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Two Texas Girls...Naked Dining and WSM Late Shift

Gray and gloomy looking out over Old Hickory Lake this morning from my blogging window.  For the first time ever...we have a crane on the front lawn that showed up about this time yesterday morning.  I think I heard him complaining about Daylight Savings time too.  Man I hate the season of "dark and early".  Glad there's a beach ahead this weekend.



I was part of quite the creative trio yesterday with Linda Davis and Leslie Satcher...our first time writing together.  The two of them are east Texas girls and guess what we wound up writing about yesterday?  Yep...a song about an east Texas girl that turns out to be Linda's grandmother named "Clemmie Jewel".  Linda had mentioned her name in a shared conversation that Leslie could not get out of her head.  Something that happens with really great songwriters like her...they hear song hooks and titles from conversations.


So after chatting for quite awhile and sharing stories (some can't be repeated) we sat down around Linda's piano.  It's about that time Leslie tells us she started this song idea bout LInda's grandmother.  And after Linda shared some more details about her...the song was born...and the delivery time did not take all that long.  You don't hear names like "Clemmie" a lot anymore which is why is struck a chord with Leslie I'm sure.  And afterwards I couldn't help but think about my grandmother on the "Whyte" side of the family being named. "Beaulah".  And her husband (grandfather) was named "Payne".  "Payne and Beaulah" sounds like song in the future to me...I wrote it down. 


It was just one of those magical writing days that happen sometimes when you sit down to write with talented folks like those two.  I'm just to be included on a day that gave musical birth to "Clemmie". 



Now they tell us if we don't get enough sleep....it's like being drunk.  You're full senses are not with ya apparently.  This is why my wife makes me touch my nose and try to walk a straight line in our bathroom in my Harry Potter boxers when I first get up every morning before leaving the house.  No...I won't be posting pictures.







Everything is coming to your front door in a hurry these days.  Now CVS is promising next day delivery of drugs.  Folks are following the lead of Amazon Prime who's making billions because of being able to click on an item and have it show up at your house pronto. 


I'm thinking I may start a business that promises to deliver the song you want written in one day.  Or...maybe I'll team up with Uber and show up with a guitar and sing it for you "live" at your front door. Maybe I'll call the company "Prime Rhyme".  Or maybe I have too much time on my hands sometimes.



Who would not want Tom Hanks to be part of your wedding?  He helped a couple with "popping the question".  Part of the reason he's popular I think...just kind of real.  And it's not the first time he's shown this side to the public...or to a couple getting married.  Check out this VIDEO



More and more churches now will be forced to have folks give them an assessment of how the security can be approved in their house of worship after the latest horrible incident in Texas.  I see folks packing more than just a King James Bible with them to Sunday services in the future...unfortunately.



There's a South Africa church that allows alcohol at Sunday services.  Don't know if they have a bar or not...but...I'm betting attendance is pretty high.  Wonder what the baptismal pool is full of?  Miller...Bud?  There is a church for everyone folks.



So they have this electronic gadget called EMS...which stands for electric muscle stimulation.  It's some contraption you strap on that stimulates your muscles deeply while you work out...helping you get fitter in 20 minute workouts.  There are not many in the world right now so the price is steep in New York at one club for the personal trainer who can outfit you in one and put you through the paces.  How high?  The initiation fee at the club is $50,000.  The INTITIATION fee!


I'll stick with my old thighmaster I think. 




They have just opened their first "nude" restaurant. "O'Naturel" is the name of the place in case you're interested in adding that to you Paris itinerary.  Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame,  break for a naked lunch.   Uh huh.  You eat naked.  And local residents are saying they have no issues with it whatsoever.  Aww...those French folks.  You can imagine the things running through my head.  I'll share one.  If the cooks are naked will they refuse to "fry" anything?  I would.  I'm a big Cracker Barrel fan as a lot of you know.  I'm pretty sure I don't want to see the Uncle Herschel crowd naked. 



I'm off to write with pal Gerald Smith which is always fun.  And don't forget...tomorrow night while the CMA Awards are on...I'll be on air for WSM radio from 7-Midnight filling in for Hall of Famer Eddie Stubbs. Listen in worldwide at wsmonline.com


Have a great Tuesday!



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