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Jenny Lake...Zeta-Theta...CMA Changes

Nov 10 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday the 10th of November already…and it’s getting dark earlier and earlier. Man I hate that. Laid down and took a nap yesterday about 3 pm or so…woke up a little before 5 and it was jet black dark. Gosh.



I wrote with Jenny Tolman who was beaming at the ears when she opened her door because of that engagement ring on her finger. She got engaged just a few days ago to Dave Brainard. The three of have written as a team for a long while so it was awesome to see her beaming even though Dave was away in Austin writing and working with a talented country singer by the name of John….


Get this now. Some of you who have been to the Grand Tetons just outside Jackson Hole know how beautiful it is there.  And you also know that there’s a JENNY lake. Dave found that out researching the area because of the show they had scheduled out there.  Hello?  Jenny…engaged at “Jenny” Lake.  Pretty danged cool.  And it may be the site of their wedding when that happens. I worked very hard reminding Jenny that I still have this “RADIO” voice which would sound good presiding over their wedding. Made my best pitch.


Yes…we did write a new song too along with help from Andrea Goodman who’s a great friend of Jenny’s and whom I had done a show with in town back in March right before Covid cancelled pretty much the rest of my year. I had forgotten that until we met in Jenny’s kitchen again.  It was fun getting to know here a little better yesterday too.  Twas a good Monday.



Now a new disturbance is forming out in the Caribbean to add to the record number of storms/hurricanes that have formed in 2020. Beta may turn towards the Gulf now, so we’ve got our eyes on that as we head to the Gulf on Thursday morning for the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival. Hopefully it will go away. But not a new storm Theta is also out there. I think if I owned a house on the coast, I’d board it up and wait til 2021 to show up. Man what a stormy year.



Those are tomorrow night and the landscape keeps changing.  Lee Brice is out with Covid, and now Tyler Hubbard with Florida Georgia Line joins him on the sideline. And Joe Nichols family has also been infected. Geez.  Charles Kelley from Lady A will substitute for Lee Brice to sing the #1 song “I Hope You’re Happy Now” that Lee recorded with Carly Pearce.  and that could be cool. I’ve written with Carly a couple of times and it’s been fun watching her grow into a big ole star over the past couple of years. Good for her.


The show is at 8 pm tomorrow evening on 8 pm and I plan on following and commenting as it’s going on as I have for several years on Facebook and Twitter. Join me if you’d like. With no “live” audience it certainly is going to look a lot different.  No mosh pits!  How can we do without that?



It’s also Veterans Day tomorrow…salute. I passed a field full of flags flying in open field that a local organization plants every year to honor our veterans. Hard not to be moved when you drive by that. Make sure you shake a veteran’s hand and say “thanks” if you get that opportunity.



After launching up near 1500 points in the gain the Dow fell back to a miserly 834. If you’re in the stock market, you’ll take that kind of miserly all dang day.  The surge of course coming on the heels of the Pfizer vaccine announcement yesterday.  With the US passing over 10 million cases one can understand why folks got excited on Wall Street.


That’s the good news…the bad news is the new disease expert Biden named told us yesterday the next 3-4 months look to be Covid hell and that we’ll see the darkest days yet. There’s a big ole buzz kill.


With a vaccine in the works, it will still be a long while before folks can line up to get a shot. And there will be plenty reticent to do so which will be another big hurdle. So I’m guessing now is not the time to let down our guard…or our masks.



McDonnel’s will roll out the “fake beef” burger next month. The McPlant Burger made from stuff other than beef will be on the menu. So what cows eat will now be our burgers. Makes some kind of weird sense, right?



Red Lobster for the first time is going to offer up their Cheddar Bay Biscuits for sale online during the holidays. Dare ya to eat just one of those.  With the pandemic going on and these available?  I’ll never lose weight.  But the line I wrote in the song “Grits & Gravy” is really true. “But at least I’ll die with a good taste in my mouth”.



In case you missed it…this was a nice tribute to Jeopardy host Alex Trebek on the show last night.  RIP


And I’m hoping for the best with Al Roker who’s been very public about the prostate cancer battle he’s in right now. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Al a few times during my radio career. That guy is a GREAT interview.  Quick, and funny…just a sharp guy who made the interviewer look good because his answers were always so great.  Best to him. And its reminder to all of us guys that drag our feet, like me, to get a prostate exam.



How about this creative Mom in Australia who found a way to make her clothesline the babysitter for both her young child and dog?  Leave it to Moms.



“Why Germans Love Getting Naked in Public”. Apparently, they like to go to their parks and shed all their clothes during their lunch break…commonplace. Why they do it?  Not sure…but some of that might be covered in this song that Brent Burns recorded that we wrote together, “We Polka” …rated PG-13.



I’ll be online finishing up a gospel-grass song with Rick Lang that we started a few weeks ago. As soon as we finish Rick will run off to his big ole lumber store he runs out in New Hampshire. I always treat Rick EXTRA nice thinking I may need new hardwood floors someday.


Have a great Tuesday!







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