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Bye Bye Panama City...CMA Award Show...Veterans Day

Nov 11 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning on the last beach morning here in Panama City. Time to pack and move on to Fairhope and Gulf Shores, Alabama for two shows later today. More to come on those.


And Happy Veterans Day and thank you to all who serve!



I had a morning co-write with my old friend Gerald Smith who was home in Nashville while I’m still down south. Gerald is one who always brings a couple of good ideas, every time. And yesterday we wrote a song that came from a line he’d heard a movie recently. Several country songs have been inspired by movie lines through the years, so here’s another to add to that pile. Always fun writing with Gerald.



The CMA Awards came and went, you may or may not have followed some of my running diatribe last night in real time during the show. Those are still there if you decide to dare peek.


Chris Stapleton owned the show with 6 awards and undoubtedly the best “live” performance of the evening. Just an incredible voice. You can’t teach anyone to sing like that.


Carly Pearce was not a surprise winner to me last night. She’s going to be a huge star. The little girl from Northern Kentucky who used to listen to the radio station I worked at in Cincinnati done good. But she do have a very ugly cry face. Gotta work on that some.


If you like soul music over country music? You got a healthy dose of that last night.


And no, I won’t be shopping for pink pants to wear on stage like Jimmie Allen did last night. Nope. Not going Mary Kay.


Young Gabby Barrett, and American Idol girl also had a great performance last night complete with strings. Carrie Underwood, Gabby Barrett, Scotty McCreery were all there…but no winners from the “Voice” were represented. Just American Idol kids.


And Luke Bryan, even though I like him, made me yearn for the days when Vince Gill used to host the show.


Congrats to all the winners.



It just won’t go away. Colorado hospital systems have enacted crisis standards for the staff because of the big Covid surge happening there. And in Germany 50,000 cases were reported in one day…yesterday.


In Tennessee the Governor is passing legislation to curtail authority of public schools, local health agencies and businesses over Covid restrictions and mask mandates.


While in Texas, the Governor lost his bid to do the same when the Federal Government said no you can’t.


Meanwhile our Surgeon General in an interview yesterday pretty much admitted we’re going to be living with it for a long while and that we’ll have to learn to treat it like…well…like a virus. Which some have predicted for a long while now.


I got word yesterday that a great friend and co-writer got the virus after full vaccination. Doesn’t seem to matter if you’ve got jabbed or not. You can still get it.



Again, they are urging all of us to get our Christmas shopping done yesterday or we risk the threat of not getting our Christmas presents in time because of the ole supply chain thing that ain’t working so good right now. I’m writing a song right now called “O Christmas Prime, O Christmas Prime…I need to place an order”.


And I am seeing Christmas lights and decorations here in Panama City. That means that somewhere right now a cat is destroying a Christmas tree.



I’ve been trying to keep my deep depression a secret, but I’m told that’s not good for your health, that you must talk about it to get better. So I’m baring my depressed soul right here right now. I’m depressed because I thought for sure this year, I would be named the “Sexiest Man Alive”. But they voted for actor Paul Rudd instead. I’m trying to remind myself that life is not always fair.



She’s 100 years old! And her picture hasn’t aged a year. How do she do it?  My Mom’s kitchen had a Betty Crocker cookbook. How about yours?  Of course our house always had the Sears Christmas catalog too but that’s another story.



How about a water-coaster? Just like it sounds. A water park in Sevierville, TN is opening a water roller coaster that features a 70-foot tower and two lanes side by side for the wet ride. Take a dry pair of pants would be my suggestion for more reasons than just the water underneath your floating tube.



In Lincoln, Massachusetts they have an attraction called Ponyhenge. You’ve heard of Stonehenge, but not Ponyhenge probably. Rocking ponies in a field. A bunch of them. Pretty sure if you ask them why? The answer would be “because”.



A husband wrote of his marriage, “My wife can’t remember the password she changed yesterday, but she can remember everything I said at 2:45 pm on April 3, 2015”. Uh huh.



Leaving Panama City. Thank you to the owner of my publishing company for allowing me to chill on the beach here for a few days. Beautiful place.


I have about a 3-hour drive to Fairhope, Alabama this morning to play at a Trop Rock Veterans show there. I’ll be singing at 2 pm and specifically I’ll be singing this song “Lonely in the Lonestar” that I’ve blogged about for the veterans, families and friends gathered there. An honor to do so.


When that wraps up, I’ll make 30-minute drive to Gulf Shores and join Steve Dean and Victoria Venier for the start of 4 shows together at the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival this year. Our first show is tonight in a great listening room, the Sunset Cork Room in Gulf Shores. Show time is 8:15 pm. Hope to see some of you there.


Have a great Thursday!




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