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On The Beach...Music Gifts...Batmobile

Nov 8 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Good morning from Gulf Shores, Alabama where I can see the ocean while I’m blogging.  And that ain’t a bad way to go!



It was 65 South for our “Hits & Grins” trio with Steve Dean and Victoria Venier.  With rush hour morning traffic in Nashville and rain most of the way it took a while to get there…longer than normal.  But, we got in about 2:30 pm or so and stopped at the Flora-Bama to register for the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival and then go pick up our keys for the condo we are staying in for until Sunday morning when we leave.


Last night our first show was at an old familiar place Lulu’s owned by Jimmy Buffett’s sister Lucy Buffett.  And there were several familiar faces that came to see us on the stage with the intra-coastal waters running by us while we sang just off to our right.  My second family Dodge & Dean Raymer and their friends were there as were several folks who were on the Rhine River Cruise we were on with my friend Brent Burns last year.  A guy who worked a short while at WUBE Radio where I did a morning show for 12 years was also in the crowd last night and then Brent and his girlfriend Colleen came in late after a set he did further down the beach wrapped up.  And it was just a 45-minute set or so and that made our time on stage seem way too short.  But what a great way to start the songwriter festival this year.  And this morning we’re all moving a little slow but will have the entire day to soak up the scenery just outside our condo doors before we play again tonight.



While on the road down here I had a couple of nice surprises show up in my inbox.  First, my publishing company did a demo (a demonstration recording) of a song I wrote with Christian writer-artist Lee Black that I’ve loved since we wrote it a few months ago.  It was just a piano-vocal track but gosh did it knock my socks off.  The piano player they used was Hunter Heath who I write with some and Marshall Hall  laid down the vocal for the song.  Marshall (who I have not met) is one of the young singers you see with the Bill Gaither Family.  What a pleasure to hear this on the road yesterday and I hope that means this Christian song is going to find a home soon.



And then Christmas for me came early when my friend Jenny Tolman sent me a video of her singing our Christmas tune “I Want A Cowboy For Christmas” that I wrote with Jenny and her boyfriend-producer Dave Brainerd.  I felt like I was sitting around a campfire in Montana.  The video I THINK is going to be released today.  Come Monday I might be able to share it here with everyone and hopefully some of the video channels will be playing it this Christmas season.



So a guy decides he wants to get to work in style and get there really really fast…I guess.  So, he builds a Batmobile with a Boeing jet engine!  I can’t figure out if that’s brilliance or just sheer what the heck was he thinking?  But I wouldn’t mind dressing up like Robin and jumping the passenger seat once.



“Man Says His McDonald’ Sweet Tea Came With A Side Of Weed”.  Well there ya go…come to the south and get McHigh y’all when you go to Mickey D’s.



Show two for our trio the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival.  We’re at the Perdido Beach Resort tonight for an 8:30 pm and that complex sits right on the Gulf Shores sand overlooking the ocean so we’re looking forward to a lazy day here followed by the show tonight.   


That’s it for today from the beach…a regular blog Monday morning.  Have a great weekend!

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