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Writing...Baby On The Way...Frank Brown Songwriters This Week

Nov 9 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Start of a new week…and it’s also “head to the beach week!



Friday morning I got to write again with two talented folks, Darin & Brooke Aldridge on the computer…them at home in North Carolina, and me at home in Nashville. Brooke who is the current IBMA Female Bluegrass Artist of the Year for THREE years in row sent me a wonderful thought that she had heard watching a virtual award show one night combined with something Hemingway once said. After reading both and figuring out they were talking about how it’s tough times and challenges that really make us who we are. And how we handle those kinds of things and choose to be happy or not happy. And we do choose. With all the turmoil we all are living through right now it was surely a thought worth chasing into a song and we surely did just that.


The two were also excited to tell me that they will return to play the Grand Ole Opry in just a few weeks…and honor every time. Really happy for this talented married couple who make such great music together.



I took a little trip up I-65 North to Bowling Green, Kentucky where another great friend Sydni Perry was having a drive in-drive by baby shower as she and her hubby Hani are expecting their first baby right around Christmas. Since I’m an honorary grandfather along with Jimmy Fortune I went up and took along my friend Linda Davis. Sydni, Linda, Jimmy and I have written, and it was Sydni and Jimmy who helped me write “Safe Haven” that’ on the Hillary Scott & Scott Family Grammy winning album “Love Remains” that Linda is a part of. And it was great seeing Sydni's Mom and Dad who flew in from Phoenix again. Her Dad Richard is a preacher out there. 



I’m always looking for new movies or series to watch since I’m in the house a whole lot more than normal because of the pandemic.  My friend Linda Davis asked if my wife and I had seen “Morning Glory” with Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton. We had not…but sat on the couch last night and enjoyed the romantic comedy about a crusty old news guy adapting to light-hearted news as a co-host on a TV morning show. Two thumbs up for a great distraction. And Rachel McAdams in the role of the producer is great.



Keeping an eye on hurricane ETA right now as it’s come ashore in south Florida and some folks in the Miami area are without power right now. It looks like it will not be a factor for Gulf Shores-Orange Beach which is where I’m headed this Thursday at the “crack of dark” for the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival. In fact, the Thursday night show with “Hits & Grins” at the beautiful Coastal Arts Center could be an outdoor event now with no rain in the forecast. That’s great for a couple of reasons. More folks will be able to come as indoor seating sold out the day tickets went up…and it’s certainly safer Covid wise. So that’s great.


One other change. Our “Hits & Grins” show at the Florabama Main Room on Saturday has moved from 6:15 pm to 4:15 pm so be advised in case you’re coming to see us in that great listening room. The schedule does change so if you’re at the festival make sure you check their website for any other changes.



Finally…there looks to be some really positive news.  Pfizer has announced they have a vaccine they believe is 90% effective. How good a news is that economically speaking?  Well, the Dow futures at 7:30 AM Nashville time surged 1500 points!


Ghost Towns again. That’s what it looks like in Italy as that country has shut down for a second time because of Covid-19. 


Globally there are 50 million cases now. Good thing NASA now says there are 300 million planet that they think can support life. Maybe some of us can quarantine on one of those until earth clears up again


And country singer Lee Brice was scheduled to perform on the virtual CMA Awards Show this Wednesday evening but had to cancel because he too has Covid.



Get this. The travel website “Parked in Paradise” did a poll and found out that 1/3 of those age 11-24 have never seen a cow in person. Hard to imagine. Although if you live downtown in a high-rise condo the landlord does tend to frown on having a herd in the hallway.



The first Whataburger is coming to Nashville.  And, it will be located very near where we live on the east side of Music City. Folks here in the south love their Whataburger but they have to make a trip out of state to get one…until now.  They’re so crazy about it that I think my property might increase in value because we’ll be so near one!  And now if we could just get the first Skyline Chili franchise locate here all will be well with my world.



Close to Christmas movie watching season for some. On almost every poll taken “Elf” is consistently one of the most popular with Will Ferrell in the lead role. Did you know that the movie was written with Jim Carrey in mind to play the lead?  It took so long to get ready to shoot the movie Jim had moved onto something else and passed. So he could have been “The Grinch” and “The Elf” TWO of the biggest Christmas movies ever.


And…yes…they tried to get Will Ferrell to do and “Elf 2”. He turned down a $29 million dollar offer to do so.



Paul McCartney just named his favorite Beatles album. Would you have guessed correctly?  He chose Sgt Peppers. Pretty sure I would have guessed that too as that album was so groundbreaking and ahead of its. I bought the album…still have it somewhere.  And had I not yanked in the pages out of the inside of that album it would probably be worth a little coin as I bought it the year it came out…early. Did I mention I’m an idiot?


I was playing in a country band when that album took over the world. Playing almost all “country” songs. But on the strength of that album our band worked up a medley of Beatles songs that ended with “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band”. And now I want to dig out that album and drop a needle on it all over again.



Did you see they had two passengers in that “Hyperloop” transport system in Vegas?  You know, the thing that looks like that tumbler you load in at the bank that shoots up the tube to the teller?  Yep. A new mode of transportation for the future.



Arby’s is offering this Fried Turkey Pillow. Yep. Surely the new commercials promoting that will end with, “Arby’s…we’ve got the sleep”!


You'd bet nobody would wear that but then I think about all thos folks who wear a cheese wedge on their heads in Wisconsin. So, who knows?



It’s Masters Week…finally. Starts Thursday in Augusta. I’ll watch…and I’ll be sad because I had a ticket to go and witness this for the first time with my friend Lang Scott and then Covid hit…and that all went down the tubes. Sigh. I surely hope there will be another chance in the future. Even if you don’t play or watch golf, Augusta looks to be one of the most beautiful places ever. I’ve only gone to one pro golf tournament and that was in Milwaukee when I worked there. I interviewed a few of the golfers on my radio show as we broadcast “live” from the Brown Deer Course where it was being held. Tiger played his first pro tourney there in 1996.  When my radio show was over the year I covered it,  I hung around with my pass and followed Hale Irwin for several holes. Pretty cool. But I’m sure the Master’s takes that experience to another level.



“Michigan Parents With 14 Sons Welcome Their First Daughter”.  Guess they REALLY wanted a daughter. Both parents are 45 years of age.  If at first you don’t succeed…try 14 times.


I’m off to write with Jenny Tolman who’s just back from a show in Jackson Hole where her boyfriend Dave Brainard became her fiancé’ as he proposed! Happy for the two of them for sure and it will nice to congratulate her. Dave normally writes with us but is gone today so Jenny invited a third writer that I don’t know so it will be fun getting to know Andrea Goodman this morning and rhyming for the first time with her.


Have a great Monday!









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