and fans.  All the writers were great and Thom Bresh (son of Hall of Famer Merle Travis) tore the place up.  If you've never checked him out...watch this very fun VIDEO of Thom.  I'll emcee a couple more shows there tomorrow night. 



After spending some time with Brent and family at a little gathering at his house...football...food...well wishers...my wife and I joined our Missouri friends Dodge and Dean Raymer and others who are down here for the Festival at Lulu's where my friend Wood Newton was one of the songwriters performing.  That led to a very fun moment where Wood got me up stage with him to sing a song we wrote together called "If You're Not Careful My Wife's Going To Leave You".  Yes...it got some laughs for sure and it was a pleasure joining my Arkansas buddy who's written hits like "Riding With Private Malone" for David Ball and "Bobby Sue" for the Oak Ridge Boys.  It made for a great wrap up for the first weekend here on the Gulf.



Yes...a lot of other parts of the country are cold already and getting colder.  That's why my New York friends wanted a "cold" weather song that I had to turn in over the weekend.  How cold is it already?  So cold that someone is selling a shirt that says "I'm Freakin' Cold" like hot cakes right now.  Think I'll linger down here where it's in the mid 70's with sun today.  Not to rub it in or anything.



The North Korean dictator calls our President "old".  Our president replies by call Kim Jong Dumb "short and fat".  Well there ya go.  I can't imagine Colorado and the states we have that now sell marijuana legally will miss out on the opportunity to offer up "Kim Jong Short And Fat Doobies"...but...we'll see.



Apparently that one big shingy blingy ring Melania Trump wears is worth 3 million bucks.  To balance that out I'm hoping the first lady buys her underwear at Wal Mart.  Where do one buy a 3 million dollary thing to put on a finger?







Taylor Swift just unloaded over 700,000 copies of here newest album.  That's a lot...that's a whole lot.  Like here or not...that's a lot.  All hail the Queen of Pop.  I will say that you rarely read anything bad about Taylor Swift.  Pretty darned good role model for young folks...so good for her.  I just don't ever want her to write a song about me. 



There is now "Salted Caramel Pepsi" one can drink.  I'm sure that's healthy right?  I'm ordering one this morning to go with my biscuits and gravy.



"Man Breaks Into A Woman's Home And Then Tries On Clothes".  Uh huh.  That was near where I am right now.  I think police picked up the perp and a bra fitting convention...but...I'm checking.



I have an open day for the most part but will spend some more time with my friend then I'll grab my beach book I brought which is about the old Southern League of Minor League Baseball that a friend of mine wrote.  I know...baseball geek.  I am...I surely am. 


And I'm getting ready for a busy musical week with 5 shows slated for this great songwriters festival with the first one coming up this Thursday night.  Looking very forward to that.


Have a great Monday!



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