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New Beach...Veterans Day Show...Hit's and Grins

Nov 12 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Friday morning, waking up on different beach. Sun is up and shining over the Gulf of Mexico in Perdido Key, Florida. High of 70 today and the pelicans are already nose diving and putting on quite the show.


The blog is late today because I slept in for a change.



I left Panama City after some R&R on the sand and made my way to the beautiful community that is Fairhope, Alabama. I had not been, but I highly suggest you go. Gorgeous…upscale…and the community sits on Mobile Bay where you can see that city in the distance over the water.


I stopped at one of the coolest American Legion Posts I’ve ever been to and sang 4 songs for a Veterans celebration featuring a bunch of Trop Rocker artists that I’ve to know over the past few years. The post has a stage that overlooks Mobile Bay, an inside and outside bar that’s on the water and a pavilion that let folks stay dry and listen as they had a little rain in the morning before that gave way to sunshine.


It was just an honor to sing “Lonely in the Lonestar” and “Let Me Shake Your Hand”, songs that I’ve written or helped write that salute those who serve. Thank you, Karen Lyons and others who asked me, to make the trip there. So enjoyed that.



Then it was about an hour drive to a condo in Perdido Key, Florida where I joined Victoria Venier and Steve Dean for the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival. First, thank you to the festival folks for a gorgeous condo for the three of us, three feet up overlooking the beach and Gulf of Mexico. First class, and I don’t know what we did to earn it. But we ain’t giving it back.


Our first of four shows was last night at Sunset Cork Room which is small, intimate and the owner Nina is a stickler for making folks stop talking…and listen. And that’s the greatest environment for storytellers and songwriters like us. We appreciate her for doing that. Not everyone gets the importance of that, so thank you Nina! The place was packed with fans we’ve built here through the years along with some new folks hearing the trio for the first time.


It was Veterans Day night, and I sang “Lonely in the Lonestar” and that got a standing ovation which made me feel good knowing the song landed with the folks listening. Again, thanks to every person who has served our country.


So a great first day at the Frank Brown, and we have two shows today. More on that later.



9 employees from a single sheriff’s department died from Covid 19.


Vermont has the highest vaccination rate in the country, and cases are surging there. Go figure.


Israel is now reporting over 10,000 Covid booster shot breakthroughs.



Just in time for Christmas, Hormel is offering bacon scented Christmas wrapping. Uh huh. So you can get a whiff of a pine tree if you have a real tree along with the sent of bacon if you’ve got a package wrapped that way. I can only guess how much fun your dog will have at Christmas time with that!



Survey says that cranberry sauce is the most disliked dish served at Thanksgiving. Yep. Do the right thing this year. Replace it with macaroni and cheese. Heck, I’m trying to convince my wife to stuff a turkey with Mac n Cheese. She keeps giving me that “wife” look every time I ask.



Subway is being sued for apparently not serving real tuna with their tuna sandwiches. If you believe reports you’re biting into a combo of chicken, beef, and pork, but no real tuna. And I’m thinking, since I’m not crazy about tuna, “hey…I’ll have one of those, and wrap it in bacon scented wrapping”!



In Thailand, they pulled a 12-foot snake out of a driver’s dashboard. Pretty sure the snake was not standard equipment on the car. I would never drive again. I hate snakes. To me God put a forward and reverse on our cars so that if a snake is on the road, you can roll forward, backwards, forward, backwards…



Stacker just released what they consider to be the top 100 rock n roll albums of all time. I’m not a huge rock guy, but I had to look to see if I could guess any in the top 5.  Here they are in reverse order.


5 “Kid by Radiohead

4 “Revolver” by the Beatles

3 “Abbey Road” the Beatles

2 “The Dark Side of the Moon” by Pink Floyd

And number one: “Ok Computer” by Radiohead


I might have guessed the two by the Beatles and the Pink Floyd selection, but I’ve never ever listened to Radiohead.



“I Had the Strangest Date. She Screamed in Her Sleep About McDonald’s” Wonder if her husband leaned into her ear and whispered, “want some fries with that dream”?



We have two shows today with “Hits & Grins”. A 5:45 pm set at the Florabama Main Listening Room, and then we’ll make a mad rush to Lulu’s to play an 8 pm set tonight.


Then tomorrow I have a noon show at the state park at Woodlands with my buddy Brent Burns, followed by a final show with “Hits & Grins” at the Perdido Beach Resort.


And then I’m home on Sunday after this long 3-week run. I’m trying to figure out how to reintroduce myself to my wife!


Have a great weekend!











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