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Gonna Sing...Water Skipping...Off To The Beach

Nov 11 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Wednesday…beach Eve. Time to pack a guitar and some flip flops for Gulf Shores.



I had an early appointment to write with Rick Lang out in New Hampshire. 10 AM his time is 9 AM on my time so it was an early start indeed. But, I’m up most mornings by 4 AM or a bit after so maybe not so early after all.


The two of us finished up a new old fashioned gospel kind of song to add to the stack Rick is collecting for “Gonna Sing, Gonna Shout 2” to follow up is IBMA (International Bluegrass Award) win that came from the first album and it garnered two Grammy nominations as well.  I most surely wouldn’t mind having a song or two on that follow up album. What’s really cool about it is that Rick is just a writer. So it’s his songs but they bring in all these noted artists that many of you know to sing those songs.  Marty Raybon, The Whites, Jerry Salley, the Cox Family and others. And with the success of that first project?  It’s going to be easier to get some other artists to say “yes” to participating. Looking forward to that day.



Salute to every man and woman that ever put on a uniform for our country. I have several family members including a brother Gary who served and a lot of close friends like Dodge Raymer. And I now have a son in law Casey who will become a pilot before we know it in the US Army. Thanks to all Veterans…current and past!


As of today all Veterans and Gold Star Families get a lifetime pass to our National Parks system. The least we can offer.



CDC folks, Fauci and others are suggesting we be very careful during the holidays. Virtual Thanksgiving tables for some folks, and outdoor eating for those in warm weather climates is not a bad idea according to those in the Covid know. That won’t work for my sister Rita and her family up in Minnesota as I think they already have snow. No fun passing the cranberry sauce when it’s snowing and cold.


Fauci is also saying he believes the vaccine will be BROADLY available by April…but over in the UK they’ve announced they may roll their new vaccine out in December. But it will be available for high risk cases as early as next month.


That must be on the mind of the Mayor in Sacramento who said with passion yesterday, “For God’s sake stop gathering”!



For businesses trying to get back to some kind of normal there’s a lot of creative stuff going on. Royal Cruise Line will offer a free cruise for Guinea Pigs who want to get on the ship and go for a cruise to see how they do with their new Covid plans on board…hoping to get back to port with no virus cases. Sign up.


And the AMC Theater chain which has taken a 900-million-dollar blow since the pandemic started is now offering private screenings for groups of up to 20 who want to rent a theater for their group…and you get to choose which movie you want to watch from their selection. If I did that, I’d make sure not to choose a movie where any actor, actress or superhero is wearing a mask. Kind of tired of seeing those. The theater chain has already had over 110,000 inquiries.


In Maine, because of Corona one restaurant is getting ready to close temporarily and is giving each of their customers a free roll of toilet paper with their meal to say “thank you” for being a customer. Better than a free dessert these days.



In case you missed it yesterday at the Master’s in Augusta Jon Rahm (on his birthday) skipped his ball off the water up onto the green, the ball rolls forever and then drops in the cup. Hole in one. Can’t even imagine the Vegas odds on that.


Me? I’ve hit my ball in the water many many many times. It NEVER skips back onto a fairway…much less into the dang hole.



Electric driverless delivery of your Walmart stuff is coming sooner than later. They’ve partnered now with GM’s Cruise division and are testing self-driving vehicles to come to your door. Takes away all that worry about, “how much do I tip the driver”?



Lot of electric stuff going on…cars, trucks, bikes, motorcycles, boats…and now you can throw on an electric powered wingsuit…jump off a mountain and fly at 186 mph. At least this guy did.  Wonder if you can get one of those bad boys delivered from Amazon Prime…and extra underwear?



Ketchup flavored Candy Canes for Christmas?  Seriously?  The do make them. Might as well serve up some mustard flavored eggnog with it I suppose. 



One restaurant in Hawaii is serving up a Breakfast Spam Sandwich! Might have to add a new verse now to my “Spam” song.



Those doorbell ringers are catching fire from Ring.  Not a good thing. That would make for an interesting conversation with your insurance guy. “Look, the Amazon Prime guy just rang our doorbell and burnt the house down. Do you cover that”??



“Mom With Nose Ring Gets Caught In Playpen Net”. Question. If you wear a nose ring to your wedding ceremony does one hear the preacher say, “To have and to nose”?



The CMA Awards are on and I’ll be posting some stupid thoughts while I watch it from my couch on Facebook and Twitter. Follow along if you’d like a laugh or two while you watch.  It should be really interesting to watch with no “live’ audience.



Packing time for the Gulf Shores trip that starts early tomorrow morning for the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival. I have two shows tomorrow night. 5 pm at Gulf State Park at the Woodside Restaurant with Brent Burns…outdoors.  Then 7 pm tomorrow night with “Hits & Grins” at the Arts Center in Orange Beach also outdoors.


Friday night 7 pm at Sunset Cork Room with “Hits & Grins” and a 4:15 finale show Saturday with “Hits & Grins” at the Florabama Main Room. 


No blog tomorrow as I’ll be on the road.  Back at ya from Gulf Shores on Friday morning.


Have a great Wednesday!








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